Hello Pratibha 16th July 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sunidhi feels pain in her stomach and gets a seat. Pratibha offers her water, she throws the glass away. She says her demands aren’t still fulfilled, until her demands aren’t accepted she won’t drink a sip of water. She cries in pain. Mahen turns to leave. Pratibha tells Sanjeev to take care of her and goes behind him inside. In the room, Pratibha asks Mahen to rethink about Sunidhi’s demand. Mahen says he will name the property after her but not due to this blackmailing.
Sunidhi lay on the couch, Kaashi comes there. Sunidhi tells her not to disturb her, she is weak and hasn’t even eaten anything. Kaashi asks Sunidhi why she is creating all the fight at home, whatever is her portion in the property will go half to Mahen and the other half to Sanjeev. Sunidhi says that the other half is going to Pratibha as it was Pushpa’s. Kaashi says she can’t help her in that. Sunidhi again cries in pain, she says what is the justice here that Mahen will get 75% part in property. Sunidhi says she can not stay under Pratibha for whole of the life, she says she wants Pratibha’s power for her and Kaashi. She cries in pain again, Kaashi calls Sanjeev. Sunidhi asks Sanjeev to forgive her if she is unable to give birth to this child. Sanjeev requests her to eat something. Sunidhi says she won’t break her promise, they must all go and talk to Mahen. Kaashi says firmly that if Sanjeev can’t speak to Mahen, she will and Mahen will have to agree. Sanjeev leaves the room.
Sanjeev walks outside the room, thinking about Sunidhi’s words. Pratibha comes to him and asks if Sunidhi has eaten anything. Sanjeev says if she cares so much why she doesn’t ask Mahen to sign the papers, does this property cost more than his child. He says to Pratibha he doesn’t want to disrespect, he is sorry and joins his hand. He says he doesn’t understand anything, what he should do to solve this problem. Her stomach pain is increasing, she is stubborn and isn’t eating anything. Sanjeev cries asking Pratibha to do something. Pratibha asks him to take control of himself, she and Mahen will take care of everything. She goes to talk to Mahen about it. The door bells rings then. Anmol and Peehu were there and asks her for lunch. On the table, Peehu asks about everyone at home. Pratibha says her chachi is angry and is on a hunger strike. Anmol says Sunidhi can’t complete a Karwa Chot she can’t be on hunger strike. Pratibha scolds him for talking this way.
Kaashi asks Mahen if something happens to Sunidhi’s child due to her stubbornness will he be able to forgive himself. Mahen says nothing will happen to her, Sunidhi is doing a drama. She will have a normal delivery. Kaashi says this time Sunidhi is really serious. Mahen says he bets she is doing a drama, no mother will put her child’s life in danger. Pratibha comes there and says they have no option than to listen to Sunidhi, they must give their part in property, it isn’t worth more than a life. Kaashi says even his wife has permitted.
Anmol and Peehu thinks about helping their parents and catch Sunidhi’s drama red handed.

PRECAP: Anmol and Peehu shows Pratibha the recording of Sunidhi’s eating food in isolation. Mahen and Pratibha and Sanjeev comes to confrontation.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Great job kids! When will they ever learn about Sunidhi’s false, pretentious behaviour! At least Mahen has hid head screwed on right…Pratibha is a fool!

  2. I agree Rani. Pratibha is too naive even Mahen said it. I really do admire Mahen he is the smartest character in this show he will give Sunidhi a piece of his mind

  3. You’re right guys.devil sunidhi

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