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Hi guys..how are you all?,hope you remember me…Jolly my exams were over..guys here I’m back with my next epi..here is the link of the previous..
Past Episodes Here

Let’s peep into todays epi…
All were busy in their works..anika and bhaviya were seriously discussing about the case..while rudra is busy in posting photos in his social media..with catchy captions..oamkara is painting a Picture Of a Beautiful Girl..while Avni is busy in narrating THIS IS NOT YOUR STORY BY SAVISHARMA ??… (any savisharma fans..?) to Neil..suddenly rudra shouts..
“ohoo..no..this is unfair..”
“”what happen rudr?”Annika asked..
“Annika di I posted a photo 2 minutes ago and I just 75 likes” rudra finished and made fake cry faces..
“rudr everyone is not jobless like you; all were busy in their works..” bhaviya said..
“but I think Ms.Bhaviya is jobless ..” rudr siad
“ what ?” bhaviya asked..
“yes ; the 15th like was done by you only…”rudr said with is logic signs..
“it’s done by me bhaiya “Avni said..
“what?…but you were telling story to Neil na..”rudr said
He didn’t get reply..again all were back to their work and rudr to his work …WAITING fa likes and comments..
Coming to oam he is painting a Picture Of a Beautiful Girl..and thinking some shayari ..guys he didn’t say what shayari is that to me..once he says I’ll say to you..I think it’s most probably about his dream girl..??..
Next is Neil whose world is muted he didn’t hear anything than Avni s voice…which is just like an beautiful song to him…he is keenly watching Avni her actions of her explanation..excitement in her eyes while saying about the character…Neil’s is in different world..
In other side of the city:
“Sorry bhaiya Shivaay is escaped this time..” the man said..
“what the hell!!! How dare you to say this to me..??..how it can be possible?” the man in the other side roared..
“bhai I do know..some detective were also in his side and helping him..I forgot to wear my lens sooo..”
“you idiot don’t know the seriousness of this matter and doing like this…”he shouted at his brother who resembles like sso
“bhai please give me one last chance this time I’ll definitely do everything perfect” he pleaded..
“one last chance…keep this in your mind we can’t lose Avni again..once we lost her..we need to bring her back..and that’s your responsibility “he said and cuted the call..
The man resembles like Shivaay thinks “what the hell?..this man..I have save Avni from Shivaay and this man..and I’ll do it…”
BACK in oberoi mansion..
“aww..that’s it story finished. .doled you like this story? “ Avni asked.
“ya..awesome story..” Neil. Said..
Anika coughed..
“di your need water?” Avni asked.
“no dr..”anika replaid..
“Avni we can go that side and talk some negative vibes are here”..by saying Neil saws anika..who gave a cheap look to him…
Suddenly all here a voice from outside..
“wait i will see “ said oam and went….after few minutes bhaviya went..
“ oam what happen? ..” he just shows the finger to the entrance of the gate..where a girl in her beautiful white with pink salwar..with free hair and a long earing standing and talking..not talking arguing with the watchmen..now for oam all the things starts to movie in slow motion..oam feels something special on seeing her..he felt uneasy in his stomach..like butterflies flying around his stomach..(uneasy is not due to digestion problem..it’s. .some special feel ..butterflies twirling around his stomach..I don’t know whether it is a garland or stomach..??)
“gauri..you.?” bhaviya said..
“Who is this gauri di..?” rudr asked..
“ my friend..” Avni replied..
“your friend..??” bhaviya asked Avni. .
“yes. .”
“she is my sister..” bhaviya said..
“bhai leave her she is my friend..” Avni said to watchmen..
“hi Avni…what are you doing here?”..gauri asked..
“this is my house yarr..so you came to see your di..” Avni asked..
“yes..by the way di..you left your phone in house itself..so I came to give you this..”
On seeing rudr”hey..just now I seen your photo in Facebook….by the way who are you. ..”gauri asked..
“he is my brother rudr. ..” Avni said..
“hi bhaiya ..”gauri said..
“hi I’m Anika and this is Neil..”anika introduced herself..
“hi di and bhaiya..” gauri replaid..
“by the way who is long hair guy..” she pointed oam who is still his slow motion world…
“ohoo..this is my bhai oamkara..” Avni introduced
“hi “ gauri extended her hand..
No reply from him..
“he will become insane..sometimes..due to this summer..it’s too heat na..?”rudr..told everyone laughed..
“bhaiya lets go inside all went..” rudr told to oam..
But for oam it’s heard like this..”bbbhaaaiiyyaaaa lllleeeeeetttttsssss ggggoooo iiiinnnssssiideee naa aaaa. ..aaaaallllllllll wwwweeeeennnnntttttt”in slow motion..
“oam bhaiya…”rudr shaked oam..and dragged him inside..
“herry oamkara jii..your a great artist..??..can you draw a picture of me…??…plzzzzzzzzzz. ..” gauri asked with her puppy eyes…in which oam melted ..
“yes sure….”oam said..
“not urgent..when you r free. ..” gauri said..
“I’m always..free for you…” oam murmured ..which was suffering heared by rudr..
“bahi I asked you to draw my picture..last year..you said you will draw when you are free..but still now you are not free..I think sooo..but as soon as she asked you accepted..”rudr said and made faces..
No reaction from oam..
Bhaviya was speaking to someone..she came..and asked anika to come with her..
Both whether to some place ..”where are we going?” anika asked”come with me di..I’ll say?”bhaviya said..
Both entered an well furnished office..where a police were surrounded a deadbody of Man..
“this is business man..Mr..malothra only na..?” anika asked..
“yes di..” bhaviya replaid..
“Mam..Shivaay bet him blue and black..”the copy said to bhaviya..
“what..?” Annika gasped..
Soon they want and seen the vedio..something fishy anika thought..and suddenly something fall on her eyes..saw a tattoo on his hand..which is not clearly visible ..but last letter of that is I..
Soon she excused herself and whether to oberoi industries…she didn’t wait for any one…as soon as she reached.she directly headed towards..Shivaay’s cabin..his PA tries to stop her..which is an failure attempt..Shivaay was talking to someone in his phone..
“Shivaay….”Annika shouts and entered his cabin…
Shivaay jerked and he cuted his call … “what the hell…??anika..how dare you to come inside my room..without my permission…” Shivaay roared at her..but our annie didn’t care about an..she just pulled his had..and checked whether he had a tattoo on his hand are not….
“anika what are you doing? “ Shivaay asked..in husky voice….
“herry billuji I’m checking whether you had a tattoo are not..”in same husky tonne..
“no I’m not having habit of putting tattoo..”Shivaay told..
“thank God..but billuji why are you speaking in husky voice..no one is here na..?..and went are not talking secret also..then why?..” anika asked and winked at him..
Shivaay was surprised seeing her act..and became numb..
“billuji…” anika shaked her hand..in front of him..
“nothing..why did you come here..?”..Shivaay asked…
“ just now only I told you na billuji. ..are you suffering from memory loss..”anika chuckled..
“Nothing like that anika just stop laughing..” Shivaay told..by scratching his head..
“Okk..”anika replaid..
And when she leaves..”anika..” Shivaay called her..
“yes..billuji “ she turned and look at him…
“don’t say about this to anyone..”Shivaay told..
“ok..by the icu came to say this thing too..” anika said..and explained everything to Shivaay..
Shivaay shocked to hear that..
“anika can I come with you to see that vedio..” Shivaay asked..
“no Shivaay it’s not possible..because they cops will be..there. ..it’s finished they see. .you means..i think you can understand….” anika said..
Shivaay nodded…
“don’t worry Shivaay…I’ll take of this case..be relax..”anika told with a smile and went ..
Back in oberoi mansion.
Shivaay came inside and without speaking to anyone he left to his room..he starts to break everything…omru went there….Shivaay threw his phone..
“bhaiya you hit century …” rudr..overwhelmed..
“what…?”..oam and Shivaay asked in unison..
“hery bahi..this the 100th phone you are breaking within two months..”rudr said and chuckled..
“what happen Shivaay?” oam asked..he explains everything to oam…
“don’t worry Ani..will took care everything..we all are with you. .don’t forget that..ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE..”oam said..all the three had a group hug…
Precap: “Shivaay please save me…”

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  1. Nice epi dr…finally Gauri came…how ws d exams? …keep doing well… Luv u…

    1. Sufija

      Thank you dr..ya i have down my exams ..well ..luv u too

  2. Jasminerahul

    ruvya scene was funny .wow gauri entered as avni’s friend.gauri wants omkara to do painting for her n he is fine with it.so sweet.rudra’s comment on it was funny.omg murder mystery.good that anika is there with shivay

    1. Sufija

      Thank you fa ur lovely comments di…??..s..our anika will always with Shivaay…

  3. ItsmePrabha

    finally done with your exams thangachi..amazing episode..loved shivika scene..will be waiting for the next..till then take care..love you

    1. Sufija

      Thank you akka..love u too..take care..??❤

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