Hello Pratibha 15th June 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sunidhi shouts if they are insane that she gives then five lacs. The boys say if she thinks they are crazy that they will leave even when she hasn’t paid them any money. She must give them the whole money tomorrow morning. Sunidhi says sure, she will. Sanjeev comes looking for him, and asks hasn’t she cooked something. Sunidhi was curt that he doesn’t earn well enough, she has to work outside the house in the morning and work as maid at home late.
Pratibha says thanks to the blackmailer saying they will meet tomorrow. She says she wants to catch Sunidhi red handed tomorrow. She gets her mother’s call who asks about Peehu. Pratibha says Peehu is fine now. Her papa comes into the room calling her wife, and says he can’t see anything. Sushma says something must have got into his eyes, but he asks her to call Mr. Mehra, the doctor. He tells her he threw away sugar in home. She asks why he did so. He says she can have diabetes. He asks her to tell Pratibha also not to use sugar. Sushma says may God prevent their child from any ailment.
Pratibha brings Suji ka Halwa for kids, Peehu appreciates it. She asks Peehu about her first day. Peehu says she was right, she forgot everything when she was with her friends and teachers were also supportive. Peehu holds Pratibha’s hand and says thanks to her, she filled confidence in her and cries. Pratibha wipes her tears saying she came to celebrate her first day here.
Next morning, Mahen calls the kids. Kaashi stops Sunidhi who was leaving then. Sunidhi says she has to buy some material for urgent orders and hurries outside. Kaashi says these days no one asks her about anything. Kaashi asks Pratibha if she also has to go out, Pratibha says no. Kaashi asks her for tea. Pratibha says there are no vegetable at home. Shalu suggests about bringing tea to her, Kaashi sends her away and asks Pratibha for tea. Pratibha says yes. She rushes to Kaashi with tea and asks if she can go to market now. Kaashi asks what is such a competition, Shalu comes there and asks why she didn’t leave, sale will end. She tells Kaashi there is 50% off on all the vegetables, she tells Kaashi all the city has rushed to market. Kaashi sends Pratibha at once.
Pratibha’s father comes to Sushma saying it seems he is having heart attack, as he has severe pain in chest. Sushma says last time also he went to doctor and there was gas in chest, this time he must have the same problem.
Pratibha was on her way when her mother calls, she was crying and says her papa has a heart attack. Pratibha turns the rickshaw to the hospital. In the hospital the doctor tells Pratibha to talk to him least, he can’t take a lot of stress. He tells Sushma and Pratibha to leave him alone. Pratibha comes to the venue now, there was no one. Sunidhi keeps a hand on her shoulder and asks whom is she looking for, the blackmailers. She says she made them so fearful they would have run out of the city, she says nothing can work against her wickedness. She asks Pratibha if her face is red with anger or shame. Pratibha asks if she has to be ashamed, did she ever think what she did to Peehu, she was in so much pain; what Peehu did to her. Sunidhi says Peehu can’t do anything to her, infact Pratibha did this. Pratibha asks what she did to her? Sunidhi says to Pratibha she took her position, she was gaining a position in singing competition. Had she won the Kolkatta audition, her position would not be better than Shalu, she was jealous of Pratibha’s success. Pratibha says she never let her feel so, she never wanted to take her position. SUnidhi says everyone was only talking about her position and status, she always work day and night but no one recognizes her position and status and fame. She was determined if she doesn’t get this fame, she won’t let Pratibha get it. And she only had one way about it, to disturb Peehu so much that she leaves home. She laughs that she did so, and she was successful. Pratibha says she make her Peehu a victim. Sunidhi says in wars, such petty sacrifices have to be made. She says she is the culprit of Peehu. She can’t tell the family about her, so it is better for her to stay at home and let Sunidhi work outside. Pratibha asks if she is warning, Sunidhi says she might think about it. Pratibha says she must do whatever she want to, but Pratibha won’t rest until she brings her mask to everyone. Sunidhi says Pratibha is really stubborn but she must keep in mind Sunidhi won’t be responsible if someone else in home suffers the pain. Sunidhi leaves saying all the best to Pratibha.

PRECAP: Pratibha tells Mahen that Sunidhi is behind Peehu’s blackmailing. She tells Mahen the two boys accepted the truth in front of her. There Sunidhi tells Sanjeev, crying, Pratibha is accusing her. Both the brothers come to each others confrontation.

Update Credit to: Sona

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