heart beat a show changed my life (epi 21) (study like dhani?)

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Hi guys. I’m late I know sry for it. From here on I’ll be posting 2 update for week. So I try my best to be regular.

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Episode 20

Amit make serious face. Kriti laughs seeing him “aww topper! why are so serious in this occasion? ”

“Next week exam starting nah?” He said making everyone hang their mouth in shock.

“What?” Vidha gasped in shock. All attention turns to him while one is boiling in anger. It is kritika.

“Atleast today stop talking about exams bookworm. See you just spoiled their sweet happy moment to terrific one.” She points out Vidhani who were frozen on word exam.

“Dhani…!” Kriti calls but no response.

Amit calls Viplav, Viplav glares him.

“Viplav bro why you looking like this?” Amit asked innocently.

“Wrong timing bro!”Ria said Looking him.

“Kriti sis just take care of your Topper who had bad timing.” Viplav said. Kriti nodes.

“Come Topper. I have to teach you something.” Kriti said literally grabbing his hand pulling him with her. She turns to Viplav before going and signs.

“Exam…. and I’m gone.” Dhani faints murmuring it.

Ria and Viplav gets shocked. Viplav splash water on her face and slightly hit her face waking her”Dhani….”

She slowly open her and composes and make pout face “why god! Why me? After all happy moment why you spoiling fun by name of exam?”

Viplav chuckled hearing her. “That’s why elder says study daily. Not before a day exam.”

“Hmmm. I wish I did so. But now what?” She worries.

“Don’t worry sweetheart when Viplav is here no fear! I will help you.” He hugs her assuring.

Ria walking, but she bumps to someone and falls.

“Ouch! My leg….. ”

Seeing guy whom she just bumped her anger rised to peak.

“You!! Don’t you have eyes Shravan Kumar?”

“I can ask you same question miss Ria.” Shravan raises his eyebrow

“Whatever. Now help me to stand.” She gave her hand to him. He help her to stand.


“Thanks is precious word. So don’t say thanks if you really don’t mean it.” He says before leaving. He really hated her attitude she said thznks as if giving a favour.

Ria thinks about his words, he was right she had been really nit mean saying him thanks. Ria born situation was so complicated she grown without any one proper guide. So she is like this doing whatever she feels right. However she is not so bad at heart. She cares for family first than her own.

Amit was shocked seeing his sherni behaviour. She is lecturing him over when to talk about studies, when not. His lips crept to smile seeing her angry face which turned to her. He not heard her all was he just busy in staring his princess.

“Did you know R of Romance?” Her question make his jaw dropped.

He puts his both hand over her shoulders and moves closer to him. “Princess don’t you think we still have time for it?” He winks making Kriti blush. She blink her eyes in surprise. She lower her eyes, he hugs her.

Amit was not completely nerd or bookworm. In childhood after separation from Dhani he feels his life empty. To avoid that emptiness he took books as his support. He make himself lost in study. So he gained the position “topper.” The title which no-one can snatch so easily from him.

Now even though he tried to change himself he feels helpless. It truly said some habits never leave us.

On other hand Kriti was daring, smart girl who values relationship more than anything else. She cleared misunderstanding between his and dhani family thus lead to reconcilefamily. She was perfect girl a guy which for. Amit was truly lucky to have her or we can say vice versa.


Dhani sits thinking of her engagement. She recalls their all moments from fight to engagement. (Kaun tuje yu pyar karega tune plays in background). How her life take a turn from tom and jerry to soul mate, isn’t unpredictable! The Life which she cursen she had now given her so much happy. No more complaint she had. She got back her mom love, dad care and her chinku bhai.

Suddenly ross petals shower on Dhani. She looks around. While flower shower falling. She sees Viplav there throwing flowers at her. She was shocked to find him midnight in her room.

“Viplav! What are u doing here?”

He walks to her with smile, place his hand over her waist pulling her closer to him. Dhaani shivers feeling his touch.

“I think you know for what I come here.” She feels goosebumps on her stomach hearing him.

She closes her eyes feels Viplav’s breath on her neck. Her face turn to crimson red due to the proximity. Viplav moving his fingers over her face cupping it, gently place the strands of hair which were falling on her face behind her ear.

She was scarred whatif her parents find him on her room. “Viplav go! What if anyone see you here?”

He smirks hearing her, not caring what she said he continued what he doing?
“I have licence baby. Don’t forget your my fiance and romancing with fiance isn’t crime.” He said winking. She was about open her mouth but something stopped her. She feels herself lost in his touch.

Dhaani slowly opens her eyes. She find Viplav staring her lovely, both were lost in a deep eye lock. Viplav steps little closer to her, they were only a inch apart and forward to kiss her lips! Dhaani pushes him and laughs holding her stomach.

“Not that soon Viplav! You have to wait till marriage.” Dhani winks.

“Ahhhh! Let me see after marriage who saves you from me.” He had a wide grin across his face mentioning about marriage.

“You are shameless” she said throwing cushion on him.

“In your love.” He winks.

“Now go!” She said pushing him, but he didn’t budge. He pulls her to embrace, kiss on her cheek. Then walk to balcony window where he come, leaves. Dhani was stunned on what he done, murmurs “Pagal! But I love this pagal.”

Five days passed after their engagement. Viplav never left a moment to romance with Dhani. On other hand, Dhani struggling hard to manage both radio station work and college. Exam times moreover making it hectic to her.

Exam time how much you try, your concentration will not be on your control. Dhani studying but is not able to focus. A knock on door bell make her feel she got freedom from books she runs to open door. She smiles finding Viplav, Kriti and Amit.

“For whom you was waiting?” Viplav asks.

Kriti chuckled “told you Viplav she must be waiting for some distractions from studies.”

Dhani asks them not to tease her, tommorow is exam, help her in studies. She remembers them about her dad, Sameer words her career and rj job both in danger.

Viplav says “Dhani ji, its just one night distance between you and your exam, you can either think of your dad’s words or study, just focus.”

” I have to win somehow dad’s trust, not prove him wrong. How can you focus being detached with feelings.”

He explains “We have life after love. We have to do our own work too, you have to study now. ”

Then all 4 move to Dhani room for combined study. Amit being topper help them to study making everyone work hard. They study for a hours.

Dhani feeling sleepy. Viplav sits near her not let her sleep. He sees a book of bundle near her. He asks “so many books for one exam.”

She replies “all are important.”

He asks her “in 10 chapters for how many you prepared?”

She says 3.

He holdback his smile says “it’s good progress.”

She asks him not to joke on her.

He says “there is difference in doing hardwork and smartly working you will fail if you go through all this. One minute take this book. This has everything, you will get good score studying this. Give me pencil, I will mark what is important. ”

She looks for pencil but not finds. He sees pencil in her ear and takes it. He marks important concepts. She thank him. He asks her to focus and studies.

Dhani drifts to sleep. He sprinkles water on her and helps her in preparation.

“I’m not able to focus as you are with me, how will I study, sorry.” She degends herself for sleeping.

He pulls her close and says “if heart is disturbing mind, we will first fulfill heart wishes.”

He getting close to Dhani. Now they have less space between each “What is your heart thinking?”

She says “I forgot.”

“You don’t remember anything?”

She shook her head vigorously. He look at her eyes as his eyes pierce to his they share eyelock.

“Ahem! Ahem! Guys we are here to study please you both concentrate. And don’t forget you both not alone here.” Kriti said interrupting their eyelock.

Viplav move away from dhani sit far so that dhani could concentrate. They didn’t even realise when they drift to
sleep while reading. Rithika watch from door at 4 who sleeping on book on their hands. She place book side and make all sleep comfortably.

Precap : Dhani and Viplav share eyelock in exam hall?? teacher find them looking each other, say “today generation kids have no shame” ?

Tadaaa. I’m back. You can expect now regular update from me. I promise I wont break it. Weakly twice and longer update ok nah guys??

With love❤

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  1. Angel20

    It was amazing?? loved it very much?? ria and Shravan??☺ everything was perfect along with Vidhaa’s romance?? post the next one soon!!

    Love you❤❤

    1. Meghs

      Thank you ❤❤

      1. Meghs

        Angel u changed ur name?

  2. Sujie

    amazing Meghs…. you did an amazing dear job…. Exams ke preparation ke bich romance….loved it 🙂 🙂 🙂 <3 <3 <3
    Keep going dear…lots of love 🙂
    loved amika vidhaani and shriya…shrawan and riya 🙂 🙂

    1. Meghs

      Glad u like it❤❤❤

      Happy Republic day

  3. wooooow it is awesome episode…
    and u had explained how amit and ria became like that…
    Importantly vidha romance aww how cute…
    hahaha u r right studying for exams before marraige is v v difficult…
    i wish that u dont have to break ur promise at any cost…
    bye take care meghs…
    keep smiling…

    1. Meghs

      No ways dear nxt update will be tmrw or sunday that is my promise ?

      Thanks for words

  4. Shrinjal

    Amazing diii?????? welcome back!!

    1. Meghs

      Thanks shri.

      Love u??

  5. Piyali

    Episode 5:
    Aww , dii it was such a beautiful update , you described all the emotions of Amit , ViDhani and Kkritika , RITHIK , Sam so beautifully…….sachi amazing dii…………the chapters name was perfect…….you made me laugh by the last scene……..love you dii………be happyl……

    1. Piyali

      I mean 15…

      1. Meghs

        Wow your reading since 15th chapter great so sweet of u❤

        Thanks kiddo

  6. Piyali

    SwaSan , episode 9:
    Aww dii loved the rain scenes , Sanskar loves her so much and Swara’s words about Shekhar………they were so beautiful………I could imagine helly dacing……….loved the beautiful scene dii……….would be reading next soon…..traditional day……you made me remember BFF’s……..love you…….be happy………

    1. Meghs

      Awww thanks alot kiddo.

      Love u too❤

  7. Shanitics

    Accha tha didi.. Nt offr nahi tha isiliye abhi read kiya??

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