My heat is with you by Sukor epi. 16

Precap: Suraj in the haveli and Kamal’s conditions on keeping him.
It’s morning and a beautiful sunrise has taken over the sky.
Chakor and Suraj are sleeping in each other’s arms peacefully. Chakor’s sweet sleep gets interrupted with the brightness of the day. She looks at Suraj and gives him a little kiss on the cheek. She slowly gets up and then goes to the bathroom. Suraj wakes up too yawning and then hears Chakor’s voice.

“Suraj, are you awake” She asks from the bathroom.
“Yah, why” He answers in a sleepy tone.
Chakor’s slaps her head with her hand.*Oh, man, I forgot to get my clothes and I can’t go with only a towel draped on me.*
“Can you get me my clothes, they are on the dresser” she says a bit shyly.
After hearing her, Suraj smirks and thinks of a naughty idea.
“You can come out, I’m your husband” he says dramatically.
“Just do what I tell to you, pass me my clothes” Chakor says frustrated.

“Please” Chakor pleads.
“Fine” Suraj says while taking her dress.
“Here” he says while handing her the dress. She opens the door slowly and takes the dress and is about to close the door but Suraj purposely puts his finger in the door so when Chakor is about to close it, he starts to yell in pain. Chakor got surprised and got out of the bathroom holding her clothes.
“Are you ok, Suraj” she asks.
Chakor sees Suraj grinning and then remembers that she is still draped in the towel. She run to the bed and puts a blanket over her and gives a death stare to Suraj.
“Nautanki” she yells.

“Come on, chakor. I’m your Husband” he says while coming closer to Chakor. He comes closer and closer then slowly takes the blanket off and Chakor closed her eyes in fear and nervousness. He slowly picks her up and takes her to the bathroom and makes her stand in the shower. He slowly takes her towel off and starts the shower. Chakor slowly opens her eyes and hugs Suraj and Suraj reprocaties the hug. They get out of the shower and make her wear her clothes. Suraj opens the door and Chakor runs out of it and out of the room. Suraj smiles.
He dresses up and goes down to have breakfast. No one is there so he goes to the kitchen where Chakor is making him breakfast. He secretly goes behind him and hugs her from the back. Chakor gets startled.
She looks at Suraj.
“ Someone will see” She says.
“And I thought you weren’t like other girls” Suraj teases.

That’s all today. I try to challenge myself to write in different concepts so this was romance and soon I’ll writing scary moments and stuff like that. So Plz tell me if you liked this or if it was too much. Spoilers about all of my ffs that you will see in upcoming episodes.
• Me and you. {Suraj and Chakor will get married and a major twist that I will not disclose}
• My heart is with you { Chakor to be pregnant}
• Sukor’s twilight {Suraj and Chakor’s friendship takes a new turn}

All this will happen not yet but in 5 or 6 episodes of each ff.

And thank you so much for liking my ffs. I appreciate it and reading your comments makes my day.

  1. blush blush wala epi ….I lovd that naughty suraj’s doing….it was truly fantastic in all aspects

    1. Sukor

      Thanks dear

  2. Spoiler are awsm m egrly waiting for all three.nd this ff is more then awsm,amazing ect ect ect.sory dear i don’t have words to prase this ff.nd thnk u so much for this lvly ff n sory for cment late.

    1. Sukor

      it’s fine dear, and thank you so much for liking my ffs.

  3. One more thing nice pic.

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  4. I love naughty Suraj, can’t wait for the next update.I like the new picture. All spoilers are very interesting.

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      Thank u and you will see a naughty Suraj more in the future

  5. Amazing .spoilers seems very interesting. Looking forward to it.nice picture

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  6. Sukorlover

    Awesome, suraj is ao naughty. Interesting spoilers

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  7. very nyc

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