Hello Pratibha 31st January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Hello Pratibha 31st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

A shadow is here to support Pratibha. She looks at the lady who forward her hand to Pratibha. Pratibha takes her hand, and stands up. She asks and Pratibha tells her she can’t find her daughter Peehu. The lady asks her to come with her, she will find her daughter. She tells Pratibha not to question her, she knows where her daughter is. Pratibha asks where she is, she tells her not to question about it. She introduces herself as Pushpa and says she can attach chachi to it.
Sunita was impatiently waiting for the call, while Raashi kept the phone engaged.
Pratibha asks Pushpa what does she know about her daughter, Pushpa says Peehu has gone to Shalini as she is her best friend. She doesn’t want to run, but she just want to blackmail her. Pratibha takes her phone out, but Pushpa tells her not to make a call else she will run from there. She tells Pratibha to go to school to take her husband. Pratibha asks how she knows about her husband and that he is coming. Pushpa points at Mahen, Pratibha asks how she knows him but she ignores. Pratibha thanks her for helping, Pushpa says helping her is still not done, and writes her number on Pratibha’s hand to keep in touch.
Mahen asks the peon to look again. The phone bell rings, Sanjeev attends it. Sunita comes cheering that she will make a drama out of it. Sanjeev asks Sunita if Peehu has come home, Sunita denies. Mahen tells Sanjeev Peehu has been missing from school.
Pratibha comes to Mahen and says she thinks Peehu must have gone to her friend Shalini.
Shalini and Peehu awaits pizza at home. Peehu thanks Shalini, Shalini says thanks that her parents aren’t home. Peehu says she wants to teach her mother a lesson that she never complains about her father again.
Sunita cries at home announcing that Peehu has been missing from school.
In the car, Mahen asks how does she know that she is there. Pratibha says she will explain everything later.
Raashi blames Pratibha, Sunita says she is a lonely girl, what is something bad happens. Raashi says if Peehu comes home safe, she will make her mother fast tomorrow. Sanjeev gets Mahen’s call to come to Shalini’s home. Sunita calls Peehu and tells her they are coming to her home. The bell rings, Shalini opens the door to get pizza ordered. Peehu hid behind the door, relieved that it was a delivery man. Mahen still cursed Pratibha, Peehu tells Shalini that she is running and she must tell her mama and papa that she didn’t come here. Mahen and Pratibha wait for the lift to come down, while Peehu runs down from stairs. Pratibha gets her, and calls her. Peehu stops at once, Mahen asks her to go home. Peehu says I am really sorry, I was afraid that maa will insult me.
At home, Peehu hugs Raashi. Raashi says tomorrow Pratibha won’t drink a single sip of water and observe fast. Sunita also hugs Peehu saying she was so worried about her, she hugs Peehu. Raashi says she knew it that Pratibha will make a blunder, she says to Mahen that he was mistaken sending Pratibha there. Pratibha comes to Peehu, drags her out of Sunita’s hug and says she promised her to handle her matter, but she didn’t leave her or father or anyone at home worth showing faces to everyone. She lectures Peehu, Peehu asks was she emotionally blackmailing her. Mahen says to Pratibha that it wasn’t because of Peehu but because of her that Peehu had to take such a decision. He says if something had happened to Peehu, what would have been the circumstances. He accepts to Peehu that he won’t do such a thing again. Sanjeev tries to defend Pratibha, but Mahen says Pratibha isn’t worth taking any outdoor responsibility. He says Pratibha won’t change, and hugs Peehu saying his daughter came home safe and that is the biggest thing for her. Anmol asks Mahen to have an outdoor food. He announces for an outing, Anmol asks Pratibha to get ready as well. Pratibha announces that she is unwell, she won’t go out. Mahen says she is alright at home, everyone else should get ready.
Pratibha comes to her room and cries. Mahen knocks the door, she opens it. He asks what has happened to her, why is she making all this drama. She says nothing, she is just unwell. He says he agree that Peehu was mistaken, but what can he expect from the parents whose mother is like that. She must see herself as well in mirror, what has she made of herself. She hasn’t left herself worth the outer world, since she entered the kitchen. He leaves. Pratibha thinks about all what he had said. She looks at herself in the mirror.
The family leave for outing, Pratibha watches the car leave home. Another car pulls up, Pushpa appears from inside it, watches them leave and then the watching Pratibha. Pushpa smiles.

PRECAP: Pratibha gets Pushpa’s call.

Update Credit to: Sona

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