My heart beats for only you. (Episode 46)

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Recap- Here


“Aaj blue hai paani
Paani pani paani paani paani
Aur din bhi sunny
Sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny..”

(Episode starts with Kunj, Yuvi, Mahi and Twinkle roaming around in Goa in their BMW convertible. Twinkle and Mahi are standing on their seats with hair flowing while Kunj is driving and Yuvi is bobbing his head to the music and Sunny Sunny is playing in BG ?)

“Aaj blue hai paani
Paani pani paani paani paani
Aur din bhi sunny
Sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny
Aajaao on the beach yaar
Photo meri kheench phooti kismat hogi teri
Gar tune ye baat na maani (x2)

O ho… O ho…

Sunset ka time ho
Thandi-thandi ret ho
Let’s go to party yaara
Mujhse na ab wait ho
Music chala do
Shuru karo party ho gayi der
Bottle pila do mujhko
Bas phir yaara, i don’t care

Aaj blue hai paani
Paani pani paani paani paani
Aur din bhi sunny
Sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny
Aajaao on the beach yaar
Photo meri kheench
Phooti kismat hogi teri
Agar tune ye baat na maani (x2)

O ho… O ho…”

“Oh God! Finally, we’re here!” Mahi said taking off her sunglasses and breathed in the fresh air. She was wearing a beautiful tropical like dress with white ,yellow and black flowers all the way to her knees. Her scent made Yuvi go wild and he wrapped his arms around her and picked her up. (Bridal style) “Haan. Finally we’re here. Mahi, we’re on honeymoon. I hope you know what happens on…” Yuvi said smirking and Mahi widened her eyes and quickly put her hands on his mouth to shut him up. “Yuvi, put me down and let’s go. We have to get the keys to our rooms.”
“No, I won’t.” He said and she replied, “Oh yes you will dear husband!” And she started to tickle him and he left her immediately and laughed. They picked up their luggage and went chasing after one and another.
Meanwhile, Twinkle was smiling seeing Mahi and Yuvi’s childishness. She went back to pulling out her luggage from the trunk when she felt two strong yet enticing arms slithering onto her waist. She shivered then blushed. “Kunj! What are you doing? Everyone will see!”
“Let them see. We’re on honeymoon they’ll have to get accustomed to newly married couple here.” Kunj said, nuzzling his head into her neck and played with her hair. He gripped her hands tightly and spun her around and let her red and white armless dress, twirl with her. She kept moving backwards but the car stopped her from going any further. Kunj smirked knowing that she had nowhere to go and put his hands at the side so that she couldn’t escape. He moved closer to her cheeks and brushed his lips on them. Twinkle closed her eyes and tightened her grip on the rim of the car. He smiled and moved away, picked up his and her luggage and left towards the hotel where they were staying for the trip. Twinkle opened her eyes and realised he wasn’t there. *Sajna ve plays* Twinkle blushed and covered her face. “Oh God! Kunj will kill me this entire trip! Shit yaar! I’m getting butterflies already but when I’m around him the world seems to be so beautiful and amazing. Hayye! Yeh bhagwan! Thank you so much for a life.partner like Kunj. I really hope this trip will be memorable.”


“Oh wow! Di! is close to yours!” Kunj yelled as he saw room 64&67 wasn’t far apart. “Good. Kunj, pass the keys to room 64.” Yuvi said dropping the luggage in front the door. “My shoulders hurt so much! Ouchh! I can’t go in the room and rest or something. Ahh.” He said complaining and the rest laughed.
They proceeded to their respective rooms after deciding they would meet in the restaurant at 6pm later.

Kunj and Twinkle stepped in their room and what they saw before them left them rooted to the spot. They stared in awe then smiled at each other. Their room was beautifully decorated and organised in a red-gold theme. The walls were painted gold and some parts, white. Red curtains were put up everywhere so were red-scented roses. Their bed was filled with red and gold petals and also the rugs and carpets. They had a breath taking view of Goa from their window.
Kunj pulled out a rose from one of the bouquets and forwarded it to Twinkle. She smiled and took it. “I love you.” He said. “I love you too.” She replied and pulled him into a tight hug.

The door bell rang and broke their moment. Kunj cursed under his breath and Twinkle lauged.
“Yes?” Kunj asked answering the door. It was the manager calling and he smiled at Kunj and Twinkle and welcomed them at the hotel. “Welcome sir. Ma’am. I hope you liked the honeymoon suites our hotel has provided you.”
“Of course Sir.” Kunj said. The manager gave him a card and told him it was an invitation for them at.tonight’s reception in the hotel. “You have come on a very lucky day. Today is the day this hotel was built after 50 years and we’re holding a celebration. We would like you and your wife to join us.”
“Of course. We will be there.” Kunj said smiling and the manager thanked them and left.
“So where were we?” Kunj said closing the door and inching closer to Twinkle. Twinkle raised her eyebrows and said in one breath, “We were going to unpack our stuff.” Kunj grinned and started opening his shirt. “Are you sure? Cause I had something else in mind.” Twinkle screamed as Kunj started running after her.
“Twinkle, you do know you can’t run from me forever right?” He yelled panting. “Yeah i know, but i can run from you right now!” She said and ran straight in the washroom but silly Twinkle forgot to close.the door and when she turned around, Kunj was standing there smirking at her. He turned and bolted the door and Twinkle gulped in fear. She kept moving backwards until Kunj realised she was going to fall in the bath tub. He yelled, a little too late and they both slipped in the tub and the pipe turned on.
Water started dripping on their faces. They both lay there staring at each other with Kunj on top Twinkle. Kunj’s shirt was off now and Twinkle couldn’t help but blush.
Wajah Tum Ho starts playing in BG when Kunj helps Twinkle to stand. The water is still slowly falling on them while they have a romantic eyelock.

Episode ends with Twinkle Kunj soaked under the water in the tub. ??

Precap- Twinj dancing.

Okay, I’m literally lame at romance so if you didn’t like it, please tell me. I’ll step up my game in the other episodes. And i know nothing about Goa so I’m making up these crap ?
Oh if you guys know a hotel name in Goa please do tell.
Thanks :).. Also Kuku. Thanks again for everything!! ??
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