My heart is with you by sukor Epi 2

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Kamal narayan is planning how to break up chakor and suraj’s relationship. He calls Vivaan.
“Vivaan you need to something for me”Kamal narayan says.
“And what if I don’t” Vivaan reply
“Then I will kill your wife, Imli”.
“You can’t do that”
“Oh yes I can and you know that”.
Ok fine I will do it”
Kamal narayan discusses his evil plan with Vivaan and Vivaan agrees for the sake of Imli.

Chakor pov
I came in my room and see Vivaan on my bed.
“Vivaan,what are you doing here?” I ask surprisingly.
“I am here to meet my ex girlfriend” Vivaan answered
“What is wrong with you and why are you talking like that?”.
“Chakor, that’s what I should ask you,how can you move on without me?”
“Just like the way you moved on and…” Before I can say anything else he comes closer to me.

“Vivaan what are you doing” I ask shockly.
Without answering he pulled off my duppata.
I am in shock but I still keep going back.I hit the wall and Vivaan is so close to me.
“Suraj help me,Suraj” I yelled
“Nobody is going to help you” Vivaan scolds.
He comes closer and trys to tear my sleeve but before he could I bite him on the hand and slap him without stopping.

“How can you do that?”
“Have some shame, you dumbo” I tell her angerly.
I throw him out the door and sit on the floor thinking what could have happened. I was so angry that tears refused to come. Instead of crying I went to see Suraj. Even though I was mad at him I still wanted to see him.

Suraj pov
I am so hungry right now and thirsty I want to kill kamal narayan. But the most important thing I am worried about is Chakor. I wonder what she’s doing right now. Wait, what is Vivaan doing here?
“Vivaan what are you doing here,?”.
“I am here to show you something,big bro” Vivaan replied.
“What is it?” I ask curiously.

“This”He shows me a video where he is mistreating Chakor. I hold his neck.
“Kamine, how dare you do that to my Chakor”.
“Calm down,dude I can do more than just this with Chakor if you don’t agree with what I say.
“Why did you that,you donkey?” I ask
“Shut up and listen or else”.
Vivaan tells Suraj what he wanted him to do.
“You moron” I yell

Ok, I am going to Chakor”.
He turns to leave but I hold his hand.
“Wait,I will do it”.

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Precap: surprise

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