Healing the souls (yabeer ff) EBSS part 1

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Healing the souls (part 1)

“Hey, what are you thinking?” he asked seeing her lost somewhere. From the time they had left the Mittal house and shifted here, she has changed a lot.

The situations were not easy when they had left the house, his family has accused her of playing games with them… just because he had married a woman with a past they had left no chance to molest them mentally and emotionally and seeing the condition not suitable to raise their child he had taken the decision.

“hey…listen, don’t think about what happened, it was never your… he tried to say.

“it was always my fault, first I trusted a man who cheated me and left me alone then marrying my friend was the second fault which separated him from his family., it was always my fault,” she said with angry tears wetting her cheeks.

“No, it was never your fault Kavya,” he said turning her to him.

“Hey, look at me… he crouched in front of her and asked cupping her face.

“shhhhhh… why are you crying?” he said as soon as he saw those big eyes filled with tears.

“but Kabeer…” she wanted to say something.

“no buts and no ifs from now on…we have to start a new life here and i don’t want any tears, at least no tears thinking about past.” he declared as he wiped her tears.

“by the way do you know Kavya,” he started seriously. “ you look like an aunty when crying.”

She was anticipating something serious so when this came her big eyes grew bigger and she hit him lovingly.

“arey aunty to this uncle…” and he gestured towards himself posing the famous pose of Shahrukh khan.

“i had forgotten about a certain Rahul living with me… she played along.

“and I forgot about a Tina…he winked and they laughed.

“thank you Kabeer for becoming this shelter to me,” she spoke after a while when their laughs seized.

“you are my wife and Aarush is my child, taking care of you two is something I promised taking the rounds of the holy fire.” he reminded her.

“hmmm…Okay, what to cook for dinner?” she asked him as she started to leave for kitchen.

“Hey , wait.” he grabbed her arm. “why don’t we go out today.” and a certain emotion has found space in his eyes.

“but Aarush has his school tomorrow…” she replied innocently.

“we’ll be back by 9 or 9:30 also we didn’t go out for so long…lets go today.” he literary made the decision.

“okay … I’ll change then.” and she smiled hesitantly.


She didn’t know why she had a gut feeling that today was the day; they were living under the same roof for a year now, sharing the same bed but they were as distant as strangers.

But today she sensed a request when he asked her out… so she took out the Razor to smooth-en out her skin, Girls have a lot of issues and the unwanted hairs were among one of the firsts to be taken care of.

He never made any advances towards her, fully respecting her but he was a man and she was obliged to respect his wishes too.

With all these thoughts she took her time to get ready and meanwhile he was busy readying Aarush.

The deep blue saree complimented her skin and due to the heat outside, she tied her hairs in a neat bun.

“someone is looking different today…” he teased her as he entered their room.

She blushed red with the words… “I thought …ummm… I never wore this so… I mean.” she fumbled uncontrollably.

“hey, relax! I didn’t mean to scare you… you look the best today.” he whispered near her right ear and she blushed more if that was possible.

“do you know this couple in front of you..” he asked after a while pointing to their reflection.

“yeah… she looked up gradually.

“if not love then trust should always bind them,” he said and kissed her hairs.

Closing her eyes she thanked her gods for blessing her this second life and this beautiful person who needed nothing but showered everything he had to her.

“i should stop otherwise I won’t stop myself,” he said to himself and left her longing for a little something.

She opened her eyes frustrated as she heard him walking fast to washroom taking the towel from the bed.


“Sir, madam… would you like to participate in this dance night we have organized for the completion of 50 years of our hotel.” the tall man in a formal attire asked them.

“ummm..okay.’ without giving her a chance to say anything he accepted his request.

“but Kabeer, I don’t know a D of dance…she whispered angrily as he kept eating his meal.

“Aarush, do you want Mumma and bir’s dance?” he asked him as he fed him his last morsel.

“yeah Beer…” the little boy replied happily.

“then say your mum to keep quiet and follow Bir.” he said to Aarush faking anger.

“But Kabeer, I don’t know how to..” she was cut midway. “that we will see later,” he said as he wiped aarush’s face with napkins.

“so Mrs Kabeer, are you willing to have a dance with me?” he smiled as he extended his hand to her.

“why are you making fun of yourself Kabeer,” she said as she gave her hand to him.

“just follow me, My Lady!!” he said as he took her to the dance floor where lights dimmed in a moment.


“is there something different in today’s airs?” he asked her as he pulled her to him after a swing.

“i don’t know, I feel the same like every day,” she replied hiding her suspicions.

“so how are you feeling while dancing?” he asked the next question.

“ummm, you are not a bad dancer.” she teased him.

“is that so?” and he swirled her hard that she squealed when came to his heart.


his known perfume was doing wonders on her today, she didn’t know why but she wanted to just hug him, his vicinity today was dangerous for her if he was not planning anything.

“i think it is getting late,” she said feeling hot all of a sudden.

“yeah, even I feel so.” he said in a deep voice.

“Mumma, you danced so well.” her son came to him as she approached her table.

“all because of your Bir,” she said turning to him but he was in no sight rather a text pinged on her phone.

“reach the parking, I am coming in a moment.” she was puzzled by this behavior but she did as was told.

After waiting for a moment she spotted him coming towards them but there was a girl accompanying him and by the looks, it seemed they knew each other VERY WELL.

“i spotted him when I was paying the bills , Meet Shriya… one of my school friends.” he introduced the girl in a western attire to her.

“Hii,” she gave a tight-lipped smile to her.

“i thought to drop her, her apartment is in our way only,” he said as he unlocked the car.

“Oh good,” she replied and made her way to the backseat.

“Kavya, come here,” he called her but she didn’t know why she felt a surge of anger pushing to her nostrils.

“no Kabeer, Aarush is sleepy so I ‘ll sit with him so he gets a comfortable sleep.” she replied flatly.

Without noticing her anger he took the control of steers and the journey started with the talks of two long lost friends.

Here she had anticipated an appraisal or a few words after this dance from her husband but look how happy he was with his old friend or who knows girlfriend she thought angrily.


“then come someday to my house Kabeer with Kavya .” Shriya offered them as they didn’t stop for a coffee she had offered them.

“definitely,” he replied and here she burned in anger.

“together we used to have so fun,” he said to her as they wheeled to their house.

“i saw that.” words left her lips before she could control and she bit her tongue for the mistake.

She had no right to be angry with him and for what she was getting angry on him, that he talked with a girl or he talked so heartily with a girl? she didn’t know the reason of her own condition.

“are you jealous of her Kayva?” he asked suddenly.

“why would i be?” she fumbled painfully.

“come out.” and with the words, he stopped the car and it took him no moment to seal their lips after he found her standing in front of her.’

with the suddenness of the moment, she became numb for a moment and he took the chance to claim her to him… he seemed angry with the force he was kissing her. she didn’t think their first would be like this but …

after a moment of contemplation, she raised her hands and hugged him… syncing through the sweet torture on her lips she opened her lips for him to take the controls.

NEXT PART – he hugged from the behind and kissed her right ear.

“Kabeer… Aarush will get up,” she said muffling a moan to her throat.

“he won’t,” he whispered pulling the string of her blouse.


Hello everyone, i so wanted to write something romantic for this beautiful couple so here is my little attempt.

also, i hate this thing about Indian tv shows, due to the TRP and god knows what more reasons they show exit to characters without a proper storyline.

nevertheless, if you guys also wanted some sweet romance of Kabeer and Kavya then here it is, next part will be up by tomorrow evening. tell how you like.

with love Morusya.

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  1. Amazing shot yr
    As usual firstly twinj now yabeer
    I love your writing skills awesome..
    Post soon

    1. Morusya51

      thank you so much Drishti for reading this, i had no hopes after i saw lack of EBSS ff here but this first comment is truly special… next part coming tonight. a big hug your way♥♥♥

  2. Fenil

    beautifully drafted …i was in different world with YaBeer/YaBir !! i love them !! Loved it !! can’t wait for next !!

    1. Morusya51

      first of all i apologize for the Kriyyam ff i didn’t post despite you and one more reader asking me to do that but believe me i’ll do that soon.
      Now thank you so much for always being a support to my newbie stories…honestly, it was because that one reply on my wall that i posted it here. thanks again and coming tonight with the next part ♥

      1. Fenil

        no worry take ur time i will wait !! will read it !!

  3. twinj was crap but this yabeer thing seems to be summarised at least once

    1. Morusya51

      though your comment is confusing i hope you like it ☻

  4. Geeti

    Writers should learn something from this ff ? Waiting for next ?

    1. Morusya51

      Oh My God!!! though i have always said, maintained and even respected what others write but this comment left me speechless one more time…. thank you so much dear for this beautiful appraisal. coming soon with the next part♥♥♥

      1. Geeti

        Haha no need to thank me because you wrote really awesome! And special thanks to You for attempting to give this jodi a proper ending…this is what audiences want from the show writers – a proper storyline. I feel they dragged yabir unnecessarily in that gaddar vyom concept, instead if they showed some romance between the couples alongside janhvi’s revenge – that could gave them more trp. I really hate the fact that they are planning to show janhvi kabeer as a couple now yuck yuckkk

        Anyway waiting for the next part..when you’re uploading?!!!

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