Hello Pratibha 17th July 2015 Written Episode Update

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Pratibha says to Mahen they have no option but to listen to Sunidhi, she wants half portion of the property so they may give it to her. Mahen says it isn’t about the property, it is about the promise with his father that he did, he promised him that he and Sanjeev will always live together. She tells Pratibha that Sunidhi can fell to any extent but he will not sign the papers in any way. Pratibha says what if Sunidhi isn’t doing any drama and if she hurts herself and her child, then. She says it is alright he doesn’t want to divide his part, she will fulfil all of Sunidhi’s demands from her portion.
The kids come to Sunidhi, Anmol offers her to eat some sweet. Sunidhi angrily tells him to take it with him, she won’t eat it. Anmol leaves the box of sweet there. Sunidhi says he wants her to eat one of the laddu from it, so that he counts them afterwards and tells everyone Sunidhi ate the laddu. She says she won’t also eat this laddu because she has much better ones. She shuts the door and takes a box of Laddu from her purse and eats it.
Pratibha brings about the property papers and reads them, thinking about Pushpa.
Peehu says to Anmol what if she hides that box, she asks Anmol to go inside. He knocks at the door, and asks if Sunidhi ate the laddu. Sunidhi asks Anmol if this is some joke, when she has said she wont’ eat anything means she won’t eat them too. She hands the box back to Anmol, Anmol leaves. Sunidhi says that they must play all these tricks with their mother.
The kids come to room, they brings about the mobile from the box and were watching it when Pratibha comes from behind. The kids cheer after watching Sunidhi’s video of eating the laddu, Pratibha thinks it was good she didn’t hand the power of attorney to Sunidhi. The kids turns to see Pratibha and gets confused, they apologize Pratibha and says they just wanted to expose Sunidhi. Pratibha hugs them saying they did great and saved her from a big mistake. Pratibha comes to Sunidhi’s room determined, Sunidhi was still acting. Pratibha says that she must stop all this drama and blackmailing. She says Mahen and her kids believed Sunidhi was only acting, but she believed she can’t do such an act atleast in pregnancy. She was about to hand the property papers to her but thanks God she didn’t. Sunidhi swears she didn’t anything from the box Anmol brought. Pratibha shows her the video in the mobile, Sunidhi is shocked then shouts as if in pain. Pratibha keeps her property papers and mobile on the table in concern and turns to get water for her. Sunidhi gets the mobile and breaks it on the floor, before Pratibha could take it she also breaks the memory card.
Sunidhi laughs and says her James Bond made her video and wanted to expose her, so now she must go and give the proof to everyone at home. Pratibha says she doesn’t need any proof in this house, Mahen didn’t already believe Sunidhi and he won’t question her another time if she says so. Sunidhi says Mahen won’t but if she thinks Sanjeev will also believe her. Pratibha takes the files and leaves. Sunidhi says before she thinks about another idea she will implement it. Sunidhi calls Sanjeev, shouts in pain and tells him to come home soon.
Mahen was talking to lawyer on phone asking him to get the papers for division of property ready. Pratibha comes and tells him Sunidhi was just acting. Mahen tells the lawyer not to bring the papers. Pratibha tells Mahen that kids made a recording of Sunidhi eating laddu in her room.
In the room, Sunidhi tells Sanjeev that she feels really feeble. She cries and makes Sanjeev tensed saying she can’t feel the baby. Sanjeev gets worried and promises to go and get the papers signed. Sunidhi smiles that she must get Oscar for this performance. She will get one if Sanjeev gets the papers signed.

PRECAP: Sanjeev cries and pleads Mahen that if he cares for him a bit only and has any respect for his younger brother, he must sign these papers.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. I am convinced Prabitha not too bright at all!!!! She really still believed Sunidhi was in pain after she already realised she was faking and left the evidence to get something to help her? She deserves whatever happens to her yes!!!!

  2. Wait, wasn’t this show supposed to end today to give way for one of the new ones? Can anyone confirm? I see a precap.

  3. true they shld end it cuz it only crap if she dont want to drink n eat anythings that her business if i were this prabitha i would left she to starve to dead if that what she wants property she a fight for before she fight for property she shld go fight for piece in the grave yards so when she dead she would get a place to be buried

    1. Lol so true, my sentiments exactly

  4. Can’t every1 see she is emotionally blackmailing them, yes , at times Pratiba loves to act like she is GOD, pls. Man can’t u see what this stupid woman is doin???????? She is trying to rule, got nothing to do wit her children its all about her, pls end this shit, total nonsense, can’t take Sunidhi????? Do u knw if Sundnidhi gets everything she won’t think a second to throw u and ur children. Out Sunnidhi!!!!!!!!! N ‘BABY’ this has nothing to do wit ur future child, ur wife is a SHAITAAN!!!!!!!!!!! U married a WITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She wants everything!!!!! I thought she got a Botique what happend to her Designer wears , how is she so poor,,,,, BABY open ur eyes, just put her in2 a mental hospital????? Or jail!!!!!!!!!! And stop treating her well, she is takin advantage of url and pls we all ar tired of Sunidhi’s crabbiness, realy getting irritated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hy is Sunidhi asking paper to b on her name , can these stupid ppl realy do this, omG , Pratiba an Mahen ur goin to be in the street soon an ‘BABY’ won’t also do anything!!!!! END this negativity

  6. Infact all of u gonna be on the street, an u all hav to dance to her tunes, pls stop being SO STUPID, no. Man what shit is this, EVIL gonna win ova GOOD, no ways not in real life!!!!!!!!

  7. Would like to say that all the serials ar the same story line , nothin new!!!! So much of negativity!!!! U knw at 1 time I wud realy wait to see shows but now if I don’t get to see this , does not make a diff in my life!!!! Actually feel good!!!!

  8. I agree with both comments kristelle after all the sunidis acting and after prabitha saw the video with her gouging down the ladoos you still believe when she cries out in pain come on prabitha you suppose to be smarter than that and as for that mother in law cannot stand her especially the way she speaks with that irky voice please would someone put a fist in her mouth and shut her up she speaks way toomany and she never gives prabitha the benefit of the doubt it is a good thing mahen is always on her side

  9. Oh my gosh pratibha annoys me more than Sunidhi with her naive self

  10. nah boy the most annoying is the mother in law and then sunidhi

  11. Atleast let GOOD triumph over EVIL. Good luck to all on ur next serial. Sunidhi, ur character was very bad, hated u, so u played the part well. Mother inlaw, ur were very biased wit ur daughter inlaw also hated ur character only hope tat ur not like tat in real life (fish wife ) Pratiba a proud Bahu but at times u were very Naïve, n Sunidhi used tat against u you. Mahen at the begining u played a very selfish husband but slowly mellowed in2 being Pratiba support which was a very admiralable character. The kids, both very good actors and Sanjeev well its good that u stood by u sister inlaw an brother , very admirable too. So good luck, enjoyable only the negativity got me down thou.

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