Hello Pratibha 28th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Pratibha hides herself as Peehu comes out with Sunita after meeting. Peehu thanks Sunita, Sunita says she will never let her down. Peehu says teacher asked her to bring her mom but mummy doesn’t know how to behave in front of anyone, she should have been embarraced in front of her students. Pratibha hears this all.
At home, Peehu asks Shalu where maa is as she and Sunita come home. Sunita laughs and says she must be in kitchen as it is her favorite place. Pratibha gets tea tray from kitchen, Shalu asks why didn’t Peehu come back home with her. Pratibha was quiet. Rashi comes and asks why she left her Anmol back there. Peehu says she is also her granddaughter, she must think about her sometimes too. Rashi says she has nothing like a granddaughter in her manners; had she ever put oil in head or press her legs sometimes. She asks where are they both coming from. Peehu is worried, Sunita smiles and says she must relax, they both went somewhere and it is a secret between her and Peehu. She hands a chamarprash to Raashi. Raashi says she is the one who cares for her, else in the house no one ever listen to her. Sunita asks Pratibha to serve food soon as she is really hungry. Shaalu says she must scold Sunita as she is teaching Peehu to lie. She must tell everyone the truth, but Pratibha looks at Sunita and is quiet. She watches Peehu and Sunita hug, moves towards them as she was curt.
Shalu gets ready for a fight, Pratibha comes to Peehu, Sunita looks up at her and stands to confront her. She asks what didi. Pratibha begins to say something when Raashi gets a cough. Pratibha asks if she should put pakori in the yougurt. Shalu regrets, Sunita says she must do anything she wants to and leaves.
Anmol comes home busy with his cell phone. He fell on the floor as soon as he comes in. Rashi goes to help him, and scolds Peehu if she can’t come to his help. Anmol tells dadi the story about a play in the school, it was about Peehu. He says one of the person asked the second to be what she wasn’t, the second agreed but with some condition like cleaning the room. Rashi says she doesn’t understand anything, but Anmol says he has taken a photo of someone red handed. Peehu takes Anmol inside, saying she will put medicine on his injury. Rashi curses Peehu for taking Anmol inside. In the room, Peehu runs after Anmol for mobile, he says he will tell everyone and share the photo on internet. Peehu make him quiet, and asks him not to tell anyone please. She says she will get him new headphones if he keeps it a secret.
She asks Anmol’s mobile to delete the photo, he says first she must bring him headphones. She must now go and clean chachi’s room. Peehu sets all the Sunita’s clothes in wardrobe, and decorates her things. She goes the dressing table, and drops a bottle on the floor. The baby wakes up and cries. She runs to him and asks her to sleep again, caressing. She was worried that Sunita must not know he has waken up because of her. Pratibha comes calling Peehu into the room, she looks at Peehu for a while there and comes to caress Bubu. She asks Peehu what she was doing here. Peehu says she was setting the room. Sunita comes there and says she has forbidden her so many times but she never listen to her. She points through eyes to Peehu to leave. Peehu runs, Sunita comes calling bubu and takes him in her lap. Bubu calls Pratibha to stay here, Pratibha says at this time bari mama is going to cook his favorite Sooji ki Kheer. Sunita goes to get so many toys for bubu, Bubu says he needs bari mama only. Sunita asks Pratibha to look after him, and goes to get fresh. Pratibha plays with bubu.
At night, Mahir comes and says to Pratibha that vegetable is left in the lunch box. She asks if he didn’t like it. He doesn’t reply and asks her to sent tea for him in study.
Pratibha looks at the letter, she was unable either to say anything to her sister in law or her daughter. She must just pour her anger by burning it, she was about to put it in the stove when Mahir calls her. She places the letter aside and gets the tea. He asks her to get her dress, she opens the wardrobe and gives it to him. He takes hold of her hand and asks what happened to her, that she brought saree instead of his kurta. She looks at it, and says she has just gone crazy. She takes his kurta to him. He asks if the aalu masala is left for evening, it was very tasty. She smiles in elation, this was the best thing in the whole day. She comes out of the room, ever happy.
On the table, Pratibha serves food to everyone. Sunita whispers and asks Peehu is didi know about it. Peehu says she doesn’t know, and comes to Pratibha in the kitchen. She says sorry didi, Peehu was insisting what she could do about it. She doesn’t know why Peehu didn’t want to take her. She says she can’t deny anything to Peehu, as she loves her like her own daughter and Peehu also loves her. Pratibha was still quiet, takes a jar from the kitchen cabinet and says that we the elder are the first ever class of our children, whatever they do or become in life is because of the family. It isn’t the question that Peehu took her along to PTM, the question rather is that she lied to her friends and she was with Peehu in that. Sunita remained shocked while Pratibha comes back to the table.
Sunita comes to the table where everyone was eating, cheerily. Her husband asks her to sit down as the kofta are so tasty. He praises Pratibha for the good cooking, Sunita looks at him without saying anything. Mahir says he is a praiser of Pratibha from always but he is doing it a lot today. He tells Pratibha that today she went to Peehu’s ptm, and proved that she isn’t only the household woman and has other capabilities as well. The brother in law also appreciates Pratibha, that uptil now she looked after kitchen but now she will also be working in outer world.
Sunita heard this all still standing there. She tells Mahir that she has something to tell him and that it was her not Pratibha who went to school for PTM. Peehu at once hold her head while everyone look at each other.

PRECAP: Mahir tells Peehu strictly that she will go to school tomorrow with her mom, and clarify that Suniti isn’t her mom but Pratibha is. Peehu leaves regretting.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. I am loving the beginning of this serial. I hope that Pratibha emerges from her housewife shell and teaches all of these people a lesson!

  2. It is too early to comment.So far so good ,seems interesting.

  3. I hope this show doesn’t end up like the dragging shows on Zee. I got a good vibe from it when I watched the first episode. Hopeful that Prathiba will find back herself soon.

  4. I just hope Pratibha isn’t another weak female lead we need some strong hot-headed no nonsense female characters

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