Hello Pratibha 25th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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In the morning Peehu was worried thinking about how much money she has,she checks her bag and throws it away regretting she has not enough and thinks about what the blackmailer and her friends had said to her and comes out of the room her friend calls her to tell her that they have arranged their part and now its her turnv. Peehu tries to find the keys of her mother’s safe but does not find it, she suddenly sees a pair of ear rings and feeling ashamed she prays to god for help and goes to her father shop to sell them . Pratibha and Mahel are sitting looking at the old jewellery of Pratibha who requests mahel to get them polished. They look at a piece and cherish the moments during which mahel gave it to Pratibha. Pratibha looks and does not find P eehu ear rings, Mahen tells her to look more closely an that they would be there somewhere but Pratibha confirms that she had left them in that box. Mahen tells Pratibha to call Peehu and ask her if she has the earrings .while Peehu is in the shop receiving the money ad just when she is about to leave Mahen calls her and Peehu gets worried and after receiving the call tells him that she is at her friend’s house an had come to the market to buy a geometary box and was just heaing home.Pratibha then tries to find the earrings but is unsuccessful. Mahen then asks Peehu whether she knows where the ear rings are an along with that prithaba shouts feeling worried as she could not find another set of earrings which she had placed in the box earlier. all of them are discussing where the ear rings are and Peehu enters the house feeling scared .Shalu says to ask Peehu about them and Pratibha after seeing Peehu calls her to join them. Mahen tells her that her mothr is very worried because of the ear-rings and that is the reason he called her and asks her to remember where saw the ear-rings the last time. Kaashi says that if gold leaves the house then trouble follows fast. She also says to solve the matter quickely as she is getting restless. Sunidhi thinks as to why Peehu is getting so nervous even though no one has put any blame on her. Sunidhi says tht they should not waste time and inform the police because now they are the only ones who can find the ear rings. Mahen says that he thinks that police should not be involved for such small matters and they should first check the house and then he would think about whether to inform the police or no and Pratibha also agrees. While Peehu leaves.at night Peehu in her own room and thinks that if she had not gone on the vacation nothing would have happened and her parentswould not be worried Sunidhi listens to her and comes rushing in and asks her what happened and says that she must feel terrible that the ear rings were lost but also confirms her that no one is blaming herand she tells Peehu that a house item was stolen so why would the police suspect a family member.she thinks that an outsider must have taken the ear rings . Peehu says that she also believes that the ear rings were taken by an outsider and also that they might have been mis placed in their own houseand that there is no point in calling the police and she would find the ear rings herself but Sundhi says that who would talk to he father who is willing to call the police. She then says to Peehu thst she would convince her father to not call the police andthen Peehu says that in what kind of problem she is indulged.sunidhi is standing by the door and feels happy to confirm that Peehu stole the ear rings and that she would love to call the police.Peehu is planning to tell the truth to everyone while suidhi is annoyed at what Peehu is about to do and Peehu rushes to Pratibha who asks what happened she demands to know where her father is and listens nothing else. Peehu says that she wants to ask for permission to go to friend’s house and then rushes to the hall. There Mahen is coming who asks Peehu what happened. Mahen asks what happened and then Peehu tells him everything right from the start. Mahen gets angry and says that he will himself hand her over to the police.

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  1. Sunidhi is not a nice person especially with Pratibha’s daughter.I agree that this child has done something which is outrageous and had a right to let her parents know about it.Sunudhi before hand overheard Peehu”s conversation and never said anything.Instead she was trying to bad mouth Pratibha with Peehu to cause conflict with her mother.This is why she is an evil person.I make no excuses for an adult who tries to draw a child away from their parents.She misleads this girl all the time and then smirks when she gets into trouble.I really do not like her character.She is too jealous minded,wicked and evil and lazy.She forgets that she has a child also and never knows what will become of him.I do not like anyone who compromises a child life with evil things.This is good Peehu told her father the truth and if this is the way to discipline her no matter how harsh it may be ,let it be.She needs some harsh discipline for what had happened.

  2. It seems i missed the secret of peehus story can sumone high light pls tnx

  3. Pratiba this what u get when u allow ur daughter to be misbehave wit u, she steals ur jewellery, why does she not come out an tell her parents the truth, how long is she gonna handle the blackmailer who is neva gonna leave them alone. Whar is wrong wit tat stupid lil girl.

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