That Heart That Beats For You (Chapter 1)

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That Hearts That Beats For You – Episode 1
Episode 1 – Secret Revealed

The writer of – Tumhe Jo Maine Dekha (EAAB)

Episode starts with….Shiv writing his feelings for Radhika.

Shiv folds the letter and puts it in an envelope, he saw Aastha sleeping and leaves.

Shiv POV:
I got married to Aastha, it doesn’t mean that I have to treat her like a wife. I don’t like her at all! I only love Radhika! Sorry Aastha, I’m very sorry but I have to do this

Shiv wore his black biker jacket, and puts the letter in his pocket, he goes to the bathroom.

He washed his hand in the toilet and as he started to walk out the bathroom door, the letter fell on the bathroom mat and Siv didn’t realize!

He got on his bike and leaves for pappad factory!

Aastha wakes up and smiles thinking about shiv! She opened her eyes and looks for Shiv! She gets worried!

Aastha: Oh I think he went to pappad factory!

Aastha turns around and looks at Shiv picture on the wall!

“Why do I have worry for him a lot” she said smiling!

She looks in her wardrobe and picks an beautiful saree!

She went to the bathroom to have an shower!


Meanwhile…Radhika is packing all her clothes (she has a big smile on her face)

Radhika Pov:

Finally, me and Shiv will be together forever! I won’t have to live Durga Nivas and wear those disgusting sarees! I can be independent and modern girl in Switzerland. I literally can’t believe that I am going Switzerland with Shiv! I want to become a model there and send me and Shiv’s hot pic to Aastha! Bichari Aastha! I will be soo happy to see her hurt! I just can’t wait!


At Pappad factory……..

Shiv: Maa, can I talk to you!

Lakshmi: Nahi, abhi nahi Shiv!

Shiv: Please!

Lakshmi: Shiv! I said No!

Shiv: Please mom!

Lakshmi: N and O! No! Don’t you understand english?

Shiv: Please! Ek baar dekh to lo!

Lakshmi: Fine!

Shiv looks in his pocket and gets surprised seeing his letter missing!

Shiv: Abhi yahi tha.

Lakshmi: I don’t have time for your nonsense, I have to go!

Lakshmi leaves

Shiv leaves and gets on his bike and leaves for home!

Shiv is on the bike thinking about Radhika and Aastha

Shiv POV:
Letter was just in my pocket! Where did it go! Damn it!!! Itna accha moka chala gaya hat se! God, please help me! Please


Aastha comes out of the shower and she wrapped the towel around her hair and to walk out the door! She was walking but then she stopped! She felt something on her feet she looked down and it was an envelope!

She got dressed in her saree and sat on the bed! She opened the envelope and read it!

After she read the letter, tears from her eyes stop dropping! She was shocked!

She stood up and threw a flower vase on the wall and screamed “NAHI” !!!!!

Balwan and his wife Runjhun heard this and ran to Aastha’s room! They were shocked to see Aastha!

Aastha fainted and Balwan carried her and took her to the hospital.

Precap: Our first fight

I hope you guys like this episode!


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