Hello Pratibha 25th June 2015 Written Episode Update

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In the morning Partibha’s mother and father are sitting and her mother is tense and her husband asks that he will not die and she must not worry and he will not die but she tells him that he is not worried about him and she is worried about Partibha who is worried and that she is felling that Partibha is worried and then Partibha comes and says that it is her house and they are her parent and she will come and that she brought her fathers favourite vegetable dish and and then her father tells that they must eat together but Partibha tells that she has to buy food for a puja in their house and her mother in law has told her Sanjeev to bring the things but she knows that he will bring something wrong and then she wil have to go again and buy the food so she decide that she will buy the food the first time meanwhile Sanjeev s in the market when he feels someone placing a hand on his shoulder and he turns back to find that it is Sunidhi Sanjeev tells her to go away and that he does not wish to talk to her and tthat she must goaway or he will but she tells him that whatever she did was right because it was for their son and that she knows that most of the property and shop are under Partbha and Mahen and they have nothng so she opened a botique to support her family as Sanjeev has a headaching job and his salary was not enough to meet the requirements of the family so she was forced to do this for the better future of their child and then Sunidhi pretends to feel dizzy to get Sanjeev’s attention by telling that she did not have anything to eat.and that she is getting weak but then Sanjeev tells her that he will drop her but then she says that he has already left her and that she must find her own way and then at their house the Puja is going on and when the Pandit jee asks the bahu and son of the family to sit then Partibhas mother in law stops them and asks Sanjeev and Sunidhi to sit and then when Mahen gets angry Partibha stops him and then Partibha’s mother calls telling that her father is not well and then Mahen talks to her and when they are about to leave then her mother in law says that when the Puja will finish then they will go even when Mahen tries to go Partibha stops him and then Partibha prays and as quckly as she can goes to the hospital and Mahen is told by the doctor that the patient was brought at the correct time because if they had been late then anything could have happened and thaen Partibha consoles her mother and suddenly a nurse comes and says to Mahen that the doctor wants to meet him and tells Partibha to get the medicine then at home Sunidhi is smoking the house wth the mothe r in law and tries to make her hate Partibha but she doesnot andtrlls sunidh to stop making such useless efforts.

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  1. I hate mothers who emotionally blackmails their children.must they all live together?co wives r terrible.their rivalry is more than two women married to one man.SMH mtshewwwwww

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