Hello Pratibha 11th June 2015 Written Episode Update

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Peehu was in her room packing her bag when Pratibha comes in. She watches a fashion magazine on her sofe and hides it behind her. She asks Pratibha if they should go to Kashmir in winter break, she thinks it is a beautiful place. Peehu makes face. Pratibha says they can go somewhere else as well. Peehu says Kashmir would be great, she has never seen snow fall. Peehu says they will make a snow man there as well, and put on a carrot as his nose. She laughs. Pratibha says it is done then, they will spend the vacations there with family. Peehu gets serious and says vacations doesn’t suit her, last time it were the vacations… Pratibha says to Peehu that this time family would be together, this time she will enjoy the most. Peehu hugs Pratibha. Pratibha gets upset that she is the mother, still she has been unable to get her over it.
Pratibha and Shalu were selling the old magazines to vendor. He opens up a magazine, the vendor says he can’t take it. Pratibha thinks only Sunidhi reads such magazines. She gets flashback of the note, then jerks the thought saying Peehu considers Sunidhi more than her.
Sanjeev tells Sunidhi in the way that she will get well soon, it is better they visited the doctor. Sunidhi asks Sanjeev to take her to lunch, Sanjeev says he has to go to office right now. They come home, Sanjeev helps Sunidhi walk to home. Sanjeev promises her to take her to dinner soon, right now he is getting late for office. Sunidhi nods, waves him and as he leaves. Sunidhi jumps, saying watching her defeated, she got the happiness that is nowhere in any party or celebrations.
Peehu looks at Pratibha and says she was very crazy, she has now got some mind. Will she go with her to school, Pratibha assures she will.
At night, Pratibha thinks about the magazine, she gets up her bed and brings about that magazine. She joins the letters and thinks is Sunidhi behind this blackmailing.
Pratibha comes to Peehu’s room and watches her sitting tensed and worried. She knocks and says good morning to her. Pratibha says to Peehu she was so strong, why is she nervous now? She says to Peehu that her papa would come and drop her to school. She suggests another idea, that she will wait for her in school till her school ends. Peehu says she isn’t a kid that she would wait for her, like the last time… she let it go and says she will feel normal if she goes to school. Pratibha says it is good. Pratibha asks Peehu is she shared something about blackmailing with her chachi when they had gone to Kolkatta. Peehu says she tried, but Sunidhi didn’t listen. Pratibha wonders why she didn’t, she asks did she ever share this with Sunidhi any time? Peehu says chachi was never ready to listen. Peehu says she wants to share something to her, but Sunidhi had said there are secrets of someone in this age, she doesn’t want to know about them. Peehu says it was when her chachi brought the earrings back from Gupta uncle’s shop. Pratibha asks why she didn’t tell her about this before that Sunidhi brought those earrings back? Peehu asks what is the matter, why is she worried? Pratibha says nothing, she was wondering what made that all such events take place. Peehu leaves the room.
Sunidhi comes to Pratibha in the kitchen and asks to help her with the lunch box. Pratibha thinks that all proofs are against her. She remembers Anmol’s words why the goons attacked only Sunidhi and not anyone else. Sunidhi calls everyone to the breakfast table, Kaashi comes there. Pratibha notices her.
In her room, Pratibha walks restlessly thinking about all the drama Sunidhi had created. She says what has happened to her, is she over-thinking. Pratibha says what will Sunidhi get blackmailing Peehu. She says she has no proof to know about the truth, where should she know. Pratibha says who got Sunidhi attacked if it was Sunidhi behind this all. She peeks out in the hall where Kaashi and Sunidhi were talking to each other. She goes to Sunidhi’s room and checks on her things. She then takes her cell phone and scrolls the phone log. She says there are a lot of unknown numbers, she thinks about noting all the numbers. Sunidhi heads towards her room. The phone begins to ring suddenly, Pratibha looks behind her, Sunidhi was on her way. It was the boys call. Pratibha notes the number down. Sunidhi comes in, Pratibha watches her in the door.

PRECAP: Pratibha calls the boys from PCO and asks him to blackmail someone, the boy says they don’t do this. Pratibha offers 1 lac to them.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. This is getting interesting can’t wait for today episode sunidi end is near

    1. Tomorrow n the upcoming epsiode

  2. So happy to see peace, harmony an happiness between mom an daughter. Now tat Pratiba has discovered that Sunidhi behind this blackmailin , hope she does not give Suniddhi warning again like the last time an let it GO, she must unveil Sunidhi infront of family an Police otherwise Sunidhi will neva learn her lesssson!!!!!!!!!

  3. Stop writing these these stupid stories!!!!!!!!! About low life’s like Sunidhi an makin them important. Pratiba STOP being so innocent

  4. Where is updates of 12 june

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