Hello Pratibha 23rd July 2015 Written Episode Update

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Pratibha answers Sushma’s call who asks her when she is coming. Pratibha asks what if she doesn’t come there today. Sushma asks what is it about, she can’t lie to her till today even. Pratibha tells her all about the signatures, and then Sunidhi’s blackmailing. Sushma says why she is telling her so late, she fears where she will go if she really pushes her out. Pratibha says there a few ways that may prove Sunidhi’s papers as fake, she says Mahen has gone to meet the legistrars and if they get stay order over the papers nothing will be ruined. Sushma says she doesn’t know much about this legal work, but she must take all the decision with much care.
At night, Kaashi was crying thinking all about Sunidhi and then Pratibha. Mahen comes and keeps a hand on her shoulder, she hugs him and cry. Mahen says she is crying for a lady who doesn’t care for anyone, she must not worry as he won’t let anything be ruined. Kaashi says she is old but hasn’t lost, she is not crying for Sunidhi but for Pratibha whom she never sided. She asks Mahen what she should do so that Pratibha forgives her. Mahen says if she knows Pratibha she must also know Pratibha never keeps things in heart. Kaashi says she will live happily with Pratibha, she will never fight her and will live with her like a mother. Mahen hugs her again.
In the morning, Pratibha wakes up looks at Mahen sleeping and smiling. She notices the tea on her side table, she wonders who made the tea. She comes out to the table to find the breakfast ready. She wonders who made her favorite aaloo puri, she goes to call her maa if she came here. She calls Sushma, Sushma asks how she is. Pratibha asks did she come home. Sushma says no, did something happen. Pratibha says no, nothing. She goes to kid’s room and finds Kaashi waking the kids up. Anmol was shocked and asks Kaashi why she is here. Kaashi says she must have come a lot earlier but could get this sense late. She smiles at Pratibha who hugs her. Anmol says this will help her a bit. Pratibha asks if he wants herself to be slapped. Kaashi says he is right, let her help her a bit which she couldn’t do in many years. Pratibha says she is the grandmother of kids and she must wake them anytime, infact she must get them used to wake up at 4 am but she is elder and making breakfast doesn’t suit her. Kaashi says she was also thinking who will make the breakfast daily. Both smile, Kaashi says she is her daughter but she will keep calling her Jumkay wali. Both laugh at this.
Mahen comes to find Kaashi helping Pratibha. She is happy to see Sushma and husband home, she says today she really wants to say that she couldn’t have brought Pratibha up the way she couldn’t have as well. She invites them to table. Sushma says today a lot of burden has got off her shoulder as every mother wants a daughter to get along well with her mother in law. Kaashi says don’t say a lot, else Pratibha will get a bad eye. Papa was about to take seat, Kaashi asks him to take her seat. She says he is eldest in both families, she says if he doesn’t sit here she won’t forgive herself ever. She asks him to sit else she will have to wake the lost Kaashi. Everyone laugh. Kaashi removes Sunidhi’s seat and offers him a new one. Sushma asks about the property matter, Pratibha says they have talked to the lawyer and he says the property can’t be transferred until it is registered. Mahen says he has asked him to take the stay order as soon as possible. Mahen leaves for shop, Pratibha gives him the lunch box saying today maa ji made the food so she filled more as it must be tastier. Sunidhi comes downstairs and is enraged watching her chair on the side.
Sunidhi comes shouting who removed her chair. Kaashi stands up and says she did, what will she do now. Sunidhi was about to speak, Pratibha says we removed it only because she wasn’t in the house. Sunidhi asks how dare she removed the chair of the owner of the house, everyone will have to do what she says because now her worth is just as a servant. Kaashi shouts at her, she says how dare she speaks to her daughter in law like this, she has got the property on her name not owned them. Sunidhi says in a house only what an owner says will take place, she consider them both as a dust of feet. Kaashi slaps Sunidhi hard. Sunidhi straightens up and is about to hold her hand on Kaashi when Pratibha holds it.

PRECAP: Pratibha asks Sanjeev who locked the door from outside. Sanjeev says Sunidhi has gone to register the papers. Pratibha says what if she get them registered before stay order. Sanjeev says we will have to stop Sunidhi.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Soooooooo tired of this witch always ‘getting ahead’. You guys are killing my FAVOURITE SHOW. LETS GET RID OF sunidhi.


  3. it is about time we do something with that evil sunidhi she is using this baby thing to have her way and who knows she must not even be pregnant maybe she had a bug in her at that point in time when she fell ill and she is thinking that she is pregnant and who knows it is the same in all these serials she sunidhi must have paid off the doctor to say that she is pregnant for sanjeev to feel pity and take her back into the house so that she can cause mischief as usual LOL

  4. all sunidhi does and enjoys doing is to cause mischief among the family members even the young ones and she has to stop this behavior and what I cannot understand is her mother who is an elder suppose to know right from wrong and tell her child sunidhi to stop this behavior that she has developed towards her mother in law and the others in the house hold instead of condoning what sunidhi is doing anyway coming to think of it the apple does not fall far from the tree they are a perfect pair they enjoy what each other does and that is to hurt other so when sunidhi is thrown out on her behind she better have room to take her in LOL

  5. SA I agree with you one hundred per cent

  6. I agee with you keen obs

  7. Isn’t this serial ending? Cause I see ek tha raja in it’s time slot

  8. No hello pratibha is not going to end any time soon go go go pratibha I don’t watch this show frequently but I love how simple and sensible is this pratibha I like to watch it but my time doesn’t allow it

  9. Durba Roy Ghatak

    We this serial so much why suddenly went off air …………love Pratibha so much she is so decent nice down to earth ………..We r missing this serial.Its so bad to end.

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