Hello Pratibha 30th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Hello Pratibha 30th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pratibha comes to notice Namrita’s hand and her eyes pointed at Sumitra. Naina murmurs, slap Namrita. Namrita holds her hand. Kaashi and Sunidhi peeks from the corner of the curtain. Pratibha runs to Namrita, holds her hand and drops the glass deliberately. Namrita comes to realization again, Namrita touches Sumitra’s feet. Sumitra stands to bless her and says she prays she comes with a lot of happiness in her house. She says she is a bit clear at heart, and speaks a lot; Rishi says Namrita has promised to win her heart after marriage. Sumirta hugs her, then asks Rishi that they must leave now. Kaashi and Sunidhi come inside, Kaashi asks if they are leaving really early. Sumitra says it is already late, and they all head to leave.
Naina leaves from behind, Pratibha looks at Namrita and asks if she is alright. Namrita says yes, Pratibha asks her to go to her room and take rest, she would bring milk for her. Namrita cries in her room when Pratibha comes with the milk. Namrita hugs her and cries. Pratibha asks her not to cry anymore, makes her sit. Namrita asks did she see what she was going to do, there is something controlling her, someone telling her to go and slap Rishi’s mom. Pratibha thinks how should she tell her about Naina. Namrita says she was feeling angry when Rishi’s mom said so much to my mum, but it isn’t that I should slap her. Pratibha says it isn’t like anything wrong she is thinking about, she will always be like the way she is, who is sweet and can win a place in anyone’s heart. Namrita says she promised her mom that she won’t let her down, Rishi wouldn’t have seen her face even had she slapped his mother. Pratibha says she knows it is someone else, Namrita asks who is the person. Pratibha says she is there to take care of it all, she knows what she must be going through as she has gone through this all too. Pratibha asks Namrita to forget all the tensions just to appear fresh tomorrow.
She asks Namrita to have this milk and go to sleep, hugs Namrita and takes her to bed.
Outside the room, Naina was waiting for Pratibha smiling. Pratibha says I am sorry, but she can’t go to Namrita’s room and now she won’t leave her alone for a moment. Naina says very good, the simple and innocent appearing lady is really smart, that she recognized her really early. Pratibha says she has been playing with a girl’s mind, when she is about to start a new life. Naina says it is a part of her job, she is only doing her work. Pratibha says she won’t let her succeed her job then. Naina says time will tell what one can get. Pratibha says she won’t find Namrita alone for a minute. She calls Shalu to her, Shalu was worried seeing Naina, wears goggles and comes to them. Pratibha tells her that she must sleep at Namrita’s room tonight, and no one must get to her room. Naina nods and leaves. Shalu asks Pratibha to tell Mahen the reality of this Naina, else throw her out of the house. Pratibha says Kaashi and Sunidhi keep on doing something wrong here in the house, she is afraid that Naina creates a drama and the wedding is ruined. She only knows to stop Naina before she do something wrong again. Fighting others is easy that fighting one’s own.
Kaashi curses Sunidhi’s mom saying Naina hasn’t done anything. Sunidhi forbids her to talk about her mom. Kaashi says Naina can’t do a miracle, Naina says a miracle will happen, but they must stop questioning her abilities else her miracles can be directed on them as well. Kaashi looks at Sunidhi then says alright. Naina says they have to take Pratibha away from Namrita, she will vanish Namrita. Neither will there be Namrita nor will there be wedding. Kaashi says they must clap now, will Pratibha be quiet at this. She has tongue in mouth, won’t she tell Mahen and Pushpa. Sunidhi says what Pratibha would say, that they both have made Namrita vanish. Naina asks if they accept the plan now, Sunidhi and Kaashi cheer that it is for sure.
Namrita sits up at night, a paper ball comes to her room. She was afraid, then sees Shalu sleeping in her room. She was afraid and calls on who is there. She lights the candle, asks on window who is it, then reads the note saying come to terrace. She becomes worried and comes to terrace. Upstairs, she calls on who is it. Someone keeps hand on her mouth.

PRECAP: Pratibha asks Kaashi to stop it atleast now. Kaashi says she doesn’t know what her Pushpa chachi had done to her, she won’t let this wedding take place.

Update Credit to: Sona

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