Heal My Wounds ~ Chapter 40 Sansku ki ginu

Chapter40~ Sansku ki ginuu♥

The episode starts sanjana hearing swalakvid talks,who is standing their,she smirks dialling number.

“Now I’ll see how will you all stay together longer”, smirks sanjana after ending the call.

Sanjana goes from there.


Sanskar makes ragini sits besides him on bench while ragini smiles admiring him, sanskar looks at her with narrow brows and makes a annoy face. Ragini who observes his face expression gives him ‘what happened’ look.

“Gini”,he speaks gritting his teeth.

Ragini sheepish smiles realizing about whom he is talking.

“Sansku”,she is about to speak when he interrupted.

“Shut up”,says sanskar while ragini pouts.

“Go and tell that lambu don’t he dare to call you gini again cuz you are only sansku ki ginuu and no one else and if he again calls you na then i will start world war3 now only”,sanky glares her while she blinks at him.

“Giniii”,vidyut chirps sitting besides him. Sanky turns his face to him and then glare ragini and indicate her to speak.

Swalak sits besides ragsan seat and saw sanky face.

“Gini i want your help in study”,says vidyut.

“O…,before Ragini can reply sanskar intrupted.

“Whom you are asking ginuu is weak in studies i am a topper you can take any help from me I’ll teach you everything with honor”,sanky fakes smile showing all his teeths while swalakrag supress their laughter.

“No i want only gini help”,says vidyut purposely teasing sanskar who gritted his teeths.

“No ginu will not help”,says sanskar instantly.

“No only gini will help me haina gini”, asked vidyut looking at ragini who gulps.

“No tell him ginu that you’ll not help him”,says sanky glaring ragini.

Swalak supress their laughter seeing ragini who pouts at them.

Both VidSan argues.

“You’ll not call her gini”,says sanskar now getting up from his seat.

“I’ll call her gini only”,says vidyut with a smirk.

“She is my ginu”,shouts sanky at him.

Ragini widen her eyes.

“No she is my gini”, says vidyut instantly.

Sanky widen his eyes,”you are gone”,he makes a fist and about to hit him when laksh hurriedly holds him.

“Leave me lucky today I’ll not leave this lambu how dare he calls my ginu hers today is his last day on earth”, says sanky angrily while vidyut burst into laugh seeing his blown up face.

Ragini facepalms herself while swara giggles and laksh shakes his head.

Sanky eyes vidyut confused.

“Gosh such a possessive friend you are”,says vidyut patting sanskar shoulder and laughs more.

Student presents there shakes their head.

Laksh leaves sanky and makes him calm.

“What bhai he is just teasing you”,says laksh to sanskar who by no is eyeing ragini.

“Yes i am possessive towards my ginu mr.lambu if it is teasing then it’s so bad and moreover if you again calls her gini na then i am telling you i will break your bones for sure huh!!”,sanskar says looking at vidyut who passes him a smile. While ragini smiles hearing him.

“Ooops i am scared”,says vidyut making a horrified face while sanky pouts.

“You are cool buddy”,says vidyut giving him a slight punch on his shoulder while sanky smiles.

“Sawwy”,ragini murmurs to sanskar who ignores her. Sanky looks at her glaring.

“This is your last chance if again someone else call you gini or ginu I’ll not beat them but I’ll beat you instead”,sanky whispers making her jaw hung.

“You’ll beat me”,asked ragini with puppy face.

“Yess”,sanky smiles at her while she pouts.

“Huh jallad monkey”,says ragini making faces while sanky chuckles looking at her.

“You know ginu you are cute”,says sanky while ragini blushed listening to it.

Vidyut clears his throat while sanky eyes him.

“Is it necessary to be a kabab ma haddi”,says sanky while swalak burst into laughing.

RagSan looks at them.

“Shona don’t you think bhai is behaving like those obsessive lovers who can’t stand their love with someone else”,says laksh teaisngly while RagSan flushed.

“Shut up u both”,says sanky sitting straight.

Sanjana enters the class and sanky saw her, she waves at sanky while sanky gets up to go to her but he stops and looks at ragini then he waves back at him sitting back besides ragini.

Ragini who saw this felt like dancing.

“Ohoo seems like someone is not gonna leave me soon”,says ragini tapping her cheeks.

“Yup not for a second also and after my death also”,says sanky directly looking into her eyes while ragini glares.

“Don’t you dare to talk about death sansku otherwise”,she warns.

“Otherwise”,he cocks his brows up.

“I’ll allow everyone to call me gini”,she smirks seeing sudden change in his expressions.

“Huh i hate u”,he says looking away.

“But i love u”,whispers ragini while a unknown smile appears on his lips and his heart starts beating fast.

He turns his face looking at hers. Both of their eyes meet sharing an eyelock.

Dil kahe kahaaniyan pehli dafa
Armaano mein rawaniyan pehli dafa
Ho gaya begana main hosh se pehli dafa
Pyaar ko pehchana ehsaas hai yeh naya

Plays in BG.

Both ragsan are lost in their world that they both did not realize when the teacher came and notice them. Sanjana was burning seeing them. Swalak tries to hit them but all in vain while vidyut keep them in that position only.

“Mr Sanskar and Ms Ragini”,shouts the teacher standing infront of their desk glaring them. Both RagSan jerked hearing his voice and looks up to find him glaring them.

“Gu…gud morning sir”,both ragsan hurrieldy stands and looks at everyone who are laughing at them,both ragsan looks down feeling embarrassed.

“Out”,sir shouts.

RagSan gulps.

“Sir we were just playing eye to eye game”,says sanskar making innocent face. Ragini widen her eyes listening to him and glare him.

“Would you like to play the game with principal”,sir gritted his teeths.

RagSan hurrieldy nods no.

“Get out of my class now”,shouts sir jerking them. Sanskar hurriedly holds ragini hands walking out of class room. Everyone laughs except sanjana as soon as they left.

“Silence”,shouts sir and everyone keeps quite.

“They both are mad”,says swara shaking her head.

“Just like i am for you”,whispers laksh making her blush.

“Pagal”,she hits his shoulder.


As soon sanky dragged her out ragini stops and glares him.

“What was that”,asked ragini with crossed arms.

“Eye to eye contact”,sanky winks at her making her flushed.

He bites his cheeks looking at her and laughs seeing her face.

Ragini pouts.

“Huh chamgadad kahika”,says ragini with twist lips.

“Ahaan dracula let’s go”,says sanskar.

“But where”,asked ragini but without paying any heed to her question he dragged her out of collage.

“Our classes is left sansku”,says ragini as he make her sit on car.

“Who cares”,replies he bluntly and droves off.

“Where you want to go my hiness”,asked sanky while driving. Ragini smiles and makes a thinks face.

“Coffee”,ragini asked.

“How about cutting chai”,sanskar cocks his brows up while a crept appears on her lips.

“Seaside”,both shouts at same time and laughs.

Sanskar droves off.

Both reached seaside and sanskar parked his car, he opens the car door from ragini side bowing infront of her. Ragini comes out from car and ruffles his hairs smiling at him cutely.

“Good job”,she says ruffling his hairs.

“Ginuu”,sanky pouts setting his hairs.

“Chale”,asked sanskar forwarding his hand. Ragini eyes shine and she puts her palm on his. Both walks towards a stall near seaside.

Ragini sits on bench while sanskar comes with 1 glass of cutting tea and sits besides her.

“Where is mine”,ragini asked pouting.

“This yours”,he shows the glass.

“And yours”, asked she again.

“This is not only yours but ours wo i heard na jhoota khane se pyar bharta hai so i thought why not increase some”,says sanky winking at her while her cheeks turn red and her heart beats starts beating fast.

Sanky clears his throat hitting her shoulder in a teasing manner while ragini hits on his chest.

“Ullu kahika”, she says snatching the glass from from him and taking one sip hurriedly but it burns her tongue as tea was hot.

“Ahhh”,she waves her hand infront of her tongue and shouts in pain.

Sanky hurriedly tooks the glass from her hand and gets water for her hurrieldy.

“Idiot can’t you be careful while drinking”,says sanskar angrily patting her and making her drinking water.

As soon as she calms her eyes filled with happy tears seeing sanky. Sanky was continously scolding her but she keeps staring at him with loved filled eyes.

“Huh kiddo kahiki”,he hits her forhead while she smiles.

He blow air to tea for cooling it down and keeps it infront of her lips. She smiles drinking it with her hands. Now ragini takes the glass and keeps it infront of him. Sanskar smiles drinking it. Like this both finish the glass.

Sanskar pays the bill and turns to see ragini nowhere, he walks towards the sea and see her playing with water. Sanskar saw her childish behavior and smiles unknowingly. He runs towards her and splash water at her.

“Sansku”,she annoyly says and splashes water at him.

Both throws water each other making themselves half drenched.

“Sansku let’s jump like we do in childhood”,says ragini with sparkling eyes.

“Yes”,sanskar grins and holds her hand.

“1….2…..3 jump”,both ragsan says and jumps in waves. Both laughs heartily.

They both did not know when time passes.

Both walks with hand in hands in sea shore and relive their memories. Both were feeling special and happy and for them their lives seems completed. Ragini is falling more n more while sanskar is unknown to his feelings. Tarun who is stalking them clenched their fist seeing together and determined to make them away for forever this time. He goes from their angrily.

“Oo fish”,shouts ragini as she saw the time on her watch.

“Collage must be over and swalak must be waiting lets go sansku”,says ragini and sanky hurrieldy nods both goes.


Swalak were waiting for RagSan and they both are hell angry at them.

“Don’t you think laksh from the time they united they are behaving like typical lovers”,says swara.

“Exactly they are once they come back I’ll see both of them”,says laksh.

“Yeah there they both were enjoying without being in relation and here both of us is waiting for them being in relation huh”,says swara with crossed arms.

A smile appears on laksh lips hearing her.

“Ohh so you are jealous”,he teases.

“Why will be i”,asked she avoiding contact.

Laksh smirks placing his hand on hers and tightly holding it.

“Yhi that they both are enjoying and here we can’t go on a single date also”,whispers laksh while she smiles.

“Don’t worry once they will come na we will go on a date okay”,says laksh while she blushes.

“Laksh”,she calls out.

“I love you”,says laksh directly into her eyes.

“Love you more”,says swara blushing.

“Whatt”,shouts RagSan hearing them.

Swalak jerks due to their voices and looks at them. Both of them gulps and starts looking here n there.

“What did we heard is true”,asked ragini coming towards them.

“Emm wher..e were.. you both”,asked swara nervously.

“So my doubt is correct that you both are in relation”,says sanskar with narrows brows.

“Vo bhai”,laksh tries to say something when sanky shows his palm.

“No need to say anything”, says sanky with cold voice.

“Shona i did not expect this for you”,says ragini with sad voice.

Both swalak looks at each other looking down.

“Sorry bhai we want to tell you but”,says laksh.

“But because of your fights we Dont get any chance to tell you”,says swara.

“We don’t want to hurt you”,says swalak with crying voice.

“Huh”,both ragsan huffs looking away.

“Don’t do this with us”,swalak holds their ears.

RagSan supress their laughter seeing them.

“Chalo sansku let’s leave”,says ragini.

“Yes ginu chalo”, says sanskar and both about to leave when swalak holds their hands.

“We did not want to hurt you we are sorry please please please forgive us”,says swalak with pleading face and they are in verge of cry.

“Awwww”,says both ragsan in a teasing way and burst into laughter giving each other hifi.

SwaLak eyes them with blinking eyes.

“I am happy for you both”,says ragini hugging them and again laughs.

“Not fair”,says SwaLak pouting.

“Aww i am happy for u both fighter cocks”,says sanky hugging them.

“But i wish that my brother live peacefully marrying shona”,teases sanky while swara pouts and RagLak giggles.

“And i wish laksh did not get beating for his flirty nature”,joins ragini.

“And we got choto laksh or choti shona soon”,teases ragsan

Swalak blushes.

“Ohooo so they knows how to blush also”says sanky and both flushed.

Ragini hits his shoulder giggling seeeing them.

“We are going”,says swalak.

“On a date”,says ragini and swara hits her.

“Shut up laado date is better then eye to eye game”,swara smirks teasing them.

RagSan bites their cheeks.

“Gini”,says vidyut coming towards four of them. Swalak laughs seeing sanskar who glares vidyut.

“Oops slip of tongue bro”,he pats sanskar shoulder who grits his teeths.

“I came to tell you that i am leaving”,says vidyut smiling.

“Where are you going buddy”,asked laksh.

“You know na lucky i already done my work now i need to go back for my marriage”, says vidyut.

“Marriage”,asked RagSan confused.

“Yes i am getting married in next 3 month so my mom wants me back their and also this is last year plus last month of collage so I’ll give exams from there only”,he winks at laksh who blinks.

“You are going”,asked sanskar smiling widely.

SwaLakRag saw his smiles and giggles.

Vidyut nods and sanskar crush him in a hug,”i am happy for you bro stay happy in your married life and try to not come back”.

Vidyut smiles breaking the hug.

“Ofcourse bro but i want you all in my marrige especially you gini”,he winks at sanskar whose smile fades.

SwaLakVidRag laughs seeing his expression.

“You are cute buddy”,he again hugs sanskar who makes a annoy face.

“I am not any cute”,he says.

Vidyut hugs SwaLak who wishes him best wishes and then he is about to hug ragini when sanskar interrupted.

“Don’t be so chipku buddy otherwise I dont want your would be wife see you broken”,says sanskar showing all his teeths.

“Contracts and we will surely come”,says ragini hugging vidyut.

“Okay so time to go”,says vidyut and waves at them.

“Btw gini i like you”,shouts vidyut coming back at them.

“I’ll kill you lambu”,says sanskar and about to grab vidyut who runs from there,”joking angry young man chill”.

Sanky huffs and release a sighs.

“Awwww”,swalak says in a teasing manner.

Sanky glares at them and four of them burst into laughing sharing a group hug.

“Good to be back”,thinks all of them in their minds smiling widely.

For them everything is back on track, they all are happy for each other. Their lives seem completed….. Four of them are unknown with a fact that there is evil eye who already falls on them for their destruction.

Sanjana eyes them for far.

“Stay happy and laugh as much as you can today,from tommorw the new chapter of your all lives will open which will only have destruction of you all”,she thinks and smirks evily.

Evil tunes plays in bg.

“Okay let’s leave laado”,says swara holding ragini hands and about to go when sanskar holds ragini hand.

“Ginu is mine for whole day I’ll drop her at night”,says sanskar.

“Oooooo”,swalak teases making them blush.

“But sansku i need to change”,says ragini.

“Okay so we’ll go GM and you change them we can go”,says sanskar.

Ragini slightly nods.

“You go with shona I’ll come to pick u”,says sanskar

Swalak passes eo a smiles and swarag goes.

Laksh is about to go when sanskar holds his hand.

“Bhai”,laksh says.

“Someone is keeping an eye on ginuu”,says sanskar with glimpse of tension visible on his face.

“Tarun”,laksh sighs.

“I need to be alert”,says sanskar.

“You have to take care of shona”,says sanskar while laksh nods.

“Don’t know why i am feeling like everything is gonna change soon”,thinks laksh in his mind feeling restless.

SanLak leaves.


Sanskar drops laksh and changes into yellow shirt with black jeans and reaches GM and saw ragini standing infront of gate wearing light yellow churidar suit. She sits on car and passes him a smile.

Sanskar phone rings and it’s from sanjana,he cuts the call texting her “talk to you later”.

“Now where will we go mr”,asked ragini.

“How about having street foods”,says sanskar while ragini smiles bright.

“Gol gappa”,says ragini.

“But not spicy”, says sanskar strictly while ragini pouts.

“Okay boss”,says ragini winking at sanskar who droves off.


Sanjana throws her phone angrily.

“After so much trial and manipulations also that idiot is with her”,sanjana shouts.

“It’s all  because he saw me”, says tarun with rage eyes.

“But why a day before he hates her and after that he changes so soon”,says sanjana.

“It’s because of two reasons one is that vidyut who proposely makes him jealous due to which his hatred and anger towards her lessens and second the fear of loosing her because of me. If he did not saw me then we could manipulate him more but”,he hits his hand hard.

“It’s just because of my silly mistake and if by chance he saw you na then all our game will be over”,says tarun.

“Now what”,asked sanjana.

“Make him fall for you anyhow”,says tarun.

“But how”,asked sanjana.

“I’ll tell you babe”, tarun smirks whistling.


Both RagSan reaches near a park where many streets foods stalls.

Ragini excitedly holds sanskar hands and drags him towards panipuri stall.

“Bhaiya ek teekhi plate”, says ragini excitedly.

“And ek meethi bhi”,sanky glares ragini who pouts.

“Don’t make such faces ginuu you can’t take stand spice you know that na”,says sanky. Ragini nods making puppy face but her heart smiles being with him and seeing his care. She is feeling like she is the most lucky girl in the world.

Sanky gives sweet plate to her while he takes the spicy one for him.

“So are you ready”,asked sanskar with a mischeive smirk on his lips.

“Ready”,ragini smirks and both of them starts eating the panipuri competing each other.

Ragini ones was sweet so she is eating calmly while sanky is eating slowly cuz his one was spicy. Tears flows from his eyes due to spice

Ragini eyes his plate and hurriedly takes the one gulping but she starts chocking instead cuz pucka was very spicy. Sanskar hurriedly pats her back making her drink water. Tears flows from her eyes. He make her eat the sweet pani puri hurriedly. His eyes also become moisty seeing her continously chocking.

Ragini takes a deep breath calming herself. She looks at sanskar and feels bad.

“I hate you”,says sanskar and looks away.

Ragini looks down and tears starts flowing from her eyes.

Sanskar then looks at her and shakes his head side hugging her.

“Can’t u listen to me i said na u can’t eat it but still ms.ziddi wants to eat now see you are not looking less then a clown”,says sanskar wiping her tears.

Ragini glares him,”whom u say clown”.

“Obviously you bandaria”,sanskar pinch her nose and runs away while ragini chases him.

“King kong stop how dare you to call me bandaria”, says ragini and blocks his way hitting continously on his chest.

“You idiot donkey monkey chimpanzee nikamma ullu ghada stupid koala bear king kong”,she calls him with every name while sanskar keeps laughing irking her. Atlast he holds her hand dragging towards himself making her chest hit on his.

“Jhalli”,whispers sanskar on her ears, while ragini closes her eyes feeling his hot breathe and control her thumping heart.

Ragini opens her eyes when sanskar dragged her towards vada pao stalls. Both of their mouth waters seeing it. Both takes one and eats by sharing and feeding each other.

“Yummmy”,ragini snatches the last bite from sanskar gulping it. Sanky eyes her with pout.

“Khana chor”,he huffs.

“Sansku ice cream”,She hit hard on his shoulder in excitement seeing her favorite ice cream vendor.

“Ouchh ginuu”,he glares her rubbing his shoulder while she sheepish smiles dragging him.

She orders two ice creams.

“Why two?”,asked sanskar.

“Cuz sharing an ice cream is a sin”,says ragini snatching the ice cream from saler and eating it like a child.

Sanky shakes his head seeing her. Sanky hurriedly eats his and looks at ragini who was taking the last bite due to which the ice cream spread on her lips. He hurriedly snatches it eating.

“Yummmy”,he mimics like ragini making her angry.

“Chor Chor ice cream Chor bhukkad”,ragini stamps her foot like a child. Sanskar laughs seeing her childish face.

Ragini pouts,” chor kahika huh”,she huffs with crossed arms.

“You can behave like a abnormal girl later first wipe your face otherwise will think i am dating a child”,says sanskar while ragini licks her lips and again pouts.

Sanskar shakes his head and takes out his handkerchief and moves forward and wipes her face gently looking at her eyes who is still giving him a ice cream Chor glare. Sanskar feel restless seeing them. Ragini stamps his foot and shows him her tongue.

“Chor”, she giggles seeing him holding his foot.

“Ginu ki bachi”,he twisted her arms while she hits him with other.

“Sansku”,she makes puppy face melting him. He leaves her and pouts.

“Cc kahiki”,he says.

“Cc?”,she blinks at him.

“Chandal chokri”,sanky laughs.


“Let’s have a walk”,he holds her hand and both spends their evening with each other. Ragini was beyond happy and sanskar he was being her protector. He did let him away from her sight for a sec also. Ragini holds his tightly not wanting him go. For both of them it’s their best day or maybe last one to be together. Both goes to many places eating talking laughing and sharing each and everything with each other. Old sanskar is back while ragini is sure about her feelings towards her. Both eats in a restaurant and goes to the waterfall place for some peace as it is night the view was beyond beautiful.

Ragini keeps her head on sanskar shoulder while sanskar is lost in some thoughs when the ring disturbed both of them.

Sanskar takes out his mobile and saw many messages and misscalls of sanjana. He thought to ignore but again the ring make him disturb. He picks up the call and about to say when something from the other side make him shock.

“What”,he shouts while ragini eyes him confused.

“I am coming”,says sanskar getting up.

To b continued……..

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