Hello Pratibha 25th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Hello Pratibha 25th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sunidhi is happy and appreciate her mother. Kaashi says curtly that it was a good one, but she can think about a better. Sunidhi’s mother says ok, she will call Naina back. Kaashi asks if she wants thankyou, she will be. Sunidhi’s mother ask for a set of jewellery. Kaashi leaves, Sundihi’s mother tells her not to make Naina angry ever.
Namrita brings her dress to Pushpa and Pratibha. She says she must look pretty and then will also dance on Indian song. Pushpa puts on a black tikka under her ear. Naina comes to announce that all the arrangements of Sangeet have been done, they only have to enjoy during the function. Pushpa says thankyou for all these arrangements. Naina boasts that she can change everyone’s mood in a click, Pratibha asks how she changed the supplier’s decision and changed Namrita’s mood at once too. Naina says she says that… Namrita is lost at once. She says she isn’t going to wear this red colour, she needs a pink dress. Pushpa asks Namrita what this is, but Namrita was stubborn. Pushpa assure she would look pretty in this dress, Namrita says she will just call Rishi and cancel the whole plan. Naina takes her phone and asks Namrit to chill, they will arrange for a dress on their way to parlour. Namrita gets calm and smiles within minutes. Namrita says she is happy now, and shows Pushpa how she solved her problem. She gets Rishi’s phone, Namrita spits that she was cancelling… Rishi stands asking what is she saying. Namrita laughs and says she is wearing pink, he must as well. She goes to take her purse, Naina assures she has handled everything.
Sunidhi meets Naina and Namrita, she asks where are they going. Naina says they are going to buy a new dress for Namrita, Naina says her mood changed so now they are going to buy a new dress. She asks Namrita to go outside, and asks Sunidhi for case to buy a dress for herself. Sunidhi asks if she is mad, she won’t get any cash as she hasn’t come to enjoy the wedding but only do her work. She leaves saying she is talking to her husband.
Pushpa says to Pratibha that this dress is her choice and her favorite, how she started disliking it at once. This isn’t normal, they must find out the reason. Pratibha says she is right. Pushpa asks her to leave her alone, she wants to think patiently what is going on in her mind. Pratibha looks at worried Pushpa before leaving.
Outside, Pratibha do all the arrangements with Shalu. The supplier come and says they can’t give them the delivery of flowers. Pratibha says they promised yesterday. The supplier say he doesn’t remember at all why he promised them, what that girl did to him; he doesn’t remember. Pratibha asks what; doesn’t he understand her problem. The supplier says he will try, as he made a receipt as well. Shalu says Naina is some magician, this man is also behaving like Namrita. Pratibha says whatever it is happening is after Naina’s arrival at home. Shalu takes Pratibha to check Naina’s bag, Pratibha was resisting but Shalu checks on her bags. Pratibha says there can’t be anything, Shalu says there is nothing like a bone or coconut. Pratibha takes Shalu out and a bag is left under a bed.
In the function of Sangeet, everyone was enjoying. Mahen smiles at Pratibha, while Namrita was dancing. Sunidhi remembers to bring her iPad, as her mama also wanted to see the drama. Namrita takes Sanjeev to stage as well, Sanjeev resists. Naina thinks about Sunidhi’s anger and comes to Sanjeev asking him for dance. Sanjeev agrees and dances with Naina, Pratibha is shocked to see this. The ladies said there is magic in this girl, Pratibha is clicked by Shalu’s words. Naina asks Sanjeev to go now as she is tired, Sanjeev comes back. Pratibha asks Sanjeev why he denied Namrita and danced with Naina, what happened to him. Sanjeev says when Naina speaks with love, you can’t deny her. She is too good, what a name Naina.
Naina points to Namrita that Rishi isn’t in pink dress. Pratibha welcomes Rishi, but Namrita shouts that no one will welcome him. She asks Rishi when she asked him to wear a matching dress to hers, why hasn’t he come that way. Pushpa says she is joking, Namrita says she isn’t. Rishi asks her to stop behaving childishly, everyone asks Namrita to calm down. Rishi says he isn’t going back. Sumitra says it is good the reality came so soon, they must keep their daughter now. They are all shocked.

PRECAP: Namrita apologizes to Rishi and everyone holding ears that she did the drama too realistic. Sumitra asks Rishi what has he thought about it.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. There you writers go again magic.Wedding is having problems.Are you for real .Magic in every thing.Are you all possessed with the devil writers.Or there is some reason why all the scripts go this way ?This is what really goes on in your country.My God ,I cannot relish this stuff.Please.All the good people winds up wrecking themselves with evil.Sunidhi and her mother in law are an epidemy of evil but what bothers me is that Sunidhi has a child.What if this is done to her child.Pushpa why can you not see something is wrong because your daughter never behaves like this .Use your brain, man ? ,Put on your thinking cap and catch the culprits.

  2. OMG! Is it the season for black magic?! why are these writers copying from each other… i don’t believe in black magic but the devil is real, I believe in God and his mighty powers and prayers stop this nonsense these shows are beginning to be a turn off most times i don’t watch

  3. Is any one having problem with this Telly updates .The comments section is steady giving problems.When you write the comments some times you lose it or some of the words go m,issing,It is not my internet because the strength is good.Please any one let me know if this web site is giving problem.

  4. This show is moving away from its original storyline…I ws only interested in this show because I wanted to see if by any chance a simple housewife in India can make something of her life after being married for so long…show some dreams and ambition for pratiba,show her struggle to become someone everybody looks up to,let her live her dreams,learn to say no sometimes…

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