Hello Pratibha 15th July 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kaashi stops Pratibha in the morning and reminds if her parents doesn’t leave the house today she will have to break all the relations to them. It was 2 o’clock, Pratibha gets Mahen’s call who tells her he is at property dealer’s place. He says he remembers everything and will handle it all. Pratibha asks Anmol to help her pack the luggage of naani and nano. Sushma asks Pratibha that the day is about to end, mahen still didn’t call. Pratibha gets a call, she is happy and says they won’t believe which house Mahen has found them for.
At night, Kaashi says to Sunidhi that today she is happy they are leaving the house. When they were about to leave, Kaashi stops Sushma and says she hopes their new house isn’t so far away. Mahen says he hasn’t but Pratibha has taken the house. Pratibha says Mahen has found a nearby house number 205. Kaashi stammers and asks if it is the next door house. Mahen says yes, didn’t he do good that Pratibha can take care of both the houses. Mahen says now Pratibha will take care of both the house well. Papa thanks Kaashi, Sushma asks her to forgive Pratibha, they apologize for any pain due to them. Sunidhi says to Kaashi she had warned her already that something wrong is happening. Kaashi was irked.
Kids cheer looking at the house, Peehu says she will settle over here. Sushma had tears in eyes, Pratibha asks why she is crying now. Sushma says today she has proven a girl can take care of both his parent’s and in laws well. Mahen says he feels to be a proud husband today.
In the morning, Pratibha comes to wake kids up and have milk. Anmol says they slept so well after so long, it is great to sleep in one’s own room. Pratibha asks if she should tell their nana nano how happy they are being here. Sunidhi hears this and says she has a separate room for her own children, what about her children.
Sunidhi was selecting her baby shopping items. Pratibha asks why she is selecting pram, baby seat and all the other items that are required after the first birthday of a baby. Sunidhi asks why she is questioning her, does she want to say this will increase the expense of the house. Pratibha asks when she said this all. Sunidhi says she knows what she is saying, she knows that she doesn’t care how much money is spent on her parents but if she will spend some money this will lessen the amount for her children. Sanjeev comes there, Kaashi also come to the lounge. Mahen also arrive. Sunidhi doesn’t stop speaking, she says Pratibha has got all the property named after herself. Pratibha says they have never let something less for them. Sunidhi says she has a separate room for their children, and there is no room for her child. Sanjeev stops her but she says he won’t speak a word. Mahen tells Sunidhi to stop this all, Sunidhi says she if right today and won’t stop. She wants a division of property.
She says she doesn’t care what they do about their portion of property but she wants her part. Sanjeev stops Sunidhi and tells Mahen they are happy with what they have, they must not think about Sunidhi. Sunidhi says she will take what she wants today, she is also a daughter in law of the house. Mahen says to Sunidhi that when the right time arrives everyone will get the required rooms, but this property will never be divided. Sunidhi asks why would he divide the property, he will lose his hold then; he only wants her and Sanjeev to stay under them always. She shouts that Mahen wants to take up all the property himself. Pratibha stops the property saying how she can talk to Mahen like this, Mahen always care about everyone in the home. Sanjeev says to Sunidhi he had forbidden her talking about property, division of property means division of a family. He apologizes Mahen and says he wants to stay together happily in the family. Sunidhi says to Sanjeev that today he negated her and even disrespected their child to be. Pratibha asks Sunidhi to stop this all, Sunidhi says she is being stubborn because they aren’t all giving what she wants. Kaashi asks Pratibha to stop it, Sunidhi has gone crazy. Sunidhi says she will prove herself to be stubborn today, she promises that until she gets her part in property she will neither eat anything nor drink; no matter she or her child to be lose their lives in this fight.

PRECAP: Mahen promises Sunidhi to provide as much facilities to her children as Peehu and Anmol get, but the property will never be divided. Pratibha says she will fulfil Sunidhi’s demands from her portion.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. End this serial as soon as possible and start ek tha raja ek this rani

  2. Don’t worry it coming to an and

  3. I hope so and quick too many wrong doings in all of these serials

  4. They are trying to tell the viewers that the right approach in today’s world is to snatch things away from good people, treat good people badly and the villians always win. Is this what we should start teaching our children? Why can’t they show the right thing for a change. People like pratibha should be treated well and kashi and sunidhi should be taught a lesson. Just because she is a mother, does kashi get the right to misbehave with pratibha who respects her so much. Actually kashi and sunidhi should be made to live together , then they will understand pratibha’is value in their household. Please end the serial on a right note if you have to end it.

  5. glad it’s ending.

  6. Perfect opportunity for Pratibha to announce that this property was given by Pushpa ji in her name and it will ALWAYS be in her name!! But of course she bows to Sunidhi

    1. I do not know why the character of Pratibha is so naive. They have made her look like a person who cannot speak out for herself and this makes her look stupi.

  7. all sunidhi know to do is blackmail people and pratibha knows very well the type of individual sunidhi is yet she is always giving in to her demands not mahen he is smart now if sunidhi wants to starve herself well so be it but do not give in to her when the hunger take her ass so especially as she is pregnant you will see how fast she will run to the kitchen and eat another all she does is dress up cause confusion among the family and want to get thing the easy way why her husband sanjeev a/c baby does not send her to look for a job cooking or some thing because it clearly shows she cannot hold a proper job seeing that she is always jealous of pratibha with her singing and as she is a teacher now well sunidhi real mad sunidhi try making some delicacies and sell so that you can make some money to help your husband like how pratiha is doing take pattern instead of making mischief all the time

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