heart beat a show changed my life (epi 18) (childhood friends)

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Note :  ages of characters which is necessary now.

Dhani – 21 years
Viplav – 21 years
Amit – 21 years
Kritika – 21 years
(All r same age as i already mentioned amit and dhani are only have 4 months difference)
Shravan kumar – 22 years
Ria – 18 years

After having golgappas both move towards car. Dhani about to open car door viplav as gentlemen open the door for her asking her to get in. Dhani gives I’m impressed look.

Viplav then sits in driving seat. Suddenly a naughty idea pop in his mind. Viplav hugged her holding her tightly against him. Dhani felt his hot breath.

Dhani buried her face in his chest and asked him “what he is doing?”

“Shhhh….. viplav kept his hand on her mouth stoping her from talk. Both shared a deep eyelock. Dhani was turning to crimson red, her eyes shining as she looking deeply viplav eyes. Viplav start getting closer to dhani whereas dhani lower her eyes in shy. Viplav hold her chin make her look his eyes. He moves more close to her(those who r under 18 close ur eyes?) he about to kiss her but call interrupt them. (Ok guys u can open ur eyes in correct time he got call from correct person ?)

Viplav get irritated. He mumbles i was doing important work ufff this call spoiled it..  don’t know if i again this chance or not. Whoever it is i won’t leave him

Dhani who heard this giggles making viplav more irritated.

It was amit other side. Viplav picks up call.

Viplav “yaar what was so urget to call me… can’t u wait little time.. u interrupted in wrong time(he pout his face)

Amit : ohhh ho calm down bro… chill yaar y u being overreacting.. i normally call u always this time only na what is new in it?
Viplav : that u won’t understand. Look my mood is so bad amit. So i am saying keep phone now. I talk u later.
Amit : arrrre but viplav bro listen naaa……

Tinnnn…. viplav already cutted the call pass angry look to dhani who making fun of viplav. She stops smiling sit quietly seeing him serious. Viplav starts to laugh at his doing (i meant call part he got angry na that) she too joins him. Both laugh holding their stomach.

On the otherhand amit thinking what’s wrong with viplav. Kritika calls him. Amit picks up it.

” hi kriti. What’s up?”
“Topper whom with u talking in call this time?”
” ufff my sweetheart is jealous.”?
Kriti stumbles “jealous no am not jealous ok..”

” acha baba ok. I agree ur not jealous. Leave that. U know something is wrong with this viplav. I called viplav but he behaved so strangely.”

Kriti who know vidha are together now replies “viplav was busy.”
Amit gets confused.

“Busy with what?”

Kriti inflow says Dhani. After realising whar she said bite her tongue. ?

Amit gets little serious “What he doing with dhani now?”

Kriti chucking at his possessiveness and care. “Topper inside possessive bro waken seems. Let love birds spend time atleast. Someone don’t even have time for me? ok c u in clg bye?

“kriti listen.. hello hello(she already cutted call.) Ufffo noone can understand this girls. I have to sort out everything.

On otherside Kriti says herself uffo my sweet baby don’t even know abc of romance what else than romance love birds do this time? topper is sometimes  talk childishly. But i love my topper this thing only.
@malhotra mansion

Viplav stopped his car infront of mansion. He open car door to dhani. Dhani hugs him saying bye and about to leave. He grab her by hand making her back touch his chest. Dhani shivers with this touch.

She asks “Viplav what u……..”he stops her by keeping his finger on her mouth. They share a deep eyelock. Soon come into reality.

Dhani slightly push viplav and runs to inside mansion. Then turns to viplav  laughingly says ” bye viplav see you tomorrow.”

Viplav brushes his hair in hand smiling waves bye to her. Then leaves from there.

Amit was walking here and there in hall tensed. Dhani smiled seeing his tactics. He is checking time in watch every one minute. She laughed holding her stomach. Amit then realises dhani is there. He walk towards her and hugs her tightly. Dhani feels her dress wet then she realises amit is crying.

She keep her hand on his shoulders to console him. But she herself shattered to see his condition. 

“chinku bhai whats wrong why u r crying?” She asked.

Amit cups her face says kiddo i am sorry i am bad brother. Dhani looks to him shocked. He continued I want to confess u something. I am reason for ur sorrows. I never revealed my identity to u even though ur alone needed badly my presence most. The time u needed me i am not there. And i … i (paused then Sighed and Continue) am responsible for ur accident in stairs.

(Flashback of her falling from stairs is shown)

And sole reason to ur heartbreak and viplav outburst on u that day. If possible forgive me.

(Flashback of viplav reaction knowing dhani and payal same is shown.)

Dhani recollects all words he said just now. Many things spin around her mind. She not know how to react. But she knows he not deliberately hurt her. She smiled and hugged him assuring him she was not angry on him.

“Uffo baiyo. U know what ur best brother in world. If anyone in ur place wouldn’t revealed this all. But my bro is special. And i forgiven u long back. Past is past it won’t come back so y to worry over it.. let’s forgot it and start all new. ” dhani said with smile in her face.

Amit felt relieved revealing everything.

But still onething don’t get cleared in her mind. How come he knows truth being payal before competition.

Flashback ~~~

Before singing competition day

Dhani acts as if she hearing name for first time ” payal !!! who is she??

Amit interrupted “i say u that… she is my bhabhi viplav bro lover whom bro never seen.. u know famous show heart beat she is its rj. The famous rj payal. Confused naa how can someone love only hearing talks… bhabhi always says quote there which inspired my bro and fall in love.. u heared famous quote the beautiful things not heared or not seen it is felt by heart.. it clear in my bro case he loves her alot…”

Flashback ends~~~

Dhani thinks to ask about it and get everything cleared.

“Bhaiyo one thing i wanna know how u come to know i am payal as u always mentioned payal as bhabhi. I still remember the day before competition during our golgappa competition when i asked about payal ur reply.”

Amit replied “it was because i not know u was payal that time. I got to know ur truth when i heard ur and kriti talk before competition only.”

Dhani remember what happened before competition.
Dhani sitting biting her nails nervously. Kritika who observed this hold her by shoulder asking to relax.

“U know kriti i am hell nervous not because this competition. I really tensed how will viplav react knowing truth about i am rj payal. What if he hate me? ” said dhani while sweating badly.

Kriti holds her hand in assurance “dhani relax nothing will happen. Now concentrate on competition. After that u reveal truth. ”

Dhani nods. Host announces next performance is by viplav and dhani from upmc college.. dhani goes to stage.

On curtain otherside amit who heard everything gets happy to know payal and dhani are same person. In order to help dhani to reduce her tension to say viplav truth being payal. He make viplav go same room to hear kritika and dhani talks. But he didn’t know it bring big storm on their lives.

Flashback ends–

“Dhani i …… he sees ground not finding words to say. Dhani make him look at her and hugs him assuring she forgiven him nor she was angry on him.

A voice interrupted them.
“What’s going on here?” Rithika asked entering mansion.

“Nothing mom. Casual talk between bro and sis. “Dhani said.

Rithika hugs amit asking sorry for her behaviour in past. Dhani smiled seeing their reunion. She wish to see her family back on same roof.

“Bhaiyo stay here na.. y u staying separately.” Dhani said in complaint tune.

“Ha amit u stay here na… ” rithika to compelled him. He agrees. They share a cute family time.


Next morning

Dhani is running and teasing amit saying “Chinku bhai …..

“Dhani stop. How much time i have to say don’t cal me by that name. I am not kid yaar. ” amit said annoyingly running behind her.

Mischievous smile crept on her face.
“So what you was my chinku bhai is my chinku bhai and will be chinku bhai forever.”

“Ok u can call me by that name. But pls not before anyone. ” amit said in pleading tune. Dhani nodes.

“u both forgot about us naa so bad…”

Dhani and amit turns finds two girls. It’s ria and kritika .

Dhani hugs ria smiling.

Dhani turns to amit while still holding ria shoulder “we can never forget our angel naa Bhaiyo.”

Amit agrees with her. “yeah ria u and kiddo are like 2 eyes to me i can’t leave without u both..”

Kritika pouts her face “so u both can leave without me naa..”

Amit take her in arms hugging says “how can i leave without my heart in heart only u there.”

Kritika shyingly look down tucking her hair behind ears.

“Ohhhoo hooo how cute.” Dhani commented biting her lips.

“Even we r not less than them.” Viplav said winking at dhani.

Ria notices both couples busy in their romance.

“Ufffo stop it guys. U all started to romance that too infront of kid.” Ria complained.

“Don’t worry ria u will get someone soon.” Viplav said winking.

“Viplav bhai i won’t leave u stop… ”

Both started running around garden while dhani and amika chuckles.

Car stopped infront of malhotra mansion. A young man of age 22 comes out of it. He sees viplav and ria running a smile crept across his face seeing angelic face of Ria. His heart beat skipped seeing her. Ria who noticed this throw a small stone near him which make him come to reality.

He calls dhani who standing near Ria. Dhani seeing him runs to him. She hug him saying “sharvuuu…..” shravan lifts dhani and spins her.

Viplav looks on with his mouth open.

He murmurs “oh god this shravu ke bache is back. god knows now dhani will have time for me or not. What is need to hug him? look na how he lifting my dhani infront of me. If i get chance i broke his hand. Atleast now leave her na.”

Shravan make dhani stand. Viplav sighs in relief. Dhani playfully hits him “shravu yaar 2 years u not come seriously. U forgot me naaa ur childhood friend.”?

“Don’t worry sweet heart now i am back naa?” she hits him saying u won’t change na.

Shravan kumar son of famous business tycoon. Also son of shambhu business partner. viplav was shravan’s friend. But dhani was more close to him they were besties. Don’t take it wrong guys they all know from childhood only except amit. So amit not know about him much.

Kritika smiles “shravuu ur back oh my god i can’t believe it.”

Shravan winks at her. “i have to come here naa when u r here” saying hugs her making amit jealous.

He then hugs viplav. He asks dhani about amit. Dhani replied he is her brother. Shravan hugs amit sayins she used to miss her chinku bhai alot. Amit feels blissed to have dhani as his sis.

All then goes inside mansion. All share some sweet moments. However amit and viplav are not happy though as they feeling jealous their loved one talking him so freely. Not only both one person also look annoyed it’s none other than Ria.


“Di i have to leave for college. I need to submit assignment.” ria informed dhani before leaving. She urges to leave college.

On opposite side Shravan walking seeing his cellphone not notice her walking. Even ria is engrossed in cell. Both collides each other resulting their cell fall.

Ria annoyingly says oh god!! Can’t u see mr. Sharavan picks cells from floor and give to her i am really sry miss. Sorry … he holds his ear asking sorry.

Ria take whatever she grab ce from his hand. Before he can say anything she leaves staring angrily at him.

Shravan mutters himself she didn’t listen to me. And went how to say her its my cell phone?

Precap :
Viplav thinks to take dhani to date after her show. But Shravan taking her in his car. He burn in jealousy.


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  1. Sujie

    Meghs….you are back….????
    Missed u soo much…..
    Finally new episode of HB is posted…..
    Loved the episode…. I am kinda enjoying jealous Viplav And Amit??????
    But hope that does not turn ugly…. I trust you my dear??
    Shrawan Ko friend Rehne Dena….. Don’t make him enter more more in ViDhaani and Amika’s life…???????
    And the bond between Topper Chinku Bhai and Kiddo is awesome…. Makes me miss my brother who is miles away from me in a different continent….???☺️
    Keep going dear ???
    And yes….I could not reply to your comment on my ff…. Do read the 2nd shot of Mohe Rang do laal….and post your views on it …okay….and everyone…please do read the 2nd shot


    1. Meghs

      Hi sujie loved ur comments i also missed u all… u too jealous ?? jealous is good if it in limit na? he won’t ente more

      And even i am late to reply.m sry i can’t comment tollnxt week exam is going on

  2. Maha_Aijaz

    Hey Megha! Finally we got a new episode of HEART BEAT? But did u seriously wrote it in one day if yes then amazing! Because I usually take at least 3 days to complete a chapter so u are talented, haan?
    And thanks for dedicating it to me?? actually I didn’t know about ur exams but glad u posted it? nowadays all are starting their ffs with my auspicious name?? seems like I’m disturbing everyone?
    Coming to ur episode, it was nice? with many lovely and adorable scenes?? first part was quite lovey dovey but Phew! Viplav got a call else? then Amit’s confrontation was cool! Though I was speechless when he was crying, I was like dhaani idhar he thi, why he is crying like a baby but my queries got answer afterwards?? then that Sharvan’s appearance was quite hilarious? Poor Amit and Viplav are getting ignored by their loved ones, so sad? but I’m enjoying a lot! Precap seems to be more funny as he ruined viplav’s plan?
    Wesey I was having a question actually when would the wedding track start ? I mean they have to marry someday? so when that exciting day will come, even their alliance is not fixed yet? they are boyfriend and girlfriend.. right? (I don’t like this relation, I don’t know why I seriously find it quite cheap, u can say.. sorry if I hurt u) Chalo bbye.. maza aya parh k? hopefully will the next one soon!
    BTW if ur exams are over and how were they ? Hope u will get success with flying colors! U told me about ur Banking’s exam, one of my favorite subject.. it is somewhat similar to POC and ITB!
    Kafi bak bak hogae.. I should take a break
    Take care❤
    Will meet u on the next update of urs inshaAllah?

    1. Meghs

      Hi maha u asked so i did. I had xm i post nxt part on nxt week ok. Yes i wrote it in one day but no talent ntng i wrote n rechecked so i could post in one day. No ur doing great

      Thanks for liking it. Next epi more fun

      Yup i got ur point even ur thinking like me. I kinda felt weird of bf gf relationship. But in stry till they do mba it necessary

      I having my internal this week post probably i update nxt week nxt part

  3. Areeb

    HAHA HAHA! ???????
    As you mentioned, I did! I did close my eyes! ? And I’m so like greatful to you for mentioning that. ?
    I would say everyone should do that notifying thing! ? For readers like me who are not so comfy with the Lovey-Dovey scenes. ?
    Khair, Loved the family reunion emotional moments! Then, the friends frenzy .. ?
    Sharvan was a freak for the boys duo! HAHA! But But!! The best part!! I was imaging the reel Sharvan as the real Namik Paul and to the treat.. ? Was imagining our Maria. ??
    The scene where Sharavan and Ria ( Maria ) had the phone swap, I was so imagining do lambay lambay log. ?? Still Maria was tiny before him! ?
    And good luck for exam! And yeah, we can wait, so only when you get proper easy time from studies post it then.

    1. Meghs

      Yes its really gogood u closed ur eyes??

      Shravan is namik maria hero. And thanks for liking

  4. Shruthy

    That kiss scene was certainly the comedy part of the episode. ? Yes, I am above 18 so I don’t mind. But I was glad I didn’t close otherwise I would have missed that reaction on Viplav’s face when Amit called him. ??
    Khair… ViDha are two young lovebirds, this kind of chance will come more so, don’t worry Viplav babu. You can kiss her some other time.
    Let’s come to some uncensorable talks. The way she cutely said him “Bye” while dropping was so well done. I loved that part. ? And the best was just after, when Amit is completely forgiven by Dhaani’s family and they all got reunited.
    It would have been better if papaji was there also but… It’s ok! ?
    Then aaya bomb blast ki tarah, woh Shravanji. The way Viplav reacted seeing him, and his mind talks. ?? jealousy burns both lovers. But I can’t believe they can’t get the brother love. He has come after long time, they will spend more time with their bhaiyaaji na. And then, Dhaani and Kriti are yours respectively. ? Such kids! ??
    Precaps looks quite tenseful for Viplav. Waiting to know what will happen.

    1. Meghs

      Hahaha it so funny to see his reaction. What if he didn’t get chance nxt time? thank u for liking it. Yes amit forgiven by all.

      Only u thinked this way yes they could have brotherly time right.

      Wait till nxt week?

  5. Angel20

    Awwwww such a cute episode?? me and Shravan?? thank you so much for this surprise sweetheart?? I loved it very much… And Areeb appi you are right Shravan is Namik Paul and I’m a very big fan of him thats why megha di added him…☺☺
    So coming back to the episode, the jealously track.. umm… My favorite part but Shravan will romance with Dhaani and kritika.? He should romance with me Na..?? jaldi hamari love story starts karna.? Everything was perfect.. and our cell phones exchanged wow??
    And thank you so much again for the surprise???
    Love you❤
    And post the next one soon? waiting for my love story☺☺

    1. Meghs

      Ur welcome anything for u?

      Arre mera bacha don’t cry nxt ur turn now only cel swapped age age deko how heart will swap???

      Wait till nxt week lv stry only strt if viplav spared shravan for spoiling date???

  6. Meghs di.. Suprb ff.. Jealousy viplav is rocking.
    Nice epi… Soo ria too gt hr hero…

    Missd ur ff!!

    It’s ok ? fr nt replying di..?

    1. Meghs

      Thank q for sweet wrds

      Ya even me missed it.


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