Hi ff on sandhir..only sandhir and their cute this ff sandhir are together and its their 1st day out..

Sandhir are roaming on the shopping street..hand in hand both of them are very happy and excited.
sanyu-[grabbing randhir shoulder]hey ranu lets it panipuri..many people are eating their..[pointing at panippuri stall ]
randhi-rafcourse baby…[smiling]
Both of them comes near the stall.
randhir-2plate panipuri plz[to the vendor]
sanyu and rd sits on the bench
sanyu-ranu u kno na that that its so tekha!!!plz bring bottle..[making a baby face]
randhir-oh sanyuI am tired now.[takes sanyiu’s hand in his]and I wii give you sweet puri don’t worry..
sanyu-I want water[making a face like a child]
randhir-ohkkk….[he getsupp an brings bottle from nearby shop…sanyu watches him..a naughty smile on her face.]
randhir—oh laughing ha?[he opens the bottle and sprinkles water on her face.]
sanyu-randhir don’t [she stands up]
randhir-[laughing]ohh why not?[he again sprinkles water on her face]
sanyu—randhir shutup[she snatches the bottle and pours water on him]
randhir-sanyuuu [he dodges her]he again snatches the bottle..
Vendor-sir your order
Sandhir looks at him..
rd-oh yes…[rather shyly..he takes it..looks at sanyu who is controling laughter with great difficulty]
rd-take it..[sanyu takes]
Both sits and then explodes laughing..
sanyu-[rubbing her watering eyes]that was to f..unnuyy…
Both laughs..

rd-no water..hhehe…eat sweet puri.
sandhir eats panipuri..
rd-open your mouth
sanyu-you are not doctor..heehe..
rd-shut up I will feed you[he smiles]
sanyu—umm okok…open your mouth..i will also[she too smiles]
Both of them feed eachother…this is the best moment in life..eating together with your lover…the happinees cannot be expressed by words..its heavenly and eternal..those who have experienced it knows well….
rd- only me and you sanyu its so nice feeling..
sanyu-yep raanuu..
Both of them leaves the stall.they are roaming on the roads.
rd-hey sanyu see theres pendants and rings..come here..we will take it for you.

Both of them comes in the shop..there are many beautiful pendants and rings there..shapes of heart letters roses everything…sanyu is looking at them
sanyu-ranu its superb ..which one should I take?
rd-[looking at the rings]umm I think this heart shaped is nice or this one with letter R ?
sanyu-ranu both are nice.i want both..
rd-ok dear take them..and yep this one with a peacock on it is also nice…
sanyu-yes..and randhir this one with chocolate on it..its funny…
rd-haha…I will eat your finger then.[.he holds sanyus hand]
sanyu-oh shutup[but she too laughs and holds his hand more tightly]
rd-hey baby look at this pendant with RS on it…its lke just made for us,
Sanyu-[looking at it]oh yes..i will buy this one.]ranu see this pendant with two tedys on it..isnt it cute?like us?
rd-[laughs]ya..two fat tedys..its more like you and your dad hahaj
sanyu-hey [she too laughs]I am not fat..
rd-I am bored many accesoories..
sanyu-okok…mine is over.lets make bill.
They purchase it…they comes out.
rd-now where should we go?
rd-oho miss sanyu is in full romantic mood
sanyu-you are my bf…handsome
rd-afcourse my lady love..lets go..

Both of them comes in boating club
rd goes near counter..sanyu is waiting in sitting room.after sometime rd comes..
rd-sanyu comeon I have purchased our tickets and I have taken boat having oars..they said water is silent and wind is perfect.we both can row or there man will come..i told them I can row perfectly I will row and theres no need to row continuosly as wind is in our direction.
sanyu-that’s great randhir..good now we can have privacy..

Both of them stares at eachother….
rd-ya..[lost in sanyus eyes.]privacy.
sanyu-oh randhir come on now..[she shoves him]

Both of them comes near the boat.its a nice small rowing boat…blusih grey in colour…the atmosphere is too romantic..the lake is a large one..sorrounded by farms of flowers of roses and daffodils…and here and there there are trees of flowers and fruits of apples and shrubs of strawberries looking beautifull…green canopy of trees with colourfull flowers and red jucy fruits blossoming in the cool breeze…where many birds sat and their cute voice was heard…there are mountains from all the sides…it’s the perfect romantic look…
sanyu—l[ooking everywhere]its fab..its just so beautiful ranu…randhir its like heaven..
rd-I told you na I will make your life heaven..its just the beginning baby…
sanyu-[looking at rd]you are the best boyfriend in the whole world.
rd-[smiles]come dear.[he helps her ]

Both of them sits in the boat sandhir look at each other..its beyond imagning..siiting with rd in a boat where everything is surrounded by roses and mountains..where birds are chirping..and where rd and sanyu are one to disturb if whole world is thers…
rd-ok baby..lets start..[he takes the oars and the boat starts drifting in the direction of wind.
sanyu-randhir first we will go from the banks and we will see the roses..and then in middle..
rd-ok boss..look at your hair sanyu they are falling on your face..[he comes closer to sanyu ..sanyu and rd looks at eachother..rd slowly and gently removes her hair from her face..his hand touches her soft cheecks…she blushes…
rd-your cheeks are so soft.[he ran his fingers on her cheeks]
sanyu-[blushingly]randhir i
rd-shh![he kisses her cheek]
sanyu hugs him..both hugs each other tightly
sanyu-lvu ranu..[smiles]
rd-love you too sweetheart
sanyu-day 1 of sandhir-randhir kisses on sanyuss cheek..a nice kiss of love affection and care..
rd-yes my are damn cute..

Both of them laughs..rd keeps his hand around her.sanyu keeps her head on his shoulder and both of them smiles looking at setting sun..

Recap-car punctures….its raining..sandhir are trapped on a desolate and desreted road leading to forest..


  1. nice one

  2. It was superb. The scenario of the lake was so beautiful. Thanks dhruv for giving us such nice ff’s. Please keep writing

  3. SidMin

    Wow Dhruv I loved it waiting for the next 🙂 pls post asap

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    and druv bhaiiii advans m happy raksha bandhan i want gifts ill b busy that tym actually celll phn not available so couldnt cmmnt b4 and i save pages and read allll sh fis all ryterzzz gud job 🙂 tc
    here rakhi
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