Swaragini~Heal My Wounds Episode 38- Hurt

Chapter39- Hurt

The episode starts with ragini coming towards sanskar and saw him laughing with sanjana it’s pierced her heart but she consoles herself.

“You can do it Ragini,don’t fall weak don’t”, she murmurs to herself closing her eyes.

“Sans…..”,before she can complete her leg twisted and she is about to fall when someone holds her on nick of time.

Sanskar who heard ragini voice turns and saw her falling he runs and about to caught her but before he could someone else already hold her. Sanskar looks at his hand  who is about to hold her.

Ragini holds the person shirts tightly and opens her eye’s to meet his orbs. Both are starring eo until reality strikes them.

“You okay”,asked the boy making her stand. Ragini stands holding his hand she looks at sanskar who is standing only at 2 steps distance. She looks at his hand who is at the same place like he was about to hold her. Sanskar looks at her and keeps his hand on his pocket looking away.

“Thanks”,ragini murmurs looking at boy who smiles in answer. Sanskar looks at the boy with narrow eyes.

Ragini then looks at sanskar and sighs taking one step closer to him but due to sprain in her ankle she is again about to fall but sanky and the boy both hold her hand on the same time.

“Ginu”,sanky murmurs holding her one hand. While the boy holds other. Ragini looks at both while sanky and boy both glances each other. Sanskar holds her from shoulder making her stand.

Sanjana who saw his care burns and makes a fist.

“Hi i am vidyut”, says the boy forwarding his hand to ragini and revealing himself as vidyut played by vidyut.

Ragini forwards her hand shaking,”Ragini” she smiles. Sanskar glances at their hands and then at vidyut. Vidyut glances at sanskar passing him a smile while sanky passes a fake one.

“Sanskar”, says sanskar forwarding his hand glaring him.

Vidyut smiles shaking his hand. Ragini looks at both smiling.

“So in which class you are gini”,asked vidyut, Ragini widen her eyes as he called her gini she glances at sanskar who makes a fist.

“Hope u don’t mind calling you gini actually i have a habbit of giving nicks”, exclaimed vidyut while ragini nervously smiles.

“Ummm no problem”,she replies nervously.

Sanskar looks at ragini with hurt in his eyes.

“Take care mr vidyut and miss ragini”,murmurs sanskar fake smiling at both and leaving from there.

“Sans”,before she can complete he holds sanjana hands and leaves from their. Her eyes become glassy as she looks at him all gone.

“Any problem”,asked vidyut looking at ragini while she instantly nods no. Ragini keeps standing there holding the nearby chair.

“If you don’t mind I’ll drop you outside”,asked vidyut still standing.

“No it’s okay I’ll manage”,replies ragini calmly still thinking about sanskar as she knows he hates when someone else calls her gini or ginu and for that he can break the person bones also. She can feel the hurt and pain in his eyes when he leaves but she herself don’t know why she agrees to let him call her gini as she knows how much sanskar will be hurt maybe she wants to make him feel the pain from which she goes or by seeing the honesty she allows him to call her that.

“Hey chill i can drop u being your friend you can trust me”, says vidyut with honesty in his eyes. Ragini looks at him for a minute and nods as she don’t know where is swalak right now.

Vidyut holds her from waist and keeps her one hand on his shoulder. Ragini feels uncomfortable as he touches him. She closes her eyes nervously and walks with his support. She opens her eyes and sees everyone watching them weirdly. SwaLak who comes from opposite sides watch Ragini with someone.

Sanskar who is sitting on bench angrily with sanjana looks at ragini and vidyut. He tigtly holds the bench with his hand and looks at them with anger. Sanjana looks at him smirking and makes a fake worried face keeping her hand on his shoulder.

“Let’s leave”,murmurs sanjana blinking her eyes. Sanskar looks at her for a minute nodding. He get up and glances at ragini for one last time before leaving the collage.

“Ragini”,murmus swalak coming towards ragini worriedly.

“Ragu what happened why are you walking with supprt”,asked swara worried as vidyut make her sit on corridor stairs. Laksh and vidyut glances at each other and looking away.

“Nothing shona just a sprain”, says ragini smiling faintly.

“But how did it happen”,asked laksh.

“My leg got twisted”,replies ragini calmly.

“And who is he”,asked laksh pointing at vidyut.

“Oh he is”,before ragini can reply vidyut intrupted her.

“Hi i am vidyut new friend of gini and helps her from falling”,replies vidyut smiling gently.

Both SwaLak looks at each other at his statement and then glances at ragini who gives nervous smile in return.

“Hi i am swara”, says swara forwarding her hand,vidyut shakes it with a smile.

“Laksh Maheshwari”,says laksh forwarding his hand with a faint smile.

“Vidyut”,he shakes his hand both smiles looking at each other.

“Actually i am new here and i don’t know anyone and without asking only i make her friend”, says vidyut rubbing his hand nervously” i hope anyone of you don’t mind making me your friend”.

SwaLakRag glances at each other before looking at him.

“I’ll don’t mind if you don’t want to become”, says vidyut smiling.

“Nice to meet you all”,he says as he got no answer from the three he turns to go but stopped by laksh.

“Hey buddy we’ll not mind making a honest friend like you”,says laksh smilingly and gives him a friendly hug.

Vidyut smiles.

“Friends”, says SwaRag at same time forwarding their hand. Vidyut looks at their hand and shakes his both hands with them.

“Will you all keep me sitting like this only”,asked ragini pouting.

Trio looks at ragini and giggles.

Swara bends making her stand.

“I think we should leave now”, says swara making her stand.

“Let me drop me you”, says vidyut and laksh at same time glancing at eo.

Laksh holds ragini from other while swara from their and vidyut at their back. With SwaLak support they make ragini sits in car. Swara sits in driving seat bidding by to VidLak. As soon SwaRag left Laksh turns to looks at Vidyut.

“Good job buddy”,laksh says smiling patting his shoulder while vidyut keeps his hand on his shoulder.

“It’s my duty bro”,he replies smilingly and leaves at different direction.

Scene shift

Sanskar is keeping his head on starring wheel of his car while sanjana keeps her hand on his shoulder.

“Why are you feeling bad sanskar when ragini herself did not care about your feeling then why are you caring just chuck it and forget what happens”says sanjana calmly patting his shoulder.

Sanskar sighs making himself sitting straight and looking at sanjana with moisty eyes.

“I don’t know why is she doing with me she knows that i am angry but still she allows that idiot to call her gini if i don’t allows my own brother to call her gini or ginu then who the hell is he whom she allows and that to infront of me why can’t she understands my feelings i know i hurt her but am i that bad that she’ll do this with me her best Friend”,says sanskar with teary eyes. Sanskar is a confused plus childish person he is a person who sometimes acts childishly sometimes maturely he is a confused personality who himself don’t know what to listen and what to do but one thing is clear that if he loves someone then it can become his obsession or possessiveness  no matter who the person is his family his brother his friend’s or his life partner or lover and vise versa if he hates someone then he will be not affected by the person wounds.

Sanjana makes a pity face keeping her hand on his.

“I understand sanskar but i think she did it purposely don’t you see he calls you first and then she falls and then someone comes and in first meeting only she allows him to call her gini the name you give don’t you think it’s a plan to hurt you for shouting at her i think it’s that besides it’s all your wish what you thought about this i hope you’ll understand soon”, says sanjana. Sanskar looks at her nodding and wipes his tears.

“I think you are right she is doing this purposely otherwise why will she allow him calling by that name and that to infront of mee, if she wants this then i will do the same thing with her Ragini Gadodia if you want to play with me then i am ready for the game”, sanskar murmurs lost in his thoughts while sanjana smirks.

Scene shift

“Did you talk”,asked swara as she makes ragini sits on their bed.

Ragini looks at swara with moisty eyes and looks down.

“What happened laado”,asked swara worriedly as she sits besides her.

“He He hates me”,says ragini while tears flow from her eyes.

“No laado we all know he can’t hate you even if he tries too”,replies swara wiping her tears.

Ragini then narrates the whole incident.

“I just cant deny him shona i just cant”,says ragini weeping.

“Laado you allows him because he is a nice person i know Sanskar will understand this surely don’t worry”, says swara calming her.

“But i saw the pain in his eyes,i want to be his happiness not his tears”,says ragini.

Swara smiles at her.

“Your love will come to you laado just keep faith”, replies swara while ragini smiles with teary eyes.

“Pakka”,asked ragini blinking her eyes.

“Pakka”,replies swara smiling.

“Okay now chalo I’ll massage ur ankle”,says swara and takes an ointment.

“Shonaaa”,ragini pouts.

“No nakhra”, she glares and takes her leg n keeps on her lap,she put on some ointment on her two fingers and massage her ankle gently while ragini smiles seeing her.

Scene shift

Sanskar reaches MM and parked his car. Just then Laksh reaches there. Both SanLak comes out of their cars at same time. Both looks at each other. Laksh steps towards sanskar but sanskar looks away and goes. Laksh feels bad and a tear trip down his cheeks.

“I know bhai i hurt you but can’t i keep hope that you realize your mistake soon”, says laksh to himself. From past week he is ignoring sanskar as much he can but being a brother he also felt hurt doing that but the changes he is seeing in him can only be change by his ignorance and as being his brother he knows he is doing right for his brother betterment. Laksh brush offs his thoughts going inside MM.

Scene shift

Swara makes ragini sleep as she was feeling headache, she covers her with comforter pecking her forhead,just then her phone rings and she saw the caller id it’s laksh. She smiles picking up the phone

“Is she okay?”,asked laksh as soon swara picks up the call.

“Yeah she slept laksh do you think you are doing right”,asked swara sitting on bean bag in her room.

Laksh sighs,”it’s for bhai betterment shona”.he says.

“I know it’s for sanky but somewhat i feel our ignorance can make him which we don’t want to”,says swara worriedly.

“Do you trust me?”,asked laksh.

Swara smiles,”more then my life”.

Laksh smiles in her reply.

“Then keep trust i am sure whatever i am doing for his betterment only”, says laksh getting up from his bed and headed out of his room but he stopped as he saw sanskar coming towards his direction, he smirks as something strikes his mind.

“What are you saying swara what happened to ragu”, says laksh loudly enough for sanskar to hear. Sanskar who was crossing his room door stops as he heard ragini name.

“Laksh what happened i now only tells she sleeps”, replies swara confused.

“But how shona did she eat did she take medicine how careless ragini is”, says laksh in fake anger.

Sanskar hearts starts beating fast.

“Laksh hil gaya hai kya”,says swara while laksh supress his laughter.

“Kyaaa nai nai kehdo swara kehdo yeh jhoot hai”,shouts laksh.

“Bandar chimpanzee did you forget to take your dose today”, asked swara.

“Lucky”,calls out sanskar as he cant hold on his emotions. Hearing his voice swara hits her forehead and giggles.

“Idiot”, says swara cutting the call.

“Take care of her I’ll call u back”,says laksh cutting the call.

Laksh turns and looks at worried Sanskar.

“Umm what happened to her”,asked Sanskar nervously.

“Who Swara is fine”,replies laksh.

“Nai shona nai Ginu what happened to her”, says Sanskar instantly.

Laksh smiles at his concern but hides.

“Ragu wo she got sprain na but when she reached home na she tries to walk without any support due to which she falls and her ankle got twisted more and her foot swells due to which she feeling pain and can’t walk moreover she is not eating anything also just crying”, says laksh with worried expressions. Sanskar bites his lips as his eyes clearly shows the concern he has. He rubs his neck leaving the room.

Laksh smiles as he leaves.

“I know bhai you cares for her you just need to realize soon”, he murmurs smilingly.

“I need to meet her now”,murmurs Sanskar looking at himself in mirror.

Scene shift

“Vidyut hmmm so he helps ragini ahaaan i need every single information about him in two days got it”,speaks Tarun to one of his man while sanjana back hugs him.

“Till when i have to manipulate him,he is such a cry baby”, says sanjana making irritating face.

“Aww baby just few more days then I’ll be back in their lives”,says tarun smirking and whistles.

To be continued…..

Precap- jelaousy n finally sanskar realize his mistake and SanRun next move

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