Hello Pratibha 12th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Hello Pratibha 12th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pushpa asks Pratibha to remember that her daughter’s marriage is at stake. Pratibha asks her to trust her this time, she will try to do everything even better. Pushpa smiles and says alright, she knows she will cook better than five start. Namrita comes there cheering the preparations. Pratibha gives her the menu, Sunidhi hears when Namrita tells her there must be no garlic and onion. Namrita hugs Pratibha and tells Pratibha she wants to be like this. Pratibha tells Namrita that she wants to be just what she is, and her mother has taught this to her. Pushpa smiles that she is happy that Pratibha has kept somewhere what she taught her. She leaves her daughter to her.
Sunidhi shows Kaashi Jamal Gota, Kaashi throws it saying she will again get caught. Kaashi says she has another plan.
Pratibha was in the kitchen when Sunidhi comes there. She says she could have asked her for help. Pratibha says she will do it herself. Sunidhi takes onion and garlic and says she forgot to cut them. Pratibha thinks Namrita had said no onion and garlic should be there. Pratibha says her maami doesn’t eat garlic and onion. Pushpa’s words echo in her mind. Pratibha tells Sunidhi that a lot is at stake today, she must keep their problems aside but she must not do something that will ruin Namrita’s reputation. Sunidhi gets saddened saying she never thought she will say something to her. She leaves the kitchen wiping her crocodile tears.
In her room, Sunidhi shows garlic to her mama. Her mama asks what is she doing with garlic. Sunidhi says tonight’s spoling will be through mission garlic.
Mahen comes home, he asks Pratibha not to do something this time that will make Pushpa chichi insult him. Chacha says to Kaashi that they must stop the hatred amongst each other, she is elder and they can’t do anything without her blessing. He says a father is requesting her to be a part of tonight’s dinner and bless his daughter. Pratibha hears this. Kaashi says alright, they will all be there as a family. Pratibha reads Kaashi and Sunidhi’s eye to eye conversation.
Anmol comes to Pratibha, she asks him to taste the vegetable. Anmol takes the spoon in mouth. Namrita comes there and asks to taste as well. Pushpa also looks at them worried. Both Anmol and Namrita laugh, and say food is yummy. Pratibha is relieved. Namrita asks for help, Pratibha says she will do it. Pushpa asks Namrita to go and get ready. Namrita says to Pushpa, she looks like hitler when worried or nervous but Pratibha can get everything ready in a while.
Pratibha comes to kitchen and watches Sunidhi pouring fried garlic on her meal. She asks Sunidhi what she is doing. Sunidhi says she knows about it, does she think she is about to ruin her cooked meal. Kaashi comes there and tells Pratibha that she asked Sunidhi to bring garlic fried in oil for her back ache. Pratibha says she didn’t mean that. Namrita comes to ask Pratibha’s help, Sunidhi asks her to go as she will manage the rest of it all. Pratibha whispers something in Anmol’s ears while going, he nods and sits on the dining table. Sunidhi takes the oil, Anmol watches her leave.
Inside the room, Kaashi asks Sunidhi to throw this oil away. Sunidhi says what is going on in her mind. Kaashi says there will be a misunderstanding among Pushpa and Pratibha and the wedding will also break and only Pratibha will be held responsible.
Namrita appreciaties Pratibha’s engagement’s jewellery. Pushpa says for a woman in India, preserving jewellery is greatest thing. Pratibha’s attention was on the food. Pushpa says she gave years of her experience and learning to Pratibha, Pratibha was looking towards kitchen. Namrita gets nervous and says to Pratibha will everything be alright. Pratibha assures she will manage everything, and says she needs to concentrate on saree only. Namrita hugs her. Pushpa asks Pratibha if she needs a help. Pushpa says she trusts Pratibha the most, but some people can get an opportunity of her innocence. Pushpa says her Nimi’s marriage depends on her. Pratibha was nervous.
In the kitchen, Sunidhi cuts garlic and onion. Pratibha leaves for kitchen. Sunidhi was pouring fried garlic onion on her cooked food. Pratibha shouts her name, Sunidhi was shocked to see her.

PRECAP: Namrita tells everyone that Pratibha has cooked everthing today. Pratibha cooked today. Rishi’s mother disliked the food saying their choice isn’t respected in this house.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. O for crying out loud why is Pratibha such a daft person. Sunidhi nevers enters the kitchen for cooking but today when she cannot fail suddendly her enemy is all about helping her in cooking and pouring ingredients in her food while she is out of the kitchen and this doesn’t make her suspicious. REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REALY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  2. Why is Pratibha treated like this by those two wretched women.They are so hateful.She is never been appreciated for what she does by them ,also her husband.Where is her ambitions ,her hope and joy that is now a blind spot in the house.Pratibha there is more to life than the daily drudgery of household responsibilities and be free to use your hidden talents. The do not show you any love .So sad is the tradition of this culture that a woman has to bear. So ,so ,sad.

  3. These days I find almost all Indian TV show, the writer creates too many evil people. I am sure nobody likes it.

    I feel this show will also be like KumKum Bhayya – dragging where writer do not how to continue (short of story).

    I also find that starting of any new TV shows, they are good but later goes boring.

    Neeli Chatiwali is a good short TV show. Next one I like is crime patrol – where Anup Soni says Crime never pays.

    Prabha should know that Pratibha will not do anything wrong for the second time and find out who is there destroying her daughter’s marriage.

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