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hey i m back …..where we are? ohhh i remember i m in airport with our hero mr sanskar maheswori .ohh he is telling his story .he says that his story starts with bet xo i give tittle to his story “my heart is on her bet” here my means not me its sanskar haahah just joking guys …ok guys why to waste time lets go n see how their love story started n what happen to them..

sanskar : you know? i cut him in middle
me- if u don’t tell me how will i know ( i said in excited tone)
now he is glaring me if i say one more word then he will surely kill me
sanskar-if u again cut my word in middle then i will surely kill you
my eyes widen n i kept my finger on my mouth n sighn him to start i will not cut him in middle

sanskar-i m from kolkataa .i lived with my parents my mom annapurna moheswori n my dad durgaparsad maheswori. i was only child of my parents .i was ten years old when my life gets a new track….that time i don’t know that my life will revolve around her like this…….it was a new morning for me becoz it was new session of my school now i reached class five … you know how hardly i passed my xam ..actually i can mingle with my friends ,with my sports even with my comics book bt when it comes with school books omg omg me n school books are not made for each other . nyway from today my school starts xo i m very excited to go to school( yo all are thinking i don’t like books then why i m xo excited to go to school right? actually i says na i have only problem with my books n more thing i can get chance to play pranks with my teacher then how can i left that opportunity)

i get ready in my school uniform n my mother helps me to get ready i said my mom that i can be ready my self i m big boy ….. bt she never listen me . now i m really getting late…. i fastly finish my bf n my dad drop me to school ..i finally reached my school n i can see my school friends sahil n sunny ( we are friends from childhood we all joined at same time n we become buddies) we hugh each other(actually we are don of our school many students came to take pranks tips from us …nyway we are gems of our school n one thing is common between us we all love to do bet …we use to do bet in small small thing it is all impact of south indian movie “beeting raja” we have seen it more than 50 times we all loved it lot )xo just like as usal sahil give me a bet that i have to push the person who first enter from school gate if i win he will do my schl hw for 1weeks n if he will win then i have to do his…… i really have to win to get free from this homework for 1 week its just jackpot for me …..xo being confident i went near school gate ..ohhh shit its principle

he is on phone .. im crossing my finger n hoping that principle should not enter first inside the school …..n tq god listen me ..principle is busy in talking with one of the guardain then again i look towards a gate …….i can see girl of my age is coming ….she is wearing spects on her eyes ….ican see her gesture she is looking xo nervous she is looking here n there that she don’t know where to go .. i guess she is new student .. i went near her …..i see her big eyes which is under the spect she is just looking like innocent kitten who just lost her way ….i m busy on analayzing her that i forget for what purpose i m here….i jerk rembering the thought of double double hw xo i came in my sense (my heart is not allowing to push her i m reaaly feeling bad inside bt i hv to do to freee frm hw problem ) i went to face to face of that girl..she is now more nervous bt i have to do
first i mutter soory to her she look at me with her big eyes with full of confuse face…..n i pushed her she fell down ……ohh god she is crying i really fell bad tears are coming from her eyes ….firstly she is nervous nd my this rude behaviour… she feels hurt …without looking her i goes towards sahil .. i really wanna help her bt i cannt as a bet ….i trun to see her n see that one girl is helping her xo i get relax n trun towards sunny n sahil n give winning smile to them that for 1 week no homeworks ….sahil shows his disappointed face that he have to do double homework …. from outside i m happy bt i really feel bad for her….i wish that i will not meet her again …i cannot face her …we heard the bell ring xo we all three goes towards the class ….

you cannot believe what i have seen
she is in same class ..she is siting in first bench with the girl who help her that time…now i m crusing my self that i always have to face her..i can see her eyes it is still red becoz of crying …..i compose my self n we three goes n take our sit …finally teacher enter ….its a math class i hate it i cannot undersatand that from where it start n where it end ….teacher asks new student to introduce them…all new students introduced them n now its trun of her..
she stands up ..she is still looking nervous…bt she compose her n said her name is ragini kapoor……

to be continued……

hey gyus tq xo much fr ur comment it means a lot here is first shot …n soryy for boaring n short update…i will update soon next shot ……….

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    awesome dear….

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    Hahahaha…how cute..i think its childhood lovestory

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