my heart is wid u…twinj ff (episode 2)

Hey guys i m back…..kya karu exams Friday se start hone wale h…..toh socha post kr dun and i want to ask something frm aafi y r u confused dear plzz let me know hope i can clear ur confusion…..and a big thank u who commented on the previous epi… lets start…
recap- twinkle and ruhi’s moment and uv’s entry…..twinkle to tell uv about twinj divorce.(twinj and uv were college frnds twinj fell in love and got married and twinj didn’t contact uv bcoz he shifted to mumbai for further studies)

twinkle started to narrate uv about their past….

2 months later after twinj marriage their life was going well….and one day twinkle got to know that she was pregnant….

twinj’s room
kunj was working on the laptop and twinkle was thinking how to tell kunj about this good news….
tw- kunj i want to tell u something…
ku- yaa plzz( he was not paying attention to twinkle’ talk)
tw-this is a good news
ku- yaa sure
tw- u r going to became a father soon
ku- which company….then he realizes what he heard…..
ku- what…r u serious i m so happy he gone and hugged twinkle
tw- i will not talk to u….u were not heard what i told..
ku- jaan i was doing some office work…acha sorry baby…
tw- making a pout….huhh
ku- acha srry meri jaan i love u…..
tw- okkk….and hugged him…
ku- u know twinkle i m so happy…thnx for giving me a world’s best news…
tw- the cradit goes to u na….and blushed
ku- how…and he remembers something oh acha my jaan is getting naughty day by day…and winked at her
ku- tmrw we have to go for cheak up now we should sleep
tw- yaaa…..both slept in eo others embrace…

nxt day
twinj told this news to everyone….and like dis days passed and kunj is seen taking care of twinkle..
after 9 months
twinkle gave birth to a baby girl whom they named ruhi…they were all happy ruhi was a angel for twinj……she became important part of twinj’s life….

1 year leap….
one day twinkle and ruhi was in mall after sometime both came to parking area…..and a man came and took ruhi and ran in a van and left…..twinkle was shocked she also sat on her car and followed the van….
after sometimes the van stopped near a dark place…..twinkle reached their and gone inside and saw a man…
tw- who r u?? y u took my daughter…
man- i m kabir khanna…i can’t see u wid kunj….bcoz my sister alisha khanna loves him….i will give ur daughter back to u but u have to divorced kunj sarna…
tw- what r u saying…..her voice choaked she was crying
ka- u will or ur 1 year daughter will be dead in front of u…
tw-no…no…i will give divorced to kunj.
ka- take dis divorced paper and go to ur home and don’t dare to say anything about me to anyone or esle u know what will happen….to u daughter and laughed evily…
tw- okkkk…..and she left…

nxt seen
she reached home all was tensed kunj saw twinkle and hugged her
ku- thank god twinkle u came where is ruhi…
tw- leave me….i just came here to give u these papers…and her heart cryied but she can’t do anything
ku- twinkle these r divorced paper….all was shocked….
tw- yaa i have singed in thse paper….now u sign….
everyone was shocked
ku- twinkle r u gone mad….
tw- yes kunj sarna….don’t waste my time i have to go…..
ku- where is ruhi my daughter
tw- she is not ur daughter…..her father is someone else…,
now kunj was broken tears were flowing frm his eyes…
tw(thinks)-srry kunj…..
kunj signed the paper and thrown on twinkle’ s face…don’t u dare come my home.get lost…
tw took the papers and left….tears were flowing frm her eyes also….

nxt seen
tw- take kabir this papers and give my daughter back…
ka- not so easily u have to move frm Amritsar also take ur tickets…..
tw- okkkkk…..but my ruhi…
ka- take ur ruhi and delhi tickets…..

nxt seen
twinkle is seen in the airport taking ruhi in her hand…
twinkles pov
everything got vanished my kunj…..srry kunj but i was helpless…..jaan…..
pov ends….
ruhi was playing wid her doll….in twinkle’ lap….

precap- flashback ends and kunj’s entry…

so guys did u liked it plzz drop down ur comments….and stay tuned to adeeba’s ff my heart is wid u…..
bye guys

  1. Twinjfan.tamanna

    hiya adeeba,
    too emotional yaar… its really a beautiful ff Nd my birth date is 19th may
    post soon

    with love,
    Urs Tamanna

  2. Presha

    Hey adeeba first one to comment yaar awesome epi loved it to the core yaar u nailed it babe just loved it nd feeling pity for twinj

  3. It broke my heart… ?

    1. y jaan

  4. Chiku

    Woaaaah!!! Lovely. Loved it.
    Post soon???

  5. Aww adee,
    Such an painful and emotional episode ??? Felt bad 4 twinj ?? Hope soon msndrstng will clear btwn twinj ?? Well plzzz post soon ☺☺
    Love you baby ❤❤

  6. Hi adeeba nice episode my birth date is 27 jan

  7. Sohi

    The episode was good yet very emotional
    How evil kabir and alisha are hate them
    And kunj also didn’t tried to know the real reason
    Very much eager to read next part
    Do continue

  8. Hi adeeba I was confused coz
    U said they are divorced yet they had daughter so that’s why I said like that
    Feeling sad for twinj
    Plz let kunj know the reason soon
    Do continue

  9. SidMin23

    It was nice emotional scene and how dare kabir make twinj separate just for that Alisha twinj happiness vanished waiting for hero entry hope soon kunj find out the truth and forgive twinkle.

  10. Aduu
    It’s just amazing
    I felt so bad fr twinkle
    I just wanna kill dat kabir ??
    He is very bad
    N I’m excited fr precap post soon
    N y r u not replying to my msgs I’m angry wid u
    But also
    Love u keep smiling

  11. Aamna_2690

    Hey adeebu!
    Episode was awsum??
    Feeling bad for kunj?
    Just wanna kill those idiots kabir n Alisha??Eager for kunj’s entry….
    Sorry for not commenting on last episode… u know the reason…. but read it….. post next one soon…. n best of luck for ur exams….

  12. RUTU.....

    Hey Princess,
    It’s really a fabulous emotional awesome amazing episode loved it to core of my heart and that kabir I want to kill him ??? plz post next one soon I m waiting…..
    Love you so so……. much my lovely Princess ????

  13. SidMin

    Loved it yaar Feeling so sad for Twinj ??????????
    Hope things get better soon
    My birthdate : 13th Septemeber …..
    Love you ???

  14. Simiyy

    Hey adeeba
    your writing is amazing
    the epi was emotinal
    post soon

  15. amazing adeeba

  16. Baby

    ohhhhhhh god addy☺
    dear loved it too emotional☺
    loved it pity twinj becharee sch mein☺
    love u lods♥♥

  17. Aanya_pandey

    Adeeba.. jaan… That was awesome update yrr..

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