~Healing Her With Love~ |Part – 14 |

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You may think why I didn’t mention the one who has said the dialogue in the film. I thought maybe some of you would find it out, so the answer is “My Name Is Khan”, starring SRK and Kajol. 

The dialogue is originally said in Hindi, as such, “Mujhe darr toh bahut cheezon se lagta hai….par sabse zyada darr tumhe kho dene ke khayal se lagta hai…”

As I was continuing, Annika’s father calls her one day. They talk a lot when he said, “I am sorry, Beta.”

She says, “What happened, Papa? Why are you saying sorry?”

He says, “I know everything. You could have told me one word on this. I would have thrown her out. I was blind by the care  she gave me. I didn’t notice my princesses crying hard for life. I didn’t notice my daughter who is yearning for love. I know sorry won’t be enough. I didn’t know my princess even thought to leave me. I really love your mom. But in the struggles of life, I forgot to check what is the truth. Even I saw it in front of me, I ignored it. I need to meet you, princess. I am coming to your house. Is it okay?”

Annika’s eyes were tearing up. She herself knew that her dad wasn’t like that. She says, “Papa, leave that matter. If you come, then I will be so happy. I miss you, Papa. I really miss you. Where are you now?”

He said, “I am in the house. I want to meet you, but something is stopping me inside. My guilt is not allowing me to see you.”

She says, “Papa, forget it. I am fine now. I am happy now. See, your son-in-law is taking care of me so well. Why should you worry, Papa? I am happy now. I need my king to smile now. If he doesn’t, then this princess won’t talk and won’t eat.”

He chuckles hearing her talks which reminded him off their old memories and says, “King is smiling. I need my princess to talk and eat.”

As they were talking, Shivaay was watching Annika from behind. After 2 hours talk of the duo father and daughter, he came and sat near her. She says, “I miss Ma.”

He says, “I know. I heard you talking. Anyway, how’s papa?”

She says, “He came to know everything. He is the same. The only thing is that I never had the confidence to tell him the truth.”

He nods, “I always tell you hiding the truth doesn’t reverse things. It just worsens the effect. I want to know the truth now, Annika. I need to know what happened to your mom.”

She says, “I will tell, Shivaay. I used to remember those days when we were a happy family. I never saw my mom’s sister those days. Neither did I know the tension between them. It was two years before Sahil was born. I was in 2nd std at that time. Once it was a Sunday morning, when dad had to go to office for an emergency meeting. They had promised me that day we would go outside for a picnic. Usually, dad used to come late after a meeting, because of that I started begging my mom saying that we both can go alone. Neither did I nor did she knew that this was our last picnic together. She took me for a picnic at the nearby park. We started playing with each other.”

Tears were forming in her eyes, but she continued, “Those days, I never saw my maternal grandparents. I never knew such people do exist. For me, grandparents were my father’s parents; my father was their only son. So, I never knew about my cousins. So, the only people I was very close to my parents, especially my mom. It was due to my wish to eat an ice cream, all these happenings took place. Suddenly, my dad calls mom. I don’t remember clearly what they talked. But I do remember the last thing she told to dad was, “I have taken care of my daughter very well till now, now it’s your turn.” Then she told me that my dad is coming here early for me. She also told me to take care of dad, I was confused then. She was about to cross the road when dad came and sat near me. She turned back and smiled.”

She burst into sobs, saying, “Then at the middle of the road, she met with an accident. I remember mom sleeping on the hospital bed and I used to eagerly wait for her to wake up, so that I can say sorry from my behalf. But what I never knew at that time is that she will never open her eyes. The next two days, I was at my paternal parent’s house. Then the third day, I saw a lady with my dad. She looks exactly like my mom. But the way she dresses, her smile, her expressions were different from my mom. I knew at that instant she is not my mom. But I thought I was wrong. Years later, when I was checking my mark list for my admission inside the cupboard, I saw the death certificate of my mom, my dad’s and my step-mom’s marriage registration photo, her name changing certificate. I was entirely shocked. It was from that day, whatever my step-mom said started affected me. From that day, I lost all the faith I had in anyone.”

Shivaay make her lie on his lap and says, “See, at that day, you were small and I am sure, if you ever knew that this would happen, you would never even try to ask for it. You love her a lot, that’s why even if you aren’t the cause of her death, you were guilty. I don’t know if God exists or not, but I do know one should have faith in something or someone. Because only faith will give us hope. Hope makes us expect. Expectations help us to get out of the quick sand of guilt and depression. Forget this incident and remember, you lost one mom, but you got two moms instead. So, from now on wards, you should forget all these guilt.”

Annika was crying badly and Shivaay pacified her. She says, “You know why I am scared of hospitals. That day, I came to know that my mom’s accident is not only cause of her death. It was the doctor’s mistake.From that day, I was scared of doctors.”

Anyway, truth came out at last. Shivaay pacified her the whole night and then they slept together.

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  1. Astmasiddika

    Hey Agga
    Wat a sad episode it was nice one but it is sad one .. felt really bad for Anu di ? atleast her father understood her now & realised about what are all Anu di have went through.. waiting for the next.. Til then TC love u ❤️

    1. Agga4102

      Thank you so much, dear!!!!!

  2. ShivikaSCNM

    Good going dear it’s interesting waiting for next one ❤️

    1. Agga4102

      Thank you so much, dear!!!

  3. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear

    1. Agga4102

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