Hello Pratibha 20th July 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sanjeev goes to get the papers signed. Mahen tells Pratibha he will tell Sanjeev that Sunidhi is creating a drama, he is my brother and will understand. Both the brothers’ head towards each other’s room and confront each other in the hall. Mahen asks if he is alright. Sanjeev says how he can be alright, his pregnant wife has neither eaten nor drank anything since morning. Mahen says he was coming to talk to him, Sanjeev doesn’t listen and asks Mahen to sign the papers. Sunidhi peeks from behind the wall. Sanjeev says he hasn’t asked him for anything ever. Pratibha says to Sanjeev that Sunidhi is blackmailing them, she went to give her property share to her but she didn’t when she came to know Sunidhi is blackmailing. Sanjeev begs of Mahen crying to sign the papers. Mahen looks at Pratibha, then takes the papers from Sanjeev and the pen. He takes a seat and sign the papers. Sunidhi cheers.
At night, Sanjeev brings food tray for Sunidhi who was lying weak in bed. He says papers are here with them now, she must eat something. Sunidhi says does he know she did this all for the future of their kids. Sanjeev says he knows why she did this. She asks him to feed her from his own hands, he does. Sunidhi asks for something sweet, she wants to have something sweet. Sanjeev goes at once. Sunidhi gets out of the bed, takes the papers from the cupboards and says now Pratibha should see who orders whom from tomorrows. From tomorrow, she will be ordering everyone.
Next morning, Mahen denies taking tea, Kaashi says atleast this will keep peace at home. Sanjeev comes and takes tea from Pratibha, he asks Mahen an apology for the last night. He asks Pratibha to forgive him as he had panicked. Mahen says that he was about to get the papers and didn’t have an idea Sunidhi had got the papers ready, he just want him to stay happy. Sanjeev weeps and hugs Mahen. Sanjeev says he will just be here and goes inside. Sanjeev brings the guitar and asks Pratibha to sing a song for them as everyone is happy today. Kaashi nods and Pratibha sits to sing.
Sunidhi keeps all her belongings into kid’s wardrobe.
Pratibha is done with the song, Sanjeev says this is fantastic. Inside, Pratibha is shocked to see her kid’s clothes scattered all around the room’s floor, she opens the wardrobe and is even shocked to see Sunidhi’s clothes inside. Everyone comes to Sunidhi who accepts she has done this all. She comes to Pratibha’s room where Sunidhi was emptying her wardrobe. Kaashi asks her sons if they don’t have to go today. Sanjeev was looking for a file, Kaashi asks him to look inside. Mahen gets a text message from bank, he is shocked to see who transferred ten lacs into his account. He comes into the room calling Pratibha and is shocked to see the condition of the room, he goes to call Pratibha with Sanjeev and Kaashi. In their room, Pratibha was asking Sunidhi what has happened to her. Sunidhi asks Mahen if he got the money? Mahen asks who transferred the money? Sunidhi says she did. Sunidhi says they won’t give their property as such to her, nowit must seem to everyone that they have sold their property for ten lacs to her. Pratibha asks what she means by the whole property. Sunidhi brings about the papers and asks Mahen to see if these are the papers Sanjeev got signed from him. She says he was so emotional he didn’t read the papers before signing them. Sanjeev asks Sunidhi what she is saying, she must tell them what is in the papers. Sunidhi says the papers say that Pratibha Agarwal’s whole property’s power of attorney goes to Sunidhi Agarwal. Further it says Mahen Agarwal has sold his whole property for ten lacs to Sunidhi Agarwal. She asks them to read it if they want to.

PRECAP: Sunidhi tells Pratibha and Mahen to take their luggage and leave the house right away.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Good job sunidhi everyone has to follow her idea how to get what we wanted

  2. stupid episode before u end jodha akbar u shld end this crap instead

  3. Omg! Pratibha was blessed by the holy men she fed but instead she got cursed with Sunidhi…What a stupid storyline; evil always wins..

  4. Huh, I’m just too good, I already knew what was goin to happen, just too predictable, Sunidhi is a Monster, an tell me why did Pratiba hav to confront tat mad waman , cud she not bcall the whole family an tell them what’s happening, Pratiba u 2, ar so STUPID ??????

  5. Now face the music see what happens when u want to act life a DEVI !!!!!!

  6. Sunidhi taught them a good lesson. How stupid do you need to be to realise that a person like Sunidhi will never change. Good, they need to spend sometime on the streets or sleeping under a bridge. Pratiba is so naive, she’llnwver wake up and learn a lesson. Anyway, I thought there was a clause in the will, if Pratiba transfers the property it goes back to Pushpa aunty. Or, that doesn’t apply anymore, just like a typical story that has moved on and forgot their storyline.

    1. Completely agree. I used to idolize Pratibha’s character but now I am fed up with her stupidity.

  7. I cannot understand why mahen signed the papers after pratibha told him that sunidhi was in fact blackmailing them now look what she has done she is throwing them out of the house mahen don’t you know once a crook always a crook and rule no. 1 do not sign any document until you have read it thoroughly my gosh now look at the consequences now let me see how you get back your property LOL

  8. I wonder if Mahen didn’t really sign the papers and just trying to expose Sunidhi to Sanjeev. I expect a twist if this show is coming off the air soon.

  9. Good pratibha and family should get some more kick .they want to love and trust too much

  10. see why I said before that all these serials are copy from other serials it is the same thing over and over and if I am not mistaken a scene like this played off in the serial do dil bahey ek dore sey when the old father signed the document without reading it so this is what is making these serials monotonous and boring we want different scripts with new ideas

  11. Josephine ngu

    for i wish mahen stupid mother should also be thrown out of the house hahahaha that will be fun.mahen and pratibha are getting on my naves .they are so stupid at time thinking that can make everyone happy ha ha serve them right.

  12. Thank God!!! This show is going off air, I cannot stand this sunidhi, she is a dumb ass, n pratibha is an idiot always…thanks for going off as air…

  13. Pratibha must be ZEE’s most dimwitted and most gullible character ever. I think Ghazalla of Qubool Hai has more brains than her.

    1. I don’t think Prabitha is responsible for this situation since she exposed Sunidhi and informed Mahen. It was Mahen choice to sign the papers (if he in fact did) and Sanjeev’s gullibility that allowed himself to be duped by the same wife you know evil just because she is pregnant!?!? Mahen and Prabitha and their kids have somewhere to go….next door to Prabitha’s parents. Where would Sanjeev and Kaashi stay though? lmao. It good for all of them. Greedy Sunidhi. It is so ironic that the character Sunidhi played on Do Dil Badhe got cheated out of her home (by an S name greedy chick mind you – Sumitra) and had to live on the streets. lol

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