Hello Pratibha 18th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Hello Pratibha 18th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pratibha wakes up on the couch the next morning. She sits up at once and looks around, worried. She exclaims if it is 7.30, goes to cupboard, opens the locker and is relieved to find the boxes there. She thinks how can she sleep inspite of drinking coffee. She comes out and smiles looking at Mahen sleeping on the sofa. Kaashi and Sunidhi were already in kitchen. Pratibha apologizes for falling asleep instead of drinking coffee. Sunidhi says it was good that she slept, she must be fresh now. Pratibha takes the charge of tea from her and thinks what she should manage now in such a short time.
Anmol announces the arrival of guests, the family welcomes Rishi and his family. Every eye stays on Namrita as she comes to the hall. Sumitra brings some shagun for them and says she has tried to keep everything well atleast on her side. Chacha and Pushpa don’t understand what she is talking about. Sunidhi and Kaashi enjoys it when Pratibha goes to being the jewellery. She is about to check all the sets in place then jerks the idea and takes them along. In the function, Pushpa gives all the sets to Rishi’s mother saying she would be happy if they accept these. She gives a box to Sumitra and to other guests with them. Sumitra opens her box to see what she has gifted. Pratibha takes Rishi and Namrita to stage. Sumitra takes the necklace in her hand when it suddenly fell down and break. Sumitra looks at her husband while the guest ladies shout that this is fake jewellery. Mahen also looks at the set and says to Pratibha that this is artificial jewellery. Pratibha is shocked, so is Pushpa and everyone, except for Kaashi and Sunidhi who smiled. Sumitra also tells Pushpa that there were only eleven rupees of shagun in the envelope. Pratibha asks what, in disbelief. The guests taunt that if this is some kind of joke. Pushpa asks Pratibha if she wants to break the wedding, because both were her responsibility. Pushpa says she had trusted Pratibha in the house, she didn’t think about anything. Mahen stops Pushpa and says she can’t accuse his wife in front of everyone. Mahen says Pratibha is the only one taking care of all petty matters of wedding, he asks Pratibha to go inside and look for jewellery. He sends Sanjeev as well. Sunidhi smiles at Kaashi that they won’t fine the jewellery this easy.
The Pandit ji asks that the time for engagement is running out, Sumitra says it will now take place only when all the confusion has been cleared. She calls Rishi to herself, Pushpa goes to console Namrita.
Pratibha looks everywhere, she says how it is possible, she doesn’t remember anything about replacing or keeping the jewellery elsewhere. She, Sanjeev and Anmol look for the jewellery.
The guests accuse Sumitra, Sumitra says she also doesn’t accept that money and jewellery is the one that strengthens the relations; but it hurts when your relatives talk about shagun and money. Sunidhi winks at Kaashi and asks if Mahen will let this wedding take place. Kaashi says he is her son, he won’t let Pushpa win so easily. Pratibha is such a friend of Pushpa, now he will let Pratibha do what he wants to. Pushpa hears this all.
Sanjeev and Anmol ask Pratibha to rethink, she shuts her eyes and remember herself saving the jewellery in the locker. She opens a box, Anmol says she looked in it even before, they get the jewellery in it finally. Pratibha cries, and tells Sanjeev that may be she would have saved it here as Mahen had told her there was a secret place in his brief case. Pratibha announces that they have found the jewellery.

PRECAP: Sunidhi says to Pushpa that Pratibha doesn’t take anything serious. She was so careless about the jewellery and God knows what she did to shagun’s money.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. stupid episode this show is too slow

  2. Am not watching this crap until it improves can one person suffered so much nonsense

  3. Please writers why are you all taunting this woman.She is not rewarded for all the good she does.Instead she is always being portrayed as making herself a conspicuous ass of her self.Pratibha the only person who can truly make you better is you.Stop believing Sunidhi and open your eyes.After the garlic incident you should not have ever trusted her.What bothers me is the writers not making the episodes as a aha moment because Sunidhi is there grinning and no one suspects,Come on now writers be wise.

  4. I am not happy as pratibha is d only person suffering, sunidhi should be exposed this time around.

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