Hello Pratibha 11th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Hello Pratibha 11th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Everyone was worried about Bubu when Sunidhi spots the toy. The family is shocked to see Bubu puke a piece of bhang from his mouth. Pratibha asks Bubu where he got this from, and hugs him. Mahen asks Sanjeev to take Bubu to bed. Mahen asks his children to go get shower and change. They go inside. Mahen now turns to Pushpa and says he hopes she doesn’t think they have given Bhang to Bubu, she had blamed them to give bhang to Namrita. He says someone from outside is involved in this. Pushpa says it would be good if there is some outsider involved, else the whole family had to be punished due to that one person. Mahen was silent. Pratibha felt guilty for this all.
Namrita had severe head ache as she sat on the roof. Pratibha gets her limewater. She says sorry to Namrita, Namrita asks her not to say sorry. She asks her to do something to get done with all the mess up. Pratibha says she will call Rishi and asks how the mood of mummy ji is. Namrita says she will call him by herself. Pratibha says this will be more effective, and assures that everything will be alright.
Mahen stops Pratibha and asks if Bubu is alright. Pratibha says yes he is fine, and is taking rest. He says so much has happened today, Pushpa chichi again got a chance to point at them. She says I am sorry. Mahen says she daily do this.
Namrita says to Rishi that she doesn’t know how it happened. Rishi says mom is upset, and might say a no to marry them. Namrita says she will clear this all mess.
Mahen says to Pratibha that this time they will lose their house as well. And this will be done with those whom she wanted to give surprise. They cant afford any mistake now.
Rishi gives Namrita the idea that she must host a dinner for them. He says this is India, here one serves and wins hearts. Namrita says she doesn’t know how to cook. He says she must take help from Pratibha, she is an awesome cook and will definitely help her.
Mahen says to Pratibha she doesn’t need help them anymore.
Namrita comes excited that Rishi is coming for dinner, she asks Pratibha to help her. She thanks Mahen for fighting for her and hugs him. Namrita tells Pratibha she said yes to Rishi, relying on her. Pratibha was worried. Namrita says she can cook for her, and win their hearts for her. Mahen’s words echo in Pratibha’s mind. She says she can’t cook that well and suggests about ordering them from somewhere outside. Namrita says it can only get well with what she can cook. She requests Pratibha and Mahen as well. Pratibha says alright, she exchange look with Mahen then tells her not to take tension as she will definitely cook. Namrita hugs her and goes to tell Pushpa.
Kaashi had heard this all. Pratibha says to Mahen what she could do when she was requesting her. Mahen says alright, she said right. But she must cook well so that Pushpa can’t say anything to them again. Pratibha says this time she won’t let him a chance to complain, and will do the best preparaitons.
Sunidhi and Kaashi were in the room, Sunidhi asks Kaashi to forgive her, does she know what her Bubu got into. Now she won’t listen to her. Kaashi asks who hides bhang into Bubu’s toy. Sunidhi says if she is an idiot, she must find a new crime partner for herself. Kaashi takes a bag of gold, and says this is her jewellery. The daughter in law who would be responsible would get it. Sunidhi says how well she recognized her, she now know how much will she lose by fighting her. She asks what is her orders.
Pratibha was in temple the next morning, asking for everything to be right. Mahen’s respect, Namrita’s wedding and my and Pushpa’s relation is at stake. No one will forgive her for another mistake. She leaves everything to God.
In the kitchen, Pratibha was indulged in cooking. Pushpa comes to the kitchen to drink water. Pratibha and Pushpa look at each other separately. Pratibha stops Pushpa and talks about tomight’s dinner. Pushpa says she will make Namrita understand and they will order from outside. Pratibha asks for one more chance, she accepts she has done a lot of mistakes. Pushpa says she always intend to do everything well, she doesn’t want her to cook a lot and then there is some problem. Pushpa says what is at stake is her daughter’s wedding, meaning the respect of her family. Pratibha promises her to do everything well and perfectly fine.

PRECAP: Pratibha asks Namrita if she talked to Rishi, what his mother likes. Mahen leaves everything to Pratibha. Sunidhi pours fried garlic on the dish, but Pratibha catches her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Great Pratibha you caught the culprit Sunidhi.She is so evil and childish with her poor acting skills.I do not like her character at all.Useless woman and a poor example for a woman and mother.

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