Hello Pratibha 28th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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In the morning Pratibha comes to kids room to wake them up, she watches some papers with the papers on the table but before she could see them, they fell down. Peehu wakes up and is happy she will get rid of the black mailers when she will go to Kolkatta. She urges Anmol to wake up too, Pratibha says Peehu seems to be the most eager to go to Kolkatta.
At the table, Sunidhi offers to serve Pratibha. Sunidhi is happy that Peehu isn’t even on the table, she watches Anmol and Peehu coming. Peehu repeatedly reminds Mahen that they are getting late. Sunidhi is worried that if Peehu has read the note she kept on her table or not. In the room, Peehu looks for her sandals when Sunidhi comes to her room. Sunidhi comes to Peehu and tells her to change into some other dress than black, she will look for her sandals. Peehu tells Sunidhi that she has packed all her clothes, she will change in train. Sunidhi watches the note lying behind her bed and keeps it on her bag; she tells Peehu to leave soon; Peehu picks her bag up and was about to leave. Sunidhi asks Peehu what that paper is. Peehu is worried and reads it, it said Don’t try to run to Kolkatta as he will follow her there as well. There was a picture of Peehu in the forest as well. Sunidhi asks what this is. Peehu says this is her personal matter. Sunidhi smiles evily and leaves.
Peehu gets a call soon from the blackmailer, that if she doesn’t arrange the money. He warns if she goes to Kolkatta he will bring police there. Peehu gets much worried. Mahen and Pratibha were going out of the house when Peehu comes out of her room holding her stomach. Pratibha gets worried. Peehu says she has a stomach pain, she may not come. Pratibha heads for lime water, but Peehu says she might get late this way. Peehu says she can’t walk or move even. Pratibha shifts her to the sofa and tells Mahen to get the tickets cancelled, she can’t leave Peehu. Mahen asks what about finals. Pratibha says they aren’t important than Peehu. Sunidhi thinks what will happen of her plan if doctor comes, she makes a call to doctor to come home. She asks Sanjeev to go out, Sunidhi promises Pratibha to take care of Peehu, Kaashi also sides her. The doctor arrive and checks on Peehu. He says there is nothing about tension, and makes a prescription. Mahen says Peehu was going with them, can she go now. Peehu says she wants to rest at home. The doctor says it would be better she rests at home. Sunidhi says they are all here to take care about Peehu. Mahen tries to convince Pratibha, the doctor says he also lives in neighbourhood and will come as soon as anyone calls. Sunidhi smiles that her first plan has got successful.
Pratibha doesn’t agree, Peehu sits up then says she must not stop for her, she promises she will take care of herself. Pratibha asks Peehu to take care of herself then. Everyone leaves, but Pratibha hugs Peehu crying. She tells Pratibha to call her for anything and leaves with a heavy heart. She turns to look at Peehu again, waving her. Peehu waves back.
Peehu cries in her room where she is caught, where she must bring 20,000 from. Sunidhi comes with medicine tray and thinks only a little effort is left here. She asks Peehu how she is and asks to eat some khichdi before medicine and feeds her with her own hand. Peehu thinks Sunidhi is so worried about her, she must tell her the truth. Peehu tries to tell her but Sunidhi doesn’t listen to her and instead leaves to see Bubu. Peehu cries again whom to share her problem with . Sunidhi peeks inside and thinks she is so innocent that can’t recognize the real face of a person. She thinks she can just help Peehu by not getting her secret leaked out.
Pratibha was worried about Peehu in the train, but her number was inaccessible. Pratibha writes the message for Peehu to call her as soon as she gets a message, she is worried about her.
Peehu gets a text message that she did great acting about her illness. They will come to see her with police in the next three hours. Peehu cries.
Sunidhi thinks before Peehu tells Mahen and Pratibha about anything, she must begin a plan 2.

PRECAP: Peehu asks what she must do if she has done a big mistake. Sunidhi says she always has an option about running away from home. Sunidhi calls Pratibha to tell her Peehu has run away from house.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Pratibha needs a fair chance now..sudinhi has done enufff….its time sudinhi learns a lesson for what she’s doing…

  2. how come there are so much hatred in indian tv shows.
    Always I find the bad guys like Sunidih enjoys all the funs. I wonder when will she get caught for all these bad habits.


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