My heart beats for only you. (Episode 45)

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Episode 45

Recap- Episode 44

(After returning from the hospital)

Sarna Mansion

After their quick stop at the hospital, Kunj, with the help of Sid and Varun, and Twinkle finally reached home. Everyone was startled yet happy to see Twinkle back and because of Kunj’s injuries.

“Twinkle! Oh my god! I’m so happy you’re back! Are you OK? I’m so proud of you beta. You gave Rajveer a taste of his own medicine. I am very happy to see you again.” Leela said excitedly upon seeing her daughter safe and sound. Even Mahi praised Twinkle for her bravery and was glad she was ok.
After getting a peck from Leela on her forehead Twinkle started her drama episodes again. “Arre chill nah maa. Bhabi you too? Of course i am OK. After all i am your famous tigress nah?” Leela slapped her forehead and Mahi laughed. “Haa. Twinkle here we were worrying about you and you come cracking jokes. Wahh!”

Yuvi – Twinkle very bad yaar. By the way… Kunj!? What happened to you?

Mahi- Haa bhai. Is it hurting? I see so much bandages.

Kunj looked up and laughed. “Di. Its not that much wounds. Don’t worry it’ll heal soon. I’m fine.”

Leela suddenly began to worry and Kunj noticed this. “Leela maa. Kya hua?”

Leela sighed wearily but smiled and said, “Kunj if anything untoward happened to you now? Aur tu bi Twinkle!? Are you sure Rajveer won’t come back?”
Kunj smiled and kissed her forehead. “100% sure. If you don’t believe me then I’m sure Varun would like to be an example of Rajveer right now.” He said with a smirk.
Varun jumped and moved further away from Twinkle. “Kunj! Nai I’m ok. Twinkle don’t you dare touch me! You saw nah what she did with Rajveer? Chinki! Chinki will save me!”

Sid- Speaking of Chinki, where is she? And Sargun?

Leela- Voh. Bebe was really worried about all of this so they took her to the temple. Oh look they’re coming now.

Kunj turned and smiled his widest upon seeing Bebe. She smiled also when she saw them back home and ran to hug them. “Kunj, Twinkle you’re home!” She saw Kunj’s injuries and inquired what had happened. The story was told again to the ‘latecomers’ and Bebe too praised Twinkle while Sargun and Chinki began teasing Kunj.
“Kunj, I’m really sorry for you when you get her mad. Twinkle kill you yaar!” They said with a laugh.

Bebe- Wait. What about the wedding? Kunj Aur Twinkle?

Twinkle and Kunj started blushing and Sid and Varun took turns in telling them how they got married at the temple.

Leela- Arre wah!
Bebe- Leela ji, these two were too impatient to be together.
Leela- Haa but better late than never. What say Twinkle?
Twinkle blushed again then she and Kunj took the blessings from Leela and Bebe and they extended their wishes of having a happy married life to both of them.

Next scene – Kunj’s room.

Twinkle helped Kunj to their new room, well her new room and then closed the door. She helped Kunj to the bed and sat next to him and poured water for him. He kept staring at her while drinking the water. She smiled at him when he put the glass down. She was about to leave when he held her wrist and pulled her back.

Twinkle smiled and held his hand tightly. “Kya hua?”
He nodded nothing then said, “I’m sorry today wasn’t exactly how you wanted it to be. It was our wedding. It was supposed to be perfect and ..” He stopped midway looking down.
Twinkle cupped his face and said, “Who said it wasn’t perfect? Kunj, every girl would want their wedding day to be the best day of their lives and me, I got more than the best. Kunj from today you are my husband and having you as my better half is the best feeling i can ever have. And our wedding will be written down in history so don’t worry.” He laughed at her last statement and she smiled. He motioned her to come closer and he touched foreheads with hers then kissed it. He hugged her and she hugged back tighter, with her head lying on his chest. “Acha, you made it clear to me that our wedding day was epic but wedding night?” Twinke smiled as she knew there was a nasty smirk on his face. “Just shut up Kunj!”
He laughed and rubbed her shoulders then said, “I love you Twinkle.”
She smiled and replied, “I love you too Kunj.”

They both slept in each other’s embrace for the rest of the night while Tum Hi Ho from Aashiqui 2 plays in BG and a light shower of rain starts to fall not disturbing our love birds at all but just to create the perfect romantic ambiance for the night. (Guys i beg you, please listen to it while you read that part or atleast when you imagined them in that position and the rain started falling. It was blissful to me ??)


(Two weeks later)

Kunj was completely cured and healthy now because of the good caring from his wife and family.
Surprisingly, Leela and Bebe got angry one Friday afternoon and called a meeting in the living room.
Just as Yuvi walked in, he sat next to Kunj and whispered, “What’s happening?” Kunj replied back, “Not a clue!”

Twinkle and Mahi gave them the Shut-Up-And-Be-Quiet look after showing them Leela and Bebe’s face.

Kunj hesitated before asking and faking a smile (because he was hell scared) asked, “Bebe ji, why is this meeting held? Aur Leela maa ji, why are both your faces so red?”

They gave him a look which told Kunj to be quiet once again and he waited. Then out of nowhere both the elder ladies began laughin which puzzled the youngsters.
Tw- Maa?
Leela, still trying to control her laughter said, “Should’ve seen your faces!”
“They looked so scared!” Bebe said still laughing.

Mahi- Bebe! Maa! Will you tell us what happened too or do you want us to leave?

They stopped laughing and smiled. “Acha thik hai we’ll tell you.”
“Actually me and Leela have decided get out of this house for old times sake. So we have planned a trip for us in Bombay. But Alone without you guys.” Bebe said and started to continue but upon seeing the actual angry faces on the couples she stopped and nudged Leela for help.
Leela hesitated since she knew this was going to be a problem.

Kunj began speaking so intently that the two ladies became frightened. “If you two think we are going to let you go without us anywhere then think again.”
“Haa maa. Come on. What if something happened to the two of you now? What will happen to us?” Yuvi said and Mahi agreed. “Bebe, we can’t send you alone. How will we know if you took your medicines on time?” “And maa you too? What if you fall ill?” Twinkle said and Leela finally shouted, “Stop! Ohho enough worrying about us! Its a trip that not me and Bebe are going but all of our friends from school.”
“Haa, reunion.” Bebe said smiling. “And don’t worry people are there to take care of us. Please stop worrying.”
They said trying to convince them. After a while they agreed but made Leela and Bebe promise to take care of themselves.
The elders then said they had another surprise for them.
Tw- Ek aur surprise?

“Yes,” Leela said and produced four tickets to them to a trip to Goa.

K- Goa? But why?
Bebe- Arre idiots.. You lately got married. Don’t you need a honeymoon trip? Or are you going to stay bored at home all your lives?

Twinkle stood up and folded her arms. “Acha, so this was cooking in your.mind all along.”

Kunj and Yuvi got up instantly and smiled. They hugged Leela and Bebe tightly and thanked them profusely while Twinkle and Mahi looked at eo with an Oh-Shit face.

Bebe laughed and then yelled to everyone, “Get going with your packing! For.tomorrow this house will be empty!”

Episode ends on everyone’s smiling faces.

Precap- GOA!!!

Yah yah i know. Worse way to end an episode. I’m sorry??. I didn’t had the faintest clue on how to end it so i ended the epi with a Bebe wala line ??.

So i hoped you all enjoyed today’s episode. If not then don’t worry. Romance and masti will be filled in the rest!!! ?????

I thank you all very very very much for your delicious ? comments in last episode! I must say they were very appealing. ?

Anyway, I’ll be posting my ss very soon (Not to worry KuKu jaan?✌) hopefully. 🙂

Gotta go now.. Do comment!

Byee ✌

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  1. Asna

    Wow… What a fantastic episode…

  2. Sohi

    Episode was awesome and bit funny
    Dialogues were fantastic
    Waiting for the goa trip do continue and post soon bye

  3. wow what amazing epi u rocked romaisha and post soon

  4. Sameera

    Omg romu yaar amazing loved it sooooo much yaar Haye twinj excited for the trip do cont soon ?????

  5. Hey romu.. Well u posted ur ff that’s enough…
    This is just amazing and superbbb…
    Love it very much yaar.. And this is not worse ending this, this is very much great..and worse to tab hoga jab tum jaldhi apni ff post naii karti samjhi..he he..
    Now m exited to their goa trip and waiting 4 my twinj romance …
    So plz post soon..and Keep smiling…
    Love you..

  6. Chiku

    Ohooo hoooooo !!! Meri romuu jaan. Its jus lovely???mujhe toh mazaa agayaaaaaa.. hayeee kitnaaa cute thain….awwwwiwwewwwwwweeeeeee i am seriously falling more in love with kunj???
    I am waiting for ss babes
    Post soon
    Love u?

  7. Adya

    Hey Di..
    Aww that was cute! OK .. I loved the episode and imagining twinj in each others embrace with such a romantic surrounding was actually blissful to read!
    The was you explain everything is worth reading. I’d be waiting for the next one eagerly…
    Post soon..
    All my love,

  8. Aanya_pandey

    Amazing update dear!!! N yaayyyyy.. GOA!!!

  9. Awesome amazing romaisha
    Super lovely
    Loads of love keep smiling

  10. SidMin23

    Superb and extied

  11. SidVee_Yashvee

    Fabulous epi.. loved all the scenes.. eagerly waiting for the next ❤

  12. Kruti

    That was a Nice epi….waiting for d nxt part
    Continue soon

    Loads of Love?

  13. Ria

    Hey Romaisha,
    The episode was amazingly good! It was written beautifully. Everything was so just into the situation that I couldn’t help, but imagine everything in front of me. I’m so excited for this Goa trip. After all, you know, how indecent I am!? So, try posting soon dear. I’ll be waiting.

    All love,

  14. SidMin

    Awesome episode 🙂
    It was so cute episodically Kunj and Uv’s eagerness to go to Goa
    Loved it 🙂
    Post soon 🙂 Love you 🙂
    Happy new year Drama Queen 🙂

  15. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute epi

  16. Baby

    uggggggggghhhhhhhhhh…………….not agn
    u strtd agn naa nt worse naa i will scold u agn
    do u wanna c d worse side of me agn noo naa
    it was amazing yr 43 44 n 45
    uffffff………….too cute n hahahahhaa dangerous yr twinkle ne kya haalat bana di hehehehe rajveer ki uff kunj ka ki hoga maza aayga
    n sooooooo d marriage ohhhh god yr exciting adventrous wow temple mein rain mein kitna sahi tha loved it to core ♥♥♥
    amazing episodes dear
    plss post bth ur ffs asap
    luv u lods n m sry for d delay of my cmnts
    srsly i laughed out soooo mch wen rajveer ke condition ke baare mein pata chla n kunj too laughed osm emotions portrayed sooo beautifully n perfectly
    luv u ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  17. Baby

    n yeah GOA ohhh cant wait 😀

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