Hello Pratibha 17th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Hello Pratibha 17th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sunidhi hides all the money and stammers what she is doing here. Pratibha asks Sunidhi what happened, why is she sweating. Sunidhi says she was caught so instantly so she got worried. Pratibha asks where all this money came from. Sunidhi says this is her boutique’s money, last month she had great sales. Sunidhi says she didn’t get time to count them. Pratibha asks her to sleep now. Sunidhi says Pratibha is such a fool, she wonders what Rishi’s family must be going through.
Rishi’s mother was angry at him. Rishi says may be there was a mistake, or may be they didn’t know what to give for shagun, why doesn’t she talk to them calmly for once, keeping in mind that he loves Namrita a lot. Pushpa gets Sumitra’s call, Sumitra says she is really upset for what happened today. She says she only request her to take care that it should happen again. Pushpa says she tried to make the best arrangements. Sumitra says she is talking about Shagun, the money was so less. Pushpa says she thought it was good enough, may be things have changed in so many years. Sumitra says she must consult her elders, whatever she does should be up to the mark. Pushpa says she will take care of this in engagement. Pushpa wonders that 11,000 wasn’t this less even. Her husband says that she must buy some jewellery for Rishi’s mother as well, along with Namrita’s.
Next morning, Pratibha was in kitchen when Pushpa comes. Pratibha asks her for coffee. Pushpa says without her coffee, her day doesn’t start. Pushpa asks if she was the one to put money in shagun’s envelope. Pratibha asks what happened, Pushpa says there was some problem. Namrita comes and says she was thinking about buying some jewellery from Mahen’s shop. Mahen says one must never do business from family. Namrita asks if he is denying his sister, Pushpa says he can earn from them. Pushpa sides them, Mahen says his shop is small but he will manage. Namrita asks to go with him, Mahen says he has some design which he will bring at night.
They all select designs, Kaashi says her son is keeping such expensive jewellery along him. She says his imitation jewellery is marvelous. Kaashi tells Pushpa that expensive the set is, more respect her daughter will get. Pushpa asks her to select the design. Kaashi was curt as Pushpa in front of Sunidhi. Kaashi gives instructions to Sunidhi about an idea. She says that this time now one can stop this marriage from beaking. Pratibha makes arrangements for engagement. Namrita announces that Mahen is home, they all see the jewellery. Mahen asks them to see the designs and takes leave. Sunidhi asks Pushpa where she will keep such expensive jewellery, it must be kept somewhere safe. Pushpa asks Pratibha if there is a locker, Pratibha says there is one in her room. Pushpa asks to keep them; Pratibha denies taking a big responsibility. Chacha ji says why she is worrying; Pushpa also asks if she is worried about its theft. Pratibha says she sometimes do big mistakes, she won’t be able to do this. Pushpa says alright, she will keep it under her pillow herself. Pratibha agrees to keep them safe. Everyone leave for their rooms. Kaashi and Sunidhi winks at each other.
Sunidhi peeks at Pratibha saving the jewellery in the safe and watches her tie the keys to her saree. She comes to Pratibha and asks if she is still awake. Pratibha says she will only be able to sleep after engagement, she has a responsibility of such an expensive jewellery. Sunidhi suggests about bringing coffee for her. Sunidhi asks Kaashi for sleeping pills, Kaashi says she can’t hand it to her else she may even betray her. She gives Sunidhi a single tablet. Sunidhi puts it into the coffee, and brings the coffee to Pratibha in her room. Pratibha says thanks to Sunidhi, Pratibha says no one else needs to stay awake except for her. Sunidhi watches Pratibha take sip from coffee. Sunidhi thinks that let me correct you, I will be awake tonight.
Pratibha was sleeping on the couch, keys of the locker lying on her lap. Sunidhi enters the room, opens the locker and takes the jewellery boxes from it.

PRECAP: At the engagement, Pushpa gives Sumitra the jewellery. The necklace fell off Sumitra’s hand and breaks. The guests and Sumitra say this is fake.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I think this show is getting worse each day i’m not feeling it at all. those two wicked women is getting away with too much and pratibha she’s so dumb, Sunidhi cannot be trusted she tried to defame you and yet still you are letting her help you, giving you coffee wake up!! Pratibha!

  2. I do not like Sunidhi and her mother in law because they are taking advantage of such a good nature person.Sunidhi should realize that she also is a daughter in law and when the table turns on her I do hope she will be able to stand the fire from her mother in law.The roles of mothers in law I thought is to love your daughters in law and train them to be good and honest wives instead she is using this one to be dishonest ,to be a liar and a schemer.What is sweet in a goat mouth will be sour in it’s behind.Sunudhi I do hope you know this.

  3. Pratibha is so foolish.

  4. Bunch of irritants.. Ugh.. Next pls

  5. Weird show..poor storyline,this show won’t last long,with so many ppl living in one house how is it possible these two scamps not caught as yet…

  6. Please make Pratibha correcter is strong. She is the lead but casting her like she doesn’t have a back bone and everyone taking advantage of her including her beloved daughter. Please don’t give wrong message to the audience. When we watch shows we supposed to learn something from the story. This story line doesn’t make any sense and nor respect at all. Please stop casting the show or come up with the new stroy line!!!

  7. I used to watch this serial, but its getting boring day by day, Prathiba is shown such a dumb person. No one is this good now a days, and one should be Saavdhan at all time. It should be Wake Up Prathiba…..

  8. It is time the director shows quality villainy or if he does not have better theme the serial is wound up. Assuming prathiba is foolish its meaningless to imagine mahen and pushpa too are toothless

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