Hello Pratibha 24th June 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sunidhi tells Mahen and Pratibha that Kaashi called her, Kaashi announces she called her here. Sunidhi steps inside. Kaashi blesses Sunidhi and asks Mahen why is he staring. Kaashi says she has two daughter in laws, why should she take the responsibility of the house. Mahen says whatever might happen, Sunidhi won’t live in this house. Sunidhi says that she is sorry but he is really selfish taking Pratibha and his kids. He only cares about what Pratibha thinks. Peehu was also the culprit, she lied, stole at home and ran away. Why he doesn’t punish her, because she is his daughter. Mahen tells her to shut up, Peehu is a juvenile, and she did everything because she had told her to. She had in mind the revenge and jealousy, he says he doesn’t dislike her because she was never a part of this family. Kaashi forbids Mahen, Sunidhi cries and asks Sanjeev won’t he say a word even now when his brother is saying so much to her, she says she is his wife and mother of his child, won’t he side him. Kaashi says she has decided, Sunidhi has done wrong because she is her younger son’s daughter in law. Mahen says Sunidhi wouldn’t live in the house and whoever objects his decision may leave the house as well. Kaashi points finger at Mahen, Mahen says I am sorry maa, I didn’t mean that. He says it is only that he disagrees at her decision of keeping Sunidhi at home. Kaashi jerks his hand off and says he has said enough, when her son doesn’t respect her she will leave the home by herself. Mahen stops her and says sorry again. Kaashi says did he say this in anger, if he wants her to forgive him he has to keep Sunidhi in this house. Mahen says in anger he might have said something wrong but her respect will never be less. For the respect of this house he can’t abide by her, Sunidhi wont live in this house. He leaves. Kaashi curses Pratibha for controlling her Mahen. She says to Pratibha that she will have to suffer as much as she is giving pain to Kaashi. Kaashi leaves.
In the room Pratibha tells Mahen he is still a child for Kaashi and Kaashi will forgive him soon because Mahen was really ashamed at his behaviour
the next morning, Kaashi leaves the breakfast table seeing Mahen. Mahen takes the plate to her, he says I am sorry whatever I said, I didn’t mean that. She says she doesn’t want to talk to him, he must go. Mahen says alright, she is angry with him but not pour it on her eatings. Kaashi says she will die hungry but won’t lose her self respect, he must leave. Pratibha was worried and sends the kid to make dadi. Bubu requests Kaashi to eat something, Anmol plays in front of everyone and was about to put a bolus in her mouth but Kaashi notices Mahen and Pratibha’s smile at each other.
Kaashi shouts that’s it. He says now he doesn’t tolerate this all, he is still abiding by his wife, what magic this lady has created on him. Mahen says what is she speaking in front of kids. Kaashi says she is telling him right, he runs behind her and her family; are her parents his after marriage. Mahen says if she doesn’t have to listen to anything, they will speak when she gets calm. Mahen leaves. Sanjeev asks Kaashi to keep calm but she doesn’t listen.
Sunidhi was sitting with her mom when Kaashi calls her. Sunidhi tells her mom that the old lady is planning a Pooja to get her back into the house.

>PRECAP: At Pooja, Pandit ji calls the son and daughter in law of the house, Mahen and Pratibha get up but Kaashi stops them and instead calls Sanjeev. Mahen says his wife isn’t /strong>

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Kaashi the tall devil……lol…….ha ha ha ha ha

  2. Kaashi you’re a b*t*h.I hate sunidhi,ygly devil

  3. Intersting episode.

  4. Parent can sure blackmail their children.evil..SMH

  5. I hate Kaashi nd Sunidhi, they are 2 ugly witches

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