~Healing Her With Love~ |Part – 8|

Shivaay tried to wake her up, but then he noticed her lips turning pale. He then understood that it is useless waiting for the doctor and took her to the hospital.

She was given drip and the doctor after checking her, called Shivaay to his room. The doctor asked him, “Is she having any anti-depressants or something else, which is given by the psychologist?”

As per what he knows, she doesn’t have any! So, he replied, “No, as per what I know, she is taking only some multi-vitamins.” 

Doctor then says, “That can’t be possible, as per what I have observed, she has missed one of her medicines, which usually have. This triggered her hunger. Can you show me the tablet if you have it now?”

Shivaay was shocked, but then he says, “I will show you the picture of the tablet packet, just wait.”

Shivaay message Om, who was at home to send him the picture of the tablets from her drawer and send it to him. Om does that and as he saw that, he got shocked. The tablets which she was having everyday, was not the multivitamin ones, which he thought she is having! They were anti-depressants.

He never checked her tablets as he felt they were multi-vitamins like he used to have sometimes. He then remembered the day, when she threw the packet of tablets, which were finished and her reaction when he asked whether she needs his tablets for that day. She was stammering while she was saying that she will buy them by herself.

He showed the picture to the doctor and the doctor said, “This is what I said. She must be consuming it everyday. She has to stop it slowly. Maybe, you know she must be consuming it since a year, that’s why she couldn’t get over it. So, this time she missed her dose, which triggered her hunger.”

Shivaay felt guilty as he knew even he himself was somewhere responsible for her condition. But what is something which hurt her this badly, that she has to consume these pills? He knew only the elders could give this answer.

After he talked with the doctor, he went to Pinky who was staying outside. He told her what the doctor said and asks her, “Mom, do you know why she is depressed?”

Pinky says, “It’s a long story. Me and Annika’s mom were close friends since childhood. We were in close contact till I got married to your father. Time passed, it was when Jhanvi was pregnant with Rudy. We went for a check up that day, when I saw Harshji sitting on the seat in a broken state. I knew Harshji was the husband of Gayatri. So, I went and asked what was the matter. It was then I knew that Gayatri met with an accident and she was brain dead. Little Annika was very close to her mom. What if one day she comes to know that her mom is no more? We were all tensed in this matter as well as broken that she has left us alone. So, we made sure that Annika doesn’t come to know about her mom’s death. That’s when Savitri, Annika’s aunt, that is, her mom’s twin sister, came to us and said, as she looks like Gayatri, she will marry Harshji and act as if she is Annika’s mom. But little did we know it will destroy Annika more than her mom’s death. As soon as she was pregnant with Sahil, she started showing her true colors. Since then, Annika suffered a lot. She has been thrashed by Harshji for mistakes which she hasn’t done. She has been called a burden by Savitri. She had to sleep in dark room, after all of this. Since, then she has been suffering. I saw her after years, when she was Om’s classmate. You know from then, she used to come to our house. As she went to college, she again fell into depression as she couldn’t both studies and house work. Savitri’s taunts increased as years passed. Annika was depressed to an extend that once she tried to suicide. She was about to jump off from the hostel terrace, but luckily that day, you saved her.”

Shivaay was shocked and says, “Mom, me? Did you mean that day when I saw her about to fall down from the terrace, when I came to drop Prinku after vacations? But how did you know that?”

Pinky continued, “Yes, that day, when you thought she was about to fall, in fact, she was about to take her life that day. I got suspicious, as you were facing me, you didn’t see her. But I saw her going to jump. Only I saw her trying to jump off. That’s why I shouted her name and you saved her. That day, I confronted her for doing it. Then she told me what happens at her house and that day, she came to know her mom died due to the accident. She regrets as she feels that it is because of her. I was shocked to know that she knew the secret which was hidden for years. This is why she is depressed  till now.”

Shivaay now understood why she was considering herself as a burden and why she left the house due to his accident! That’s when the nurse reminded them that only one visitor can be allowed. So, Pinky went as Shivaay assured that he will take care of her.

He felt guilty to make her suffer. He then decided to stay away from her. He had to do it as she deserves someone better.

[A/N: I swear I will kill this Shivaay today. How dare you do this to my Ani? Now you will make her eat again those pills!]

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