Healing Her With Love…|Part – 9|

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Shivaay sat on the chair near her bed and looked at her with guilt inside him. He gave pain to this poor soul.

Why did he ignore her love? Why did he gave pain to her? He wanted to give pain to himself for hurting her. He forced her to sleep on the floor due to his thoughts of revenge. How can he do this to her? She loves him and he insulted her love. He should stay away from her. She deserves someone better. She deserves someone better than him for sure. For that, he has to leave her.

As Shivaay was lost in his thoughts of leaving her for her happiness, Annika tried opening her eyes, adjusting to the light emitted by the tube light. She looked around and panicked seeing the hospital. She is scared of hospitals, as it constantly reminds her of her mother’s death.

She gets up suddenly and screamed, “My mom left me here. She died because of me. I don’t want to stay in this place. This place witnessed the death of my mom. I don’t want to stay here. Those people with white clothes…I don’t want to see them. Tell them to get out.”

Shivaay, suddenly got up hearing her screams, hugs her tightly and says, “Annika, calm down. I am here. They won’t come. Nothing will happen to you till I am here. Calm down.” He then indicates the nurse who was staying outside and continues, “Annika, don’t cry. No one will come. Calm down.”

Annika continued crying hugging him and by the time, the nurse came to the room with the sedative and injected it to the drip. Slowly, Annika’s grip on Shivaay started loosing and slowly she drifted off to sleep.

Shivaay knew if they stay in the hospital for long, then she would panic more. He then arranged her discharge papers and took her home. He then laid her on the bed and went to change. He didn’t have bath since they were in the hospital.

After having a bath, he went to make a soup as he felt she should be away from oily food as it make cause stomach problems. He then sat on the couch near the bed and was lost in his thoughts when he suddenly felt a feeling of someone starring at him.

He turned to see who it was and saw her starring at him. He too got lost in the depth of her brown coffee beans eyes. She is aromatic and changes everyone like how a coffee changes the plain water when its boiled.

He breaks the eye contact and asks, “Are you okay? Any problem now? Should I call the doctor?”

She replied weakly, “I am okay. No problem. Just that I am hungry.”

He then says, “I have made soup for you, drink this.”

She looks at it and says, “Who eats soup nowadays? Anyway, I need Aloo Puri.”

He looks at her like how a father looks at his daughter when she is naughty and says, “You will have to drink it and anyway, I know you love the mushroom and pepper soup.”

She smiles widely and opens her mouth like a kid. But she remembered that he wasn’t talking to her before as she swallowed the first spoon of soup.

As he forwarded the next spoon to feed her, she indicated him to stop and says, “Did you forgive me? Will you love me again as before? I didn’t act Shivaay. This is the truth. I don’t know how to make you believe it.”

Tears started flowing from her eyes. He immediately wiped them and says, “Annika, I know the truth. Don’t cry. I can’t bear it anymore. I am really sorry for troubling you. I, in fact, was a witness to your state and I threw the thorns. I don’t think so I deserve your love. You deserve someone better.”

Annika looked at his eyes and says, “You think I can live without you. Nothing matters, except that I love you and you love me.”

Shivaay tries not to see her face and says, “We will talk about this later. First, have this soup” and forwarded the spoon to her.

She quietly drinks the soup and slept on the bed, holding his hand. He then slept with her for the first time, feeling guilty about his deeds. He felt himself being the villain in the life of a girl, who loves him deeply.

His guilt is pulling him into a deep pit and he is allowing himself to fall into it.

[A/N: Don’t worry, readers! I won’t separate them for long, as I am not cruel! I am really sorry for giving a small update as the next chapter needs to be considered!]

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