Hi guys, how are you all
Let’s start with the episode
Note ; guys remember kunj still doesn’t knows the name of Aditi

Morning 7 am
Kunj is all ready to call his dilruba, he dials the number. Imagine guys his phone rings are in the form of hearts ? and is flying towards the one whom he is calling

On the Other side we see a black jaguar going to a private gym and that hearts are flying towards the car. The car stops at parking place and a girl wearing white sports shoes and black tights comes out of divers seat (owner of car), her cat eyes are shown with sharply arched eyebrows, she picks up her neon green color gym bag while picking it she drops her phone down the seat. And when she was about to close the car door the flying hearts enters inside car and goes to where phone is their but before anyone can hear the phone rings the girl closes the door. The girl is none other than our twinkle (finally) she is wearing white tank top with a hot pink gym hoodie and hairs tied in a pony tail

Other side kunj is still trying to call but fails, kunj to himself
K: shit, why is she not lifting my call. Ohk let’s wait for sometime

At twinkle’s side
She is in gym doing exercise with her 4 friends kavya, pia, Shilpa and niti
Niti is on her phone chatting on fb with her bf
When kavya taunts her
Kav: how proud! Facebook and chatting is more important to her than us
T: why are you getting so irritated! I can’t understand
Kav: because she is our friend
Pia : friends means we should help them
Kav: I’ll not help if you take wrong route
T: (confused) how can you say love is wrong route?
Kav : I didn’t say about love but the route she has taken. Anyway how can you love a totally unknown stranger?
Sh: if we see face, will everything gets match perfectly?
T: it’s not possible to test everything before marriage, right? (by listening her opinion everyone laughs)
Pia: internet friendships will lead to meetings, two weeks of chatting and are in love it seems
T: (to pia) you’re in a relationship for an year now, moreover he is your family friend since childhood days, what did he do finally? Ditched you!
Kav : exactly, long relationships are falling apart what’s a week relationship compared to it?
T: (to kavya) hey is their anything to say it’s right after a time? Planning is necessary for business not for relationships. It can happen anywhere, anytime with anyone anyhow!

Now they are in pool and playing with beach balls
T: (to Shilpa) shall I tell you my fantasy?
Sh: what’s that
T: I wish for a perfect guy. He must be ready to die for me. So much that I must go mad over his crazy love for me.
Niti : everyone has this madness. What’s your fantasy in this?
T: the man who loves me must love me for what I’m! Mustn’t see or meet me. My background, my status, my name, he shouldn’t know anything.
Pia: why would he love you without knowing anything?
T: (keep her hand on her heart) seeing my heart!
Kav: errr, why old outdated fillms in internet Era? It’s impossible to love each other without seeing
T: that’s why I said it’s fantasy kavya!

Twinkle and her friends are heading towards her home, twinkle is driving the car. Inside car kavya is sitting with twinkle on passenger seat and other 3 are sitting back when kavya sees twinkles phone is lying down she picks it up and says
Kav : (to twinkle) hey your phone is here!
T: ohh, so it was here
Kav : (checking her phone) there’s a missed call too
T: I think it’s dad
Kav : no an unknown number
T; (confused) whose number is it? Call it back

Other side kunj is going to his office when his phone starts ringing he sees the caller name is dilruba (he saved her number with this name) he parks his bike at a side and gets down, he is very excited as well as nervous too. Twinkle takes the phone from kavya and keeps it in phone holder attached to steering wheel and puts the call on speaker. Kunj lifts the call

Phone conversation
K: (with a big smile) hellooooooooo
T: yeah, who is this
He gets mesmerized by listening to her voice and doesn’t speak
T: hello? Hello? Urrgh
And she was about to cut the call when kunj says…….

I’ll continue remaining phone conversation in next episode ????

So guys how was the episode?
Did you liked twinkles intro and her POV on love?
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Now let’s see is twinkle is kunjs dilruba. if yes then how??

If I got sufficient comments I’ll post next episode tomorrow if not I will post late, now it’s your wish guys

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