Hello Pratibha 16th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Hello Pratibha 16th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sunidhi appreciates Kaashi for creating the drama. She looks at Pratibha standing on the other side and makes a crying face that how can Pratibha think about it. Kaashi says what someone has in mind comes to mouth as well. Pratibha apologizes Sunidhi as Kaashi likes meal with more onion and garlic. Kaashi says she would keep the respect of Mahen’s promise as he is her son. Sunidhi says she also has a responsibility towards her family. Pratibha apologizes, but Sunidhi asks Pratibha that she must promise not to suspect her again. Pratibha says it won’t happen again and leaves. Sunidhi says to Kaashi that now Pratibha won’t see anything wrong about us, even when she would see it. Kaashi boasts about her idea.
The next morning, Pratibha is busy with Pooja preparations. She instructs Shalu about all the arrangements. Pushpa comes out and asks Pratibha what is the list for. Pratibha says she made a list for everything this time. Kaashi shouts why she doesn’t ask elders this time. Puhpa says she is an elder of the family, Kaashi asks what she gifted the boy’s family. She should have gifted them the shagun yesterday. Sunidhi comes out, Kaashi sends her to bring bags for shagun. Pushpa asks how much shagun should be given, Kaashi says it should not be less. Pushpa says she will give 11011 to each . Sunidhi is shocked hearing this, she promises Pushpa to get the letters. Sunidhi thinks this time Pratibha won’t get them.
Sunidhi calls Rishi as Pratibha, and says the time for Pooja is 4 o clock. She smiles evily saying she had to do something.
Namrita gets ready and was nervous. Pushpa asks her to put on the tikka as it looks pretty. Namrita says she hasn’t even seen her, Pushpa says she is the mother and knows she is pretty. Sunidhi gets the bags, Pratibha announces that Rishi’s mummy is here. Pushpa is worried that she hasn’t even count the money. Pratibha assures to do that, Sunidhi says they all know Pratibha is a bit too tired but assured this time Pratibha won’t make a mistake. Pratibha takes the money and sends Pushpa out.
The guests arrive at Pooja. Sunidhi asks Pratibha to keep the money safe, Pushpa’s respect is also at stake. Pratibha asks Sunidhi not take tension, she will manage everything. She wraps money in bag and zip it up. Sunidhi asks Pratibha to come out as the Pooja has started. Pratibha sits with the bag on her hand. After the pooja, everyone get up. Kaashi points at Sunidi about the bag. Rishi’s parents perform the pooja, then Pushpa and husband do that. Chacha asks Kaashi to do the Pooja, Kaashi asks Pratibha to come forward. Pratibha places the bag down to come forward. Sunidhi replaces the bag behind. Kaashi asks for shagun bag, Pushpa asks Pratibha who asks Sunidhi to pass the bags. Pushpa sends Pratibha to Prasad and sweet boxes. Kaashi distributes the bags. Pushpa asks Pandit ji to give his blessings to Rishi and Namrita. The guests open bags and are shocked to see only Rs. 10 notes. Rishi’s mother opens her bag to the complaint of a guest, the ladies talked about why they fixed this marriage in such a family. Pushpa asks them to have something to eat. Rishi’s mother thanks them curtly, saying they have already done a lot.
Pushpa is shocked as what they have done. Rishi’s mother says they have to make preparations for tomorrow as well. She asks them to be careful for engagement tomorrow. Sunidhi whispers to Kaashi that there was no drama. Pratibha is happy that everything went well.
At night, Sunidhi was saying in her room to Kaashi that they must have broken the engagement in such a case. Kaashi says a fire has ignited, it just needs some wind to blow. Sunidhi asks Kaashi what she is upto now. Kaashi asks for her share now, Sunidhi recalls replacing all the money envelops in the bag. Both look at the money greedily.
Pratibha was making her bed, when Mahen looks at her checklist. He smiles, so does Pratibha. He says he felt happy it all went well today. Pratibha smiles, thinking she is happy if he is. She asks him to come to room, she will bring milk for her. He says she will sleep in the room, he doesn’t like her sleeping here. She says she will be comfortable, but he asks her to go inside.
Pratibha comes to the room to see Sunidhi counting a bulk of money.

PRECAP: Pushpa appreciates the jewellery. Sunidhi says it must be kept at a safer place. Pratibha says she has a locker in room, Sunidhi peeks through the door to see Pratibha keep the set and tie the keys to her saree. Sunidhi and Kaashi mixes sleeping pills in milk.

Update Credit to: Sona

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