Hello Pratibha 20th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Hello Pratibha 20th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The judge interferes with Pratibha’s singing. The director awaits fun. The judge asks Pratibha what made her participate in this competition at this age. Pratibha says singing has been her passion, but more than her her family wanted her dream to come true, so she is here. The director asks the judges to try asking something that makes her worried. The male judge asks who from family wanted her to be here the most. Pratibha says she is here because of her husband only. The judge asks then she doesn’t trust herself? Pratibha says there isn’t anything like that. The director asks to call her husband to hold audience. They call Mahen inside, Pratibha wonders why they are calling Mahen inside. Mahen comes in, Pratibha tells him they didn’t let her sing even two lines. The judge says his wife has a beautiful smile and voice. She told them that he is the one who supports her most, she needs him to hear for the results. The male judge says there is something other than singing that the audience wants to see, they are sorry that they couldn’t see that expression in Pratibha’s voice. Mahen asks him to be clear. The judge says his wife is much older. Mahen gets angry why they called him here today, they didn’t give him a chance to perform well. The judge asks if he thinks they are wrong. Mahen says they doesn’t want his wife to sing, he has called them here today and without watching her performance they rejected him. He shouts that they are all with Shubda ji and she doesn’t want his wife to perform. Shubda ji calls from behind, what is happening. She comes in, she says to Mahen if he thinks they did wrong with his wife, now she decides that his wife should be given another chance. She says they will see if she can prove her wrong or not, after that this drama will end.
At home, Anmol is excited to see the auditions. Pratibha is shown performing and the whole drama is played on tv editing according to their will. Mahen and Pratibha come home, Sanjeev asks Anmol to switch the tv off and asks Kaashi not to speak about it. He sends the kids inside.
Mahen takes a seat, Pratibha says she will get water for them. Sunidhi says she will get water and tea, they must be tired and their day must be difficult. Pratibha asks Mahen not to worry, they have got a chance. Mahen says it is because of the lady who disrespected her and broke her self confidence. Pratibha says he himself asks her not to think negative. Mahen says those people are spreading negativity, did they go to make a drama. Kaashi says drama has been made, this is mud pool and it will ruin their own clothes. Sunidhi comes and tells him he was shown shouting at judges. Mahen gets even angrier. Kaashi says what else they would get to see, why Pratibha thought about going there. Mahen says he forced Pratibha to go there. Kaashi asks Mahen not to be like Pratibha, it doesn’t suits him. Pratibha stops Mahen from speaking further and watches Kaashi leave curtly. Sunidhi asks them to have tea. Mahen keeps hand on Pratibha who was worried. Pratibha says she will go to audition alone. Mahen says he doesn’t care about anything but her, he will be with her on any step and will not leave her alone. They share looks smiling.
Sunidhi brings Peehu in the room to show her designer collection. Sanjeev comes there, Sunidhi thinks about a good idea to fill Peehu’s ears against Pratibha. She goes and asks Sanjeev was this a way to be a drama on tv, what was her need to participate in such a competition. Every neighbor but all their social circle must have seen this. Peehu hears this all and leaves curtly.
In the room, Pratibha says good night to Anmol. He stops her and says it should be very tough for them. Pratibha says what isn’t tough, everything will get well. She asks did he see the audition, he odds. Pratibha says stories are made at every corner, one must just keep on going. Peehu comes and asks she again made a fun of her, she must not perform in talent hunt as she is going to fail this. She requests Pratibha not to make a fun of her. Peehu leaves, Anmol holds Pratibha’s hand. Pratibha was worried.
At night, Pratibha lay on bed awake thinking about the judge.

PRECAP: In the audition, Shubda ji asks Pratibha that her song shouldn’t be classical but an item-number.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Anyone can tell me what is really going on in this show? And what is the judges’ problem with Prabitha? Confused

    1. Kristelle I am also confused.Could it be a set up by someone of the home .What is this and this Shuba lady. Why is she so hateful towards Pratibha.I think Sunudhi or her mother has a hand in this.

    2. fan of the show

      This is a show about a talented woman who gave up developing her extraordinary talent for marriage and household duties, and shows that she has to overcome first her own fears and lack of confidence, and then all the obstacles life throws in her way.

      When her husband found out by accident that she is so talented he decided to help her pursue and develop, and asked other household members to pick up the household duties so she would be free to work on her music, which the others resented. Her daughter is constantly feeling embarassed by the things Pratiba does, and is being goaded into hating her by another member of the family.

      Her teacher thinks her voice is amazing, but has become angry with Pratiba for not arriving on time for lessons, and for ruining the manuscript for the song she’s working on (her son accidentally spilled water on it) because it makes the teacher question her commitment, and so accusing her of just being a housewife trying to get out of household duties. When she punished Pratiba by making her clean the instruments in the singing studio, her husband walked in and saw, became angry and pulled Pratiba out of the class. So the teacher returned the fees and is holding a grudge.

      1. Fan do you not think this is being extended too far in such away to prevent her from showing off her talent as we say.I always feel a sorrow for her and saw that she was abused emotionally by the household.She was demeaned in-front of her children and subjected to all sorts of disgusting things by her sister-in law.Now she has over come this type of oppression and depression ,won her husband’s love again and is trying to move up.What has it got to do with her age and she is married.Why this should prevent her from entering the competition.I think there is much about that teacher than we think.I cannot see this thing they call grudge.We must learn to appreciate people for who they are.A house wife is not an easy job especially if you have children.It is hard work to run a house.I respect all women who are housewives especially with children .

      2. fan of the show

        I think the teacher’s heart is in the right place, it’s just that her execution of teaching is discouraging to the students, instead of encouraging.

        When you take the stance of a disciplinarian whether as a teacher, parent, relative, or authority of some kind, without any love thrown in, then the recipients can’t trust that you really have their welfare at heart. When people feel you really care, they will move mountains for you without you having to ask.

  2. Pratiba is extremely pretty and.she looks like a witch.

  3. Sundhi n pehu get a life.pehu u ar so false..dumboo.
    Pratibah u just go girl. U got ur husbands support dats all u need.n prove them wrong.judges take a hike too preduiced abt age….

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