~Healing With Love~ |Part 11|

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Few days passed with their cute romance and fun, but something is disturbing Shivaay even now. What happened to her mom in front of her? Why was she screaming in the hospital that day? He need to find that. But how?

He can’t ask his father-in-law, like that. Then who? Why can’t he ask her? It’s always sharing which makes us happy. If you share your happiness, then it will increase. If you share your sadness, then it will decrease.

It is already 10 o’clock and she hasn’t come. He was literally waiting for her. There, she comes. Annika comes with a bunch of papers in her hand and keeps it on the table. He was curious to know what these papers are and asks, “What are these?”

She replies, “These are the original papers of my book. You know, which I have written with all those cuts and crosses, so whenever I feel down, I read these.”

He smiles hearing it and seeing him smile, she asks, “What’s so funny about this?”

He then says, “You remember my reaction when I came to know that you write books.”

She laughs and says, “Billuji, your expression was priceless, that day!”

He looks at sternly and she looks down. Suddenly, he starts laughing. She understood that he was making fun of her. Anyway, his expression was priceless. Let’s rewind a bit to the past.

It was when Anika came to Oberoi Mansion to meet Om casually. She wanted to just discuss with Om for Sid-Malli engagement. As she was returning back home, she bumped into Shivaay.

She immediately mumbled, “I am sorry!”

He was in no mood for her sorry and asks, “Don’t you have eyes?”

This instigates her and she says, “I told I am sorry.”

Looks like he is in a mood to fight, he says, “Why can’t you walk properly?”

She then gets angry and shouts, “You have a problem with my walking. I was looking at my phone at that time and didn’t notice you, what about you? You were looking at your phone and walking. Okay, then also I said sorry. Why are starting a fight? You don’t have eyes, because you were born blind, right? I forgot about it!”

He looks at her in an irritated expression and says, “I am not blind, okay?”

She spats out by her words, “You’re literally a Bhagad Billa!”

He doesn’t stop, “Watch your words! Don’t mix English with your low-class Hindi.”

She is no less and says, “Mr.English Professor, you have a problem with my language! Why are you bothered with my problems? I don’t have a problem with my walking and language, then why should you? I know proper English!”

He then speaks out, “Your English is stupid!”

She then angrily announces, “That’s why my first book had ratings more than 4.5 out of 5 stars!”

He carelessly says, “Maybe some fools would have rated it.”

Om and Rudra were watching this fight.

Om interrupts in between and says, “Shivaay, even you rated that book.”

He gets shocked and asks, “Which one?”

Om replies with a smile, “I Knew He Would Be Mine…”

Shivaay looks shocked.

Annika was in clouds and she says, “See, some people were telling only fools will rate my book. Now it turned out, he himself was a fool!”

Shivaay knew that he is bashed up and moves to his room.

Coming back to the present, Annika and Shivaay were laughing as they remind themselves about the incident. He then confesses,  “Seriously, even though I went from there bashed, I read that book more than 10 times after this.”

He continues, “Why did you write under a pen name?”

She says, “It’s because those days, my mom and dad didn’t allow me to write any book, as they felt it a waste of time.”

She then goes to the couch to sleep and was about to lie on it, when he says, “After sleeping with me for a night, you are sleeping there today. Come with me, let me hug you tightly. I want to hug you tightly with love and not guilt like yesterday.”

She smiles and lies on the bed with him. She then goes close to him. He then puts her hand to hug her tight. That night is one of the peaceful night.

They woke up as the alarm clock rings, but lazily pulls each other to them. They just want to sleep like this forever. Anyway, the alarm clock annoyed them again, so they had to get up.

So, let’s move on to two years after. There are some memories of them, which I would like to share it with you. It’s been two years, since they recognized their love. A lot of cute events and fights occurred in their life, but what so ever it is they were together.

In between, they found out that they knew about a small truth, which made them really happy about their love. It was about Shivaay’s first crush. Let’s rewind a little more to five months before.

They were talking about their childhood memories, when they ended it upon a fight.

He says, “You thought only you know acting? Even I know it. I used to act in school dramas.”

She too was in a mood to fight that day, she says, “Even I used to act. I used to act since I was in first std itself.”

He knew their old school, where they remember seeing each other and says, “But our school didn’t have drama act for kids!”

She then replies to it by, “I was in ABC International School till my 4th std.”

He was surprised and said, “Oh…..Even I was there. I have some photos with me, do you want to see?”

She nods.He takes out a small album from the cupboard. He opens it and explains all of the experiences in each photo. It includes his eagerness to go to school, then how he used to cry for not going back home those days and then Pinky had to pull him from there, how people were eager to see a person different from them – his blue eyes and many more stories. But one photo caught her eyes. It was a picture of a girl in ragged clothes from the story of Cinderella.

She asks, “Where did you get this picture from?”

He asks, “Why?”

She then says, “Just tell me.”

He says, “This is from the school! This was my first drama and I was the prince. She was the first girl which I was could never take my eyes off.”

She smiled hearing it. He continues, “That girl is pretty even in her rags, right?”

She looks at him and says, “She should be.”

He was like, “Isn’t she a wife? Why is she not getting jealous when her husband is telling her that he has a crush on a girl?” and says, “I am not joking.”

She replies back, “Neither am I!”

He then says, “You know her? Were you there in this drama? Is there a photo of yours in this album?”

She says, “Before that, I will just show you something.”

She takes a bag from the cupboard and takes out a book in which it is written – “Memories With Mom”. She sits with him and takes a photo in which a lady is dressing up her kid in rags, the same lady dressing up the kid in a beautiful blue dress and shows it to him.

He widens his eyes and says, “It’s the same girl!”

She replies, “Yes, that girl is me.”

He was surprised and says, “You?……That means we knew each other from that time itself.”

That’s how their fights were, started with some topic and then ended in some other. Life goes on, anyway.

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  1. Astmasiddika

    Hey Agga
    Nice episode dear? OMM Anu di is a writer ?? I am kidikithod happy , atleast Billu ji respect & allow her to show case her talent , the FB scenes were fun & sooper ? waiting for the next.. Til then TC love u ❤️

    1. Agga4102

      Thank you so much, dear!!! It really makes me happy seeing your comments!!! I will update ASAP!!!

  2. Nikita_jai29

    It is amazing

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