My heart is with you by sukor Epi 3

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Suraj pov
“How will I tell chakor that I hate her? I love her so much but to save her dignity I have to do this. What happened that changed Vivaan overnight??? I thought he was on our side” I tell myself.

Chakor is listening to all this and tears start coming out of beautiful eyes. Surat is so sweet to hide his feelings to save me. How can Vivaan do this to us. I wonder if kamal narayan had blackmailed him or something like that. I see suraj licking his lips to get a little taste of water. His face is all dirty and he is just sitting on the cold dirt floor with nothing in his stomach since three days. I can’t stand there and look at Suraj in such a helpless way so I run to the village. I don’t want to go to my parents house because teshwani ji is going to be there and she is going to ask about Suraj. I don’t know what I should tell her.

That her fearless son has become helpless and that he has not eaten since 3 days. I rather not have that conversation. I run my heart out and head back to see Suraj again. Suraj is laying there sleeping. I go and sit beside him on the cold floor. I think how Suraj was when we had gotten married and now how he is. He used to care about himself only and now he cares about me more than his life. I love this Suraj from the core of my heart and I just to hate him before. Tears start coming again and they wake him up and he jumped when he sees me crying.
“Why are you crying,Chakor ? Did somebody say anything to you?”he asks
“No” I wipe my tears.

“I am crying because I heard about your deal with Suraj” I reply

Guys sorry for the late update. It got late because I had to make a presentation for school and I get a lot of homework in grade.9.

Precap: Chakor and Suraj plan

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