Hello Pratibha 14th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Hello Pratibha 14th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pratibha comes out of the institute when Mahen arrives there. The receptionist’s words echo in Pratibha’ mind that she has failed Shubda’s test. Mahen asks if she met her, took the blessings and see the money returned in her hand. Pratibha says she refunded her fee, she has no place in the academy. She cries hugging him, why so with her. He says she won’t be able to participate in the competition. Mahen tells her not to think about it, he says no one can take her self respect from her. Her talent will remain with her, he is there with her. She looks at him as he wipes her tears and takes her along.
Namrita was in her room when Sumitra comes and tells her to come to neighbours with her for a get together. Namrita asks if she can wear western dresses, the neighbor’s daughter herself wears western. Sumitra says she remembers telling Namrita to ask her before wearing western, but her mother should have taught her the choice of dresses according to occasion. She says she wants Namrita to learn to choose. Namrita stops Sumitra and says she was wrong, there isn’t an occasion to wear western, she will be there in ten minutes. Rishi had come there and smiles. Sumitra was moved, but turns to Namrita asking her to come down soon.
Pratibha sat upset about teacher’s words and the receptionist’s. She picks the letters and thinks she wanted to learn from Shubda and participate with her blessings but she wasn’t considered worth it. She thinks she won’t be able to participate without her blessings. Anmol comes asking her not to deny participation. He was excited for Pratibha’s participation. Sanjeev also tells her about his colleague’s excitement. He says it doesn’t matter if someone returned her fee, she must take part and prove everyone wrong. Pratibha says for her it was an honour to learn from Shubda ji, and it really hurt and the teacher doesn’t think her as a worthy of participation. She says she cant take part in the competition any more. Mahen comes there. He says that for him a real teacher a student has to teach his mistakes, not to reject him. He notices Pratibha had fever. Pratbha says it is because of tension. Mahen says they are forcing her and she is taking stress, she doesn’t need to participate. He says for them, she is the most important. Sanjeev and Anmol leave the room, Mahen sits besides her. He watches her upset face intently.
Mahen says he needs forgiveness, there is time for competition. If she has any mood of participating she must tell him. He asks her to relax and goes to bring medicine for her.
Pratibha tries to practice with music but says she doesn’t want to break Mahen’s hope but she has been unable to concentrate. Mahen comes and listens to her practicing. Her phone bell rings, it was Namrita and asks about her audition and practice. Pratibha says she thinks she won’t be able to win and participate. She doesn’t have the self confidence now, she feels herself lot. Namrita asks her to jerk all the negative thouhgts, it is all nervousness and she must win.
Pratibha asks Namrita how is she and how is her mother in law. Namrita says they are both fine, she is trying to win everyone’s heart. Pratibha says it is really good, she herself couldn’t make this relationship strong. She tells Namrita to make a deep relationship with her husband and never be the reason for confrontation of Rishi and his mother.
Mahen was in the shop worried about Pratibha. A lady comes to buy umbrella. She tells Mahen that her husband lost his job but is going for an interview. She is thinking about gifting this umbrella at a mandir.
Anmol insists Pratibha to attent the audition. Pratibha says she has now lost her self confidence. She wanted the blessing of her teacher but now she might not be able to do that. Mahen comes home, he asks Anmol to go to his room. He tells Pratibha that woman who break the self respect of a student doesn’t deserves to be called a teacher. Pratibha sides Shubda, Mahen asks her to stop it. Shubda had no right to break her confidence and heads to call police to cancel her license. Pratibha snatches the phone and says he has no right about saying anything against her. Mahen says alright, she must only be a house wife. He wanted her to show her talent, but she doesn’t has the courage. From next time, she must not blame him for not siding her to fulfil her dreams.

PRECAP:: Sanjeev tells Kaashi and Pratibha that Mahen is missing. Mahen was driving when a truck comes ahead.

Update Credit to: Sona

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