My heart is with you by sukor Epi 4

” Are you serious?? How,when ?????” Suraj asks impatiently.
“Calm down,Suraj” I tell him while I put my hand on his shoulder.
‘I heard you when you thinking aloud”
“Hopefully Vivaan doesn’t know that you know or else…..”
I put my hand on his lips.
“Will you let me finish??” I ask
“Ok,so what happened was that while I was hearing you he wasn’t there since he was at office”
“Thank god” he sighs.
“But what if he notices that we are still together and I did not do what he asked me to ?” He asks
“I have a plan for that as well”
“Will you care to share that plan with me or is it a surprise or something?”
“I have to share the plan with you since you’re a part of it”
“So, we are going to pretend that we hate each other now so that nobody suspect on us. Get it?” I tell him.
“Yup, I have got it”.
“Good,because our plan starts now”
“But,why now?? Suraj asks
“Shut up and do it” I glare at him and he understands the message.

Acting starts
“Suraj, how can you do this??? I loved you truly and what did you give me in return?? Hatred???”
“What should I do?? Fake love and then break you’re heart??”he answers
“But why don’t you love me??”
“Look there’s nothing wrong with you but I just don’t believe in love anymore. Do you get that Ms.Chakor Bhuvan Lal”
“We aren’t divorced yet so I am still Chakor Suraj Rajvanshi” I tell him.
“Whatever” he says.
I walk from there and ignore Kamal narayan who was enjoying the drama as usual.

Sorry for any mistakes and I hope that you liked it.?

Precap: Rain fun

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