Hello Pratibha 24th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Hello Pratibha 24th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shalu asks the lady who she is, she smiles and comes inside. Everyone was in the hall, the lady introduces herself as Naina, she says she has heard they need a wedding planner. Kaashi asks what can she do, Naina says she must never worry as Naina can solve any problem. Kaashi says the problem is roses, he asks the supplier for a two minutes talk. She takes him aside and convinces him, she comes and announces they don’t need take tension. The supplier says he will send them roses, and will also get them concession. Namrita asks what she told him that he agreed in the first go, Naina says these are tips to business. She sits besides them giving them tips about organizing. Sunidhi winks at Kaashi, Kaashi says she can only speak and not do anything. Pratibha asks which reference she came from, Naina says she knows herself when the wedding is happening. Naina says she will have to stay at this home, Pushpa says this is really impressive. Pratibha asks Pushpa to talk alone. Inside Pratibha asks Pushpa why do we need a wedding planner. Pushpa asks if she thinks someone will ruin the wedding. Pratibha says how can they keep someone unknown in the house. Mahen also comes in and says they are keeping this planner, she also needs some rest. Pratibha smiles. Namrita congratulates Naina to be hired, she hugs Naina. Kaashi and Sunidhi share approving looks, while Naina smiles evily.
Kaashi asks Sunidhi is everything ready, Sunidhi says everything is ready. Sunidhi says there is going to be a blast in wedding’s celebrations.
Everyone was relieved that they kept the wedding planner, Namrita says anything for her bhabi, this way Pratibha will be relaxed and will get more time with Mahen. Namrita asks if she cooked saltless food for her, as she wants to get slim. Pratibha says as she asked for. Sunidhi and Kaashi whispers that this girl hasn’t done anything tell now, what if she has really come to plan wedding. Naina watches Namrita take a bite. Pratibha says to Namrita to eat as it is good. Namrita stands enraged, good food my foot. She asks what is wrong with her, this much salt. Pratibha looks at Pushpa, Pratibha asks to cook something else. Namrita says this isn’t needed. Namrita asks Kaashi and Sunidhi if they are whispering about her. Kaashi comes cursing Namrita, Namrita also calls her names. Pratibha and Pushpa try to keep Namrita calm. Sunidhi whispers in Kaashi’s ears, Namrita calls Sunidhi as evil. Sunidhi comes to front to call Namrita as down market. Mahen shouts at Sunidhi to stop it, he asks Pushpa what is this all happening. Pushpa scolds Namrita and asks her to apologize everyone, Namrita jerks her hand and goes inside. Everyone is sorry, Pushpa apologizes everyone and says she doesn’t know as Namrita never talked to anyone like this. Naina says fixing of marriage is tough time for every girl, they must handle her sensitively. She says she will talk to Namrita, Pushpa gets a seat. Naina brings Namrita along, she was crying and says what this all happened. She disrespected everyone, she didn’t come to know how it all happened. She says sorry to everyone. Kaashi still curses Namrita, Namrita joins her hand and says sorry to everyone. Everyone leaves the table, Pratibha wonders what happened to her at once. How can she get so aggressive at once and then so normal.
At night, Pushpa was sitting on her bed thinking about Namrita’s behavior. Pratibha comes there and says there is something. She never saw Namrita like that, she handled every difficult situation in life, but this time she feels there is something wrong going to happen in this wedding. Pratibha says sometimes children behave awkward, Peehu behaves like this to her. Pushpa says she knows her, Namrita isn’t like this and she isn’t a child but is going to marry. She says there is something else behind it. Pratibha says she knows what is behind it, she is going to get married. She tells Pushpa that she also behaved awkward at the time of her wedding. She was tensed that she was going away from her parents, she had asked her parents to cancel the wedding just one week before it; else she will leave the house. May be Namrita is also confused, this is normal for her. Pushpa says she hopes that what she is saying must be right. Pratibha asks her to concentrate of Sangeet’s preparations now. Pushpa leaves while Pratibha is worried.

PRECAP: Namrita shouts at Rishi in Sangeet that he had to wear the matching dress with hers. Sumitra says it is good that the reality has been revealed, they must keep their daughter at home now.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Naina she was in punarvivah 2 as Sarita kaashi also plays her mother-in -law… I think she gave Namrita some form of drugs that’s why she is behaving like that

    1. Nope. I disagree. That doesn’t look like drugs. If it was, its effects would dissipate after an hour or so. This is clearly Black Magic. Just watch and see how quickly Namrita had a personality change. One moment she’s ok, next she’s completely enraged and all of a sudden she’s again back to normal, almost like a light switch: ON-OFF-ON AGAIN.

  2. Nana was also Radha in CHOTI BAHU

    1. Radha in Choti Bahu was Rubeena Dilaik and Naina is Shrishty Rode

  3. I thtink she acted one of the king story as a princess. i forgot the name. before punarvivah. seems like a she is doing balck magic with her eye like hubool hai scenes. The cast crew need to stop this nonsence using black magic. please don’t give wrong idea’s to people.

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