Hello Pratibha 2nd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Hello Pratibha 2nd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Peehu comes home irritated, she asks Anmol why is room messed up. Peehu breaks the glass when Anmol puts it all over Sunidhi. Bubu comes and steps over the broken glass. Pratibha comes there, Sunidhi comes to scold everyone but Bubu insists upon staying with Pratibha. Everyone leaves the room. Pratibha bandages Bubu, he takes her photo that Sunidhi had of her, from a file. Pratibha overlooks it, he takes another papers. Pratibha finds it to be her phone bills, she looks at the photo and cries saying she never thought Sunidhi will go to such an extent, proving her to be in an affair on her anniversary.
Badra tells Mahen that they have got a date of 15 days from court, they have to wait and pray Pushpa doesn’t make a case against them for fake papers.
Pratibha calls her maa, and cries. Her maa was worried. Pratibha tells her all about what Sunidhi had tried to prove against her. Her mother says that it isn’t the right time to make an issue out of it. Sunidhi may ruin it even more. Sunidhi enters Pratibha’s room and says to her curtly that since she is responsible for this all, she now has to set their cupboards at least. Pratibha says she will, but leaves the clothes there.
Pratibha indulges herself in house chores, but everything goes into her mind. She was disturbed taking that photo. Pushpa notices and asks her but she goes inside saying she is fine. She was putting balm on her head due to head ache. She looks at the photo and tries to get up, but can’t. Pushpa comes there and watches the photo there. Pratibha was taking medicine in the kitchen when Sunidhi comes to her complaining

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That she hasn’t yet set her cupboard. Pratibha says she will. Sunidhi leaves.
Pushpa asks the lawyer how can he take her forgranted. Does he think she will forgive him again and again, he will keep on snipping her on her back and she will tolerate it. Pratibha hears this, Pushpa was speaking loud to make her listen, deliberately. Pushpa warns Mr. Gupta that she won’t give him another chance to let him degrade her anymore. Pushpa thinks come on Pratibha, go and question Sunidhi.
Sunidhi comes to Pratibha again and asks why she didn’t set her room still. Pratibha turns to her, Sunidhi says its alright, it seems she is busy so she will set it by herself. Pratibha stops Sunidhi, she asks what was that photo Sunidhi that she showed on projector in front of everyone. Sunidhi asks innocently, which photo. Pratibha presents her with the photo and says this one. Sunidhi is quiet for a while, Pratibha asks for her answer why she took her pictures and why she got her numbers itemized bill, what she wanted to prove. Sunidhi says if she had seen her with someone, couldn’t she tell it at home even. Kaashi comes there and questions. Sunidhi says she told her about Pratibha’s affair. Pratibha asks did she even believe Sunidhi, Kaashi asks shouldn’t she. Sunidhi says she might have confusion. Pratibha says firmly, she must not dare do this again, how could she stalk her and take picture of her. She wanted to spoil her party in front of everyone, and disrespect her. Pratibha says she has such a low thinking, there is a limit to everything. Kaashi says how dare is she, why is she crying. Mahen comes home and asks what this all happening is. Kaashi says she made a petty issue into a big drama and now she is talking to her like this. Mahen asks Pratibha what happened now. Pratibha says there is something he doesn’t know. Mahen asks her to be clear. Sunidhi begins to speak, but Mahen says he is talking to Pratibha. Pratibha gives him the photo and says Sunidhi took this. Mahen says what is in it, he saw it on the day of anniversary. Pratibha says Sunidhi took this, she wants to prove from the photo that she had an affair. Mahen asks what, looks at the photo again.

PRECAP: The man in the photo comes on the door, Mahen goes to him while he comes inside.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. OMG! Lol what Mahen is trying to say he’s jealous you treat your wife like s*** what are you trying to prove?! You belittle you wife before everyone and forged fake documents i don’t really think Mahen is a honest character cause these writers didn’t make that clearly we the viewers bursting our heads to figure out all these characters smh

  2. I would have slapped Sunidhi so hard her face would have twisted.Mahen is such a jerk ,you do not know where his head is. To me women has no value in these shows.All their women are used for kitchen mechanics,servants to their mothers and sisters and brothers and also baby machines.Why there is no privacy-Sunidhi goes into Pratibha’s room takes her numbers and pictures .What kind of emotional blackmail is this and then she is ordered around by her ,even to pack her cupboards.Mahen says nothing>What type of husband he is.Man all hell would have broken out in this house.Invading my privacy,no ,no.What the hell is this.Writers please do not start this same foolishness again,please.Write something else.

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