Hello Pratibha 24th July 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sunidhi holds hand over Kaashi but Pratibha holds it in half way and says that is it now. Sunidhi says if she wants, she can push her just right away. Pratibha tells her to deter someone else, and she won’t be able to do anything on the basis of papers because they aren’t registered. She can’t ruin anything and it is better she understands this soon. Sunidhi jerks her hand away and says she won’t leave anyone and goes away. Sunidhi takes the papers from her vault and says if they aren’t registered they will now be, she will bribe the registration officer and he will keep her file above everything. Sanjeev comes there, Sunidhi says once she gets them registered she will push everyone away. Sanjeev tries to snatch the papers but Sunidhi dodges him and goes out locking Sanjeev in the room. Pratibha and Kaashi opens the door, Sanjeev tells her Sunidhi has gone for registration. Pratibha says we have to stop Sunidhi at any cost. Sunidhi tries to stop an auto but Sunidhi shouts at Pratibha that she will have to leave the house today. Pratibha notices Sunidhi going to strike a truck, she herself gets injured on head but pushes Sunidhi. Sunidhi cries for her baby, Pratibha takes hold of herself and pleads a van driver that this is her sister and is pregnant. In the hospital also, the doctor asks Pratibha that she is injured more than Sunidhi but Pratibha requests on them to check on her sister. In the corridor, Pratibha faints while Mahen, Sanjeev and Kaashi run towards her. Mahen calls the doctors.
Mahen and Sanjeev wait for the doctor. The doctor tells Sanjeev that his wife and child is safe. Mahen asks about Pratibha, the doctor says it is difficult to say anything about her, the next twelve hours are really critical. They will try their best, they all must pray. Sunidhi thinks about her curses on Pratibha and then Pratibha calling herself her sister. She looks at Pratibha on bed and says I never wanted good for you, always hated you and still you saved me and my baby. She says she is a wicked woman, why she saved her; she should have let her die. Her life doesn’t cost more than Pratibha, she asks God to save Pratibha. Pratibha was breathing heavily when suddenly her breathings stop.
After one year
In the house Sunidhi was playing with her baby, she says no one has come there till now and calls everyone. Sanjeev says it has been a year for that accident, and it seems as yesterday. Kaashi says it will take time to forget everything, but it is good they are all together. He tells the kids to switch the TV on. Anmol switches the TV on to find Pratibha giving audition on a singing show, Mahen gives her a thumbs up as she sings the title song of Hello Pratibha. The judges seem impressed, family sings with Pratibha. The judges give Pratibha a standing ovation, Pratibha is announced as the winner of the show. The family cheers as Pratibha gets the winning trophy. Sunidhi hugs Kaashi in happiness. The announcer asks Pratibha to say what is in her heart, Pratibha says they must all have heard there is a lady behind every successful man may be it is a mother, a wife or a sister. Similarly, after her success is her kids, her mother in law and Sunidhi, her sister who used to look after her kitchen when she was practicing. She says it wasn’t possible without Sunidhi, She thanks Sanjeev for always be her friend, it is because of all the love of her family that she was able to get this trophy. She finally announces Mahen’s name and calls him on stage. She says that her husband has always been with her, when she had lost her confidence he gave her the strength and encouraged her to come forward. He has played the biggest role in all this. She was a simple housewife busy with her household and forgot her childhood dreams, but her husband didn’t let her forget them and it is because of him she is standing here. She wants to say this victory wasn’t possible if he wasn’t there with her. Thankyou. Mahen says I love you Pratibha, Pratibha says I love you too. The family claps.

the show has come to an end.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Happy ending
    Thank god

  2. what kind of update this is one time you said pratibha breathing stopped and one year after pratibha is alive this is confusing the viewers did she die or not

  3. I’m so sad.why must hello prathiba ending

  4. Thank goodness. Hope whatever’s will be interesting.

  5. What is got in to these writers of this serial how can they end it like that

  6. So sad to see this show end. Enjoyed it for the short time it was on. All the best to all the players.

  7. I will miss hello pratibha?

  8. Another serial in which a criminal – Sunidhi -goes without any punishment. Does this not encourage these practices in real life?

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