Heart To Heart Connection!! Episode 15

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Hi Guys, How are you??

This is another Episode of this FF hope you all will like it….Guys on the previous article I got only 32 likes that’s not fair na?? it means I’m fail to grab your interest and attention….feeling very bad.

Thankx guys for all your comments.

At Kabir’s cabin

Swabu was pepping from the door for Kabir…he Saw that he was busy in files… Swabu grinned…Kusum asked from behind what’s going in??

Dadi papa is busy in files he said lightly.

Ok let’s go in…

Theek hai Dadi. They slowly went in the cabin.

Papa said Swabir.

Kabir looks up, he shocked with happiness. He stands up… and came near them…

Arrey Maa Swabu… you here?? a wide smile spread on his face… what a pleasant surprise??

Swabir and Kusum also smiled…

Kabir are you happy to see us here?? Kusum

Maa what the kind of this question?? Of course I’m happy….he hugged her.

Not fair papa, what about me?? You forgot me… I’m also here and I also want hug from you…he moved other side and pretended to be angry.

On that Kabir and Kusum laughed…

Aww my Swabu is angry on me haan??

Kabir lay down and hugged him. Swabu too reciprocated… Soon they broke their hug… Kabir put hand on his cheeks Swabu your school??

Swabir looked at Kusum she was also looking at him… Swabir again looking at Kabir woh papa actually today I want to come here that’s why I leaved from school…

Swabu your study is first for me and of course for you I don’t want to compromise with your studies for your Lil wishes. If you want anything else from me then I can give you but irresponsible about studies I won’t bear this next time… ok??

Ok sorry papa I won’t do this next time please forgive me this time and I promise I won’t disappoint you because of my studies… please papa please… said in the very innocently…he was looking so cute during talk.

Kabir smiled… You understand na?? Okk have fun papa has important Surgery I’ll be back soon…

Okk he nodded.

After saying that he went out.

Dadii do hurry we need to find out that girl… come on Dadi let’s go.

Where Swabu??

Dadii papa is busy in the surgery he will going to take approximately 3 to 4 hours. So in this time we can find muma’s lookalike girl na… meri pyarii Dadi samjha Karo na.

Woh toh theek hai swabu but where we find her..

Dadii itne bade hospital main kahin na kahiin toh hogi…

Wahh mere little champ you are sounding like old star plus serial kahiin na kahiin toh hoga.

Dadii aisa bhi koi serial aata tha??

Yes… but Swabu don’t ask me about story I can’t narrate you it was so confusing.

Ok Dadi leave it… Now let’s go.

They went outside where they were searching for Saanchi….they reached at cafeteria

Dadi let’s eat something….I’m hungry

Ok beta let’s go.

They reach on the counter

Uncle kiya kiya hai khaane main?? He was trying to peep.

Beta what you want??

Uncle 2 samosas 2 kachories 2 pastries one large pizza one mango juices he looking at Kusum..Ahh Dadi what will you eat??

Waiter’s eyes widened…itna sa bacha lagta nahii itna khata hoga….he thought.

Uncle don’t worry I’ll eat all.

Haan?? Waiter confused….how you know what I thought??

Common sense…uncle use common sense…I know I’m eating so much and uncle to see my age n figure everyone think like you na…after saying he went to table.

Waiter was remained dumbstruck.

Riya passing from there he saw them she smirked and came to them..

Hii Auntyy Hii swabir what are you doing here??

Aunty log canteen main kiya kartey hain..

Off course they comes for eat.

Good…said swabir

Swabu beta you sit here Dadi will come soon actually I’m going to washroom okk..

Ok Dadi you go I waits for you here…

Kahin jaana nahii saying while standing.

No Dadi you don’t worry..

Aunty you go I’m here with Swabir. Riya smiled

Swabir glaring her.

Ok said kusum

Kusum went from there.

So Swabir do you like chocolates??She shows him chocolates.

Ohh Wow Chocolates….give me I love chocolates

Riya smirked okk I’ll give you chocolates but before you need to do friendship with me…so friends…she raised hands…

Okk friends now give me chocolates

She gave him chocolates

He wrapped up and eat chocolates

Woww aunty chocolates was so yummy

Swabu look I’m not looking like aunty…Riya said in fake politeness.

Uss se kiya fark padta hai aunty by d way chocolates was so tasty.

Riya was about to tell something then she got call she excused and went for attend the call.


At General ward

Saanchi was checking to patients pragya reached there she was gasping

Hold on hold on…what happened?? Why you are gasping like this?? Asked saanchi

Saanchi uu nalaik uu Veer…she pointed finger behind.

What happen to veer?? She tensed.

 Come with me Saanchi come woh bahr chhatt pe..

Saanchi tensed and hastily goes with her…they reached out side where crowd of peoples was gathered all were looking up…she too looked up and what she saw….veer was stood on the terrace he was threatening to them that he’ll jump from there if Saanchi didn’t forgive him.  

All were saying him come down.

On the other side Swabir heard the noise he goes to see the where the noise come from??

He was looking surround. But he didn’t found anywhere this kind of noise he reached outside the hospital where one side hospital’s construction was going on…

Kusum came from washroom and she worried by didn’t found Swabir over there. She asked by waiters but they didn’t knew about him that where he went.




Scene 1

Kabir rushed to Swabir he was laydown on hospital’s bed…

Swabu my child are you okk??

Yes papa I’m ok this aunty saved me.

Kabir looked that girl.

Scene 2

Veer jumped from terrace all shocked.


So guys this is for today…how was that tell me your comments..

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Luv you all

By Anosha Anee

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    So so amazing and mind blowing episode yaar………swabu is rock dear……… eagerly waiting for the next part yaar……… post soon dear……..tc yaar…….love u dear

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