my heart is with you epi. 17 by Sukor

Precap: sukor romance

Suraj and Chakor are busy romancing when they hear a voice.
“Didi, didi” Imli comes and Chakor starts working.
“Yah, imli what happened” Chakor said while Imli cried.
“Didi, Vivaan…” She wanted to say more but she started crying.
“What happened with Vivaan, imli? Did he say something” Suraj asked worried.
“He broke up with me” Imli sat on the floor with a thud.
Suraj and Chakor looked at each other in shock. Chakor sat down and hugged her sister.
“Imli, why” she asked.
Imli thinks back about what happened in the village but she couldn’t tell Chakor or Suraj that. She didn’t have the strength; she’ll die before even saying that Vivaan has placed such a disgusting blame on her. She starts crying more bitterly and Chakor consoles her and takes her to the room…

Chakor takes her nightclothes to shift to imli’s room for the night. Suraj is sitting on the bed.
“Suraj, I’m going now, ok” Chakor says while going. Suraj makes a sad face.
“Do you have too” He says with an innocent look.
“You know, I do”
“Yah but without anything”
Chakor laughs and goes to Suraj and sits in his lap. She leans and gives a little kiss on his lips and runs outside and hides behind the door to hear his response.
“Chakor” He calls out.
“That’s it?” he says with a frown.
Chakor’s heart melts with that look so she stands in the door’s entry and gives Suraj a flying kiss and goes to her sister’s room. Suraj’s frown slowly turned in to a smile and he slept.

Chakor is in her room’s bathroom and just comes out with a towel in her hand and her beautiful wet, dripping hair. She went to the window that was close to the bed where Suraj was sleeping peacefully. She started to dry her hair when she heard Suraj’s yawn. She surprisingly turned and the water fell on Suraj’s face that greeted him to the beautiful morning and the view in front of her. He stood up and went to Chakor and pulled her toward her.
“Suraj what are you doing”

“What does it look like I’m doing? The naggin dance?” He said while doing the naagin dance and coming closer to her while doing it. She kept going back and hit the wall and Suraj came closer. Still doing the naggin dance he started kissing her one her neck, forehead and slowly started kissing on her lips. She reprociates and after a while they let go of each other.
“The naag bit me, I’m going to die” Chakor joked acting to feel dizzy.
“Oh, you won’t die now but you will at night, out of excitement” he says seriously.
“What do you……?” And then she understands and starts blushing the deepest red.

That is all guys. And some you wanted me to take a part in the os completion but unfortunately I can’t because May and June are the busiest months of the year since it’s the end of the year so I will be a bit busy. But you saying that I can earn a place in the os completion mean a lot. I already feel like I have won the completion so thank you and keep showering me with love and I hope you like this episode.

Precap: No sukor romance like you might have thought…..

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  1. Hi preet u r very lucky for me.aaj mera 2nd nd last practicl hai.i wish phele ki tarha hi ho.thnku so much for giving me this lvly sukor moments.nd dear no prob.i know u’ll more n more bater.egrly waiting for next.i wish theory mai bhi aapke ffs pdhne mile.nd one more thing m also punjabi.mera to srname bhi yahi of luck dear for ur every project.

    1. Sukor

      Thank you dear and I wish you luck for your test and thank you for everything. Also how did you like the naagin dance idea. I got it from school today since one of the Punjabi boy started doing naagin dance in front of me very weirdly and I was like “back off” so I was like I might use the naagin dance in my ff and thanks again.

    2. Hy dear u r very lucky for me first time i feel that nature k elava bhi koi mere liye lucky hai nd this is u nd ur ffs.thnku sooooo much dear.pata hai kbhi kbhi mai sochti reh jati hu k aapke ff mai kis baat ko jyada prase kru pr actuly mujhe aapke ff ki hr line psnd hai.amazing,awsm ese words bhut cm hai.nd u r right nice idia hm punjabi to hote hi dildaar hai.maja ha rha tha aapko k uss boy pe gussa.ofcors aapko maja aa rha hoga ya iritation ho rhi hogi pr baad mai jrur acha lga hoga punjabi hai hi dinchak type right.if u don’t mind can i ask u inwhich clas do u read.i know aap sochti hongi kitna dimag khati hai ye aanya wt realy i lov to talk with u nd lov to read ur ffs.waiting for next.

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  3. Great update, I like when chakor is drying her hair near suraj. Eagerly waiting for the next update. I’m sure you’ll get other chances to enter the os competition.

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    Loved it♡

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    U hd askd me na whether I m new reader no I read ur ff’s whenever I get tym nd I love all of dem nd I m extremely sry for nt commenting on regular basis

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    Amazing update

  7. Awesome?

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  8. Amazing ff dr. Like aanya said its hard to tell u which part/line was best becz whole story is awesome. It’s k dr u ll gt many chances fr os competitions ahead, nw gd luk with ur work.

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    Superb dr ur swasan fan me too..but I didn’t c Thier once also

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  10. Very good cant wait for the next one keep up the good work

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