Hello Pratibha 30th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Pratibha comes out of her room ready to go. Raashi asks Mahen if he thinks she can talk something there, she is as afraid as going to her in-laws for the first time. Mahen says she has shown Peehu the wrong way, she has to manage. Mahen’s brother says she isn’t as uncourageous, but Raashi says she isn’t even courageous. Sunita announces that the auto is here, her husband wish Pratibha all the best. Shalu comes and ask Sunita to do cooking.
At school, Peehu goes to her friends Pratibha keeps on calling her. Peehu’s teacher comes to her, and asks who the lady is. She goes to meet Pratibha, the teacher comes to Pratibha and asks who is she, is she a relative of Peehu. Pratibha can’t say a word when the school bell rings and teacher goes taking the children to their classes.
Pratibha runs behind Peehu to stairs, Peehu asks her to leave her hand everyone is watching her. She says she know she can’t do anything. Pratibha says she will handle it all, Peehu says ok then she must do it herself, she is going. Peehu runs to the class, Pratibha comes downstairs worried.
Sunita had tears in eyes as she cut her onion. The pressure cooker steams at once, the milk boils at the same time. It was a horrible morning for her, as all the bread was burnt.
In the school, Pratibha stood watching the children go inside. She asks a peon where is the office of principal. He points at it, she asks him how is the mood of principle is. The peon says she is really strict.
Sunita’s husband asks to help her in kitchen, he says he can’t cook as well, like her. She gives him a stare and asks him to leave. Raashi was having headache, he asks what happened. Rashi says there is pain in her head, she is used to drink tea in morning. Sunita’s husband calls her for tea, she asks why is he shouting. Sunita asks why is he shouting, and says to Raashi she forgot, she will just get it. Raashi says just don’t worry much, there would be no wrong if she don’t take tea for one day. She asks Sunita to put ginger and tulsi as well, she stops her again and says Maher also needs a cup of it. She stops Sunita once again and smells a burning bread. Sunita hurries to the kitchen.

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Pratibha practices in the washroom mirror to talk to principal. She says she asked Peehu to take her chachi, as chachi is also like mother. She gets worried that how can Peehu get confused, it isn’t right. She practices again, saying she wasn’t well and couldn’t come to school. She asked Peehu to take her chachi, she says this is right. She makes up her hair, and gets ready to leave. A lady comes behind her. Peehu was nervous in front of the principle. The lady was principle, she asks what is the name of her daughter. Pratibha says she wasn’t well yesterday, the principle asks how is she now. Pratibha says she is fine now. The principle asks what does she want to say. Pratibha says she couldn’t come to the school yesterday. The principle says only a few parents are responsible to come next day if they are unable to attend the PTM. Pratibha says her husband always come to PTM, but he was busy and couldn’t come and. The principle hears intently, Pratibha says the truth is that she didn’t know about her PTM. She thought she won’t be able to handle her PTM, she felt a bit of guilt so she brought her chachi as her mother. The principle says she is happy that she didn’t say a lie to her. Pratibha heads to leave, but the principle asks her to keep sitting. The peon comes to asks teacher and Peehu to her office. Peehu was worried in front of her friends.
Sunita brings breakfast. Shalu comes and says she did all the work by herself. Sunita’s husband invites everyone to eat aaloo k parathay. The paratha’s were burnt. Shalu asks Sanjeev how did he like it, Sanjeev looks at Sunita and says it is good. Anmol updates a status, that the breakfast isn’t good at all. Sunita says Pratibha is kitchen queen, she can’t be compared to her. She must manage the school like her too.
The principle complains to the teacher that have they taught their children that it isn’t a bad thing to be ashamed of her mother. Peehu calls Sunita to tell her she is going to her friend’s house. Sunita says she can’t hear anything, and keeps the phone. She smiles and says it must be so enjoyable that her daughter wants to get rid of her.
Pratibha asks her worried, when the peon tells them he couldn’t find Peehu in the whole school. Pratibha runs out and asks everyone looking for Peehu. She calls Pratibha’s number, and records her message that she is really worried for her, she won’t make her worried anymore. She cries, tensed looking for her. She thinks if she should call Mahen, she calls him. He gets worried, Pratibha goes in the middle of the road, lost. She loses her control and sits on a foot-path. Someone comes to help her, she looks up to see who is it.

PRECAP: The lady forwards her hand and helps Pratibha stand.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. The episodes so far are promising. Please don’t drag the bad behavior towards pratibha . We should show things showing women who are strong or become strong as the situation demands. Showing the family Insulting one member gives a wrong message to the children also. I hope we will get to see the positive things of pratibha.

  2. This show has just started and lies and deception has already started to show its face.Why is it that women are always shown in the light a people without ,no backbone.Every show depicts the same thing.

  3. Please do not drag this story too much….feels so sad to see the changes in Prathiba before and after marriage. She was portrayed as a fun peron, but how can see changed so much after marriage….she shouldn’t be afraid of her daughter and not to be afraid to attend her daughters school as she is an educated women…really irritates to see how she let her daughter to treat her so daly and she does not feel the need to be strict infant she is being so scared of her daughter….please move fast with a new Parthiban…..it’s a bad influence to kids on how to behave to their parents, she should start to be more strict wt her daughter soon……all d best f the show,hoping the storyline changes and progress son without dragging it….

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