Hello Pratibha 1st May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Hello Pratibha 1st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Peehu is shocked to see Pratibha standing behind her, Mahen also comes from behind her. They walk towards Peehu, Mahen says he asked her not to break his trust, doesn’t she remember his promise. Pratibha calls Peehu who was badly afraid and was just day dreaming about Mahen. Pratibha notices the tension, her friend asks where she is lost, her mother came to pick her up. Pratibha says that they came to pick her for dinner outside. Peehu agrees to go. Pratibha asks why are they so worried, did they fight. Peehu says they are all used to fighting with her and takes Pratibha along. Her friends are relieved.
Shalu tries to burn the stove but it doesn’t. She calls Sunidhi, Sunidhi comes and says she told Shalu to cook the food today. Shalu says how would she cook without gas. Sunidhi asks if she works in a gas company, she is curt and says today mummy will also remain hungry and so will everyone else.
Anmol is excited to make the order in the restaurant. Mahen asks him not to order the whole kitchen. Pratibha notices Peehu’s worry and asks why is she worried. She must share if it is something. Peehu ignores Pratibha, Mahen says to Peehu her mother is saying something. Mahen and Anmol goes to wash hands. Peehu asks Pratibha to ask what she wants to, and if she doesn’t tell her she would complain papa about it. Pratibha says her papa and she cares about her. Peehu says if she really cares, she must know she doesn’t want to share what is going on in her life. Mahen asks what is going on in her life. Pratibha says she and her friends have started a diet plan, and isn’t telling them because they would get scolded. They smile. Pratibha thinks this isn’t the right time to talk to her.
Sumitra’s friends appreciate Namrita, they say she is pretty as well as she abides by modern times. Namrita and Rishi come home. Sumitra’s friends tell her that they watched Namrita in a red mini-dress in the mall, everyone was looking at her there. Rishi and Namrita enter home.
Mahen and family come home. Sanjeev comes to appreciate guitar’s shopping. Mahen says it is Pratibha’s talent. Kaashi comes and weakly asks them to arrange something for food the next time. Pratibha is worried, Sanjeev asks Sunidhi didn’t she cook something for mother. Sunidhi says she made all the preparations but the gas ended at the last moment. She asks Pratibha to tell her before leaving. Pratibha says she should have checked, there was another cylinder at home. Mahen scolds Sunidhi, Pratibha stops him and says she will just cook something for them.
Namrita says Namaste to Sumitra’s friend, the lady says to Namrita she came to complain her mother in law that she changed Namrita so much they can’t recognize her out of home. The ladies leave. Namrita comes to Sumitra, Sumitra says her daughter in law has two faces, what was the need of hiding it from her. Namrita says I am sorry, she wanted to tell her. Rishi says she did it all because of him. Sumitra asks why would he take all her blames on himself, why cover all her mistakes all the times and lie to you mom. Sumitra leaves in anger.
Sanjeev comes to room and looks at Pratibha from behind; he comes asking what is she doing here. It turns out to be Sunidhi, he asks what is this all? Sunidhi says now appearing like her is left, in all the other matters she has become what Sunidhi used to be. She says she doesn’t remember when Sanjeev took her for driving or dine-out the last time. Sanjeev says what rubbish is this; she must be happy that Pratibha and Mahen are living happily together. He says to Sunidhi she is also the daughter in law of this house. Sunidhi thinks he can never understand it is about position, because he was never at number one position at home. She leaves saying he would never talk about their portion at home, and kids are even better than him.
Peehu was talking on phone to friend saying she told them to tell their parents about it. Pratibha comes to her room, she hides her cellphone. Pratibha asks if she is busy. Peehu says she is unwell and is sleeping, Pratibha asks if she is alright but Peehu shuts her eyes. Pratibha shuts the door and leaves. Peehu tells her friend her is checking on her. Her friend tells her not to open her mouth at any cost.
Pratibha walks in the room thinking about Peehu and her problem. Peehu accused Pratibha of increasing the problem instead of sharing it to her. She calls Ritika, introduces herself as Peehu’s mother and asks for an appointment to meet her tomorrow. Ritika says she can come tomorrow, but what is the matter. Pratibha says she wanted to meet and talk about children’s trip. Madam Ritika says she thinks Pratibha wants to talk about something other than trip, please be open to her. Pratibha says she wanted to know if something happened on the trip of Peehu’s trip. Ritika says a lot happened there. Pratibha asks what? Ritika tells her that kids enjoyed a lot there smiling. Pratibha says she thinks there is something else, Peehu is afraid of something and worried since her trip but doesn’t tell her. Ritika says she only knows all the children enjoyed there, Peehu also enjoyed a lot there; nothing which she knows about. Pratibha says may be she is mis-understanding she is sorry to bother her at this time. Pratibha hangs up and wonders why is Peehu changed then.

PRECAP: Pratibha tells Mahen there isn’t something right with Peehu. Her friend calls Peehu that they got video from private number. Pratibha tells Mahen she and her friends were hiding something from her and were worried. Peehu was watching the video when Mahen and Pratibha comes to her room.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Precap looks good

  2. Pratibha and Mahen at this time take that video and view it for themselves.Sometimes as parents you do give children a little space but when they start becoming besides themselves it is time to investigate the matter.Peehu needs to be reprimanded strongly about her behavior.She is getting besides her damn little self.I love the relationship between Mahen and Pratibha now.Sunidhi cannot handle this now because the table has turned.Even mother in law loves Pratibha now..The story is picking up some strength now.

  3. Oh yea this show is picking up alot i’m not going to talk about Pihu i talked about her too much that little ill mannered girl… Why these ppl in these indian shows like to meddle in the affairs of others, they are informers they remind of back in the days caribbean when my parents was growing if they did something wrong or didn’t say hi to their friends or elderly person they would beat and then go and inform to your parents and you would get more whooping i understand Namrita shouldn’t have lied but Rishi put her up to it now her monster-in-law will not accept that her precious son was at fault she’s ready to blame Namrita

  4. Why is tat lil girl so rude an ill mannerd to her mother????? But she respects her father!!!!! What an ill mannerd lil girl, cannot take her rudeness towards her mother N pls Pratiba stop being lenient towards her an accepting tat treatment frm her tat is why she has just no blo*dy respect for U, need to deal wit her bad attitude!!!!! Just love Anmol, mommy’s pet an their relationship is made in heaven ,,,,, Almol love u …..u ar just 2 precious!!!!!!!!! An cute … Well done ur an. Excellent son an so well mannerd !!!!

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